Integrated planning helps global imaging major to create a ...


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Integrated planning helps global imaging major to create a ...

  1. 1. Integrated planning helps global imaging major to create a lean supply chain Overview Country/ Region: Across Geographies The client operates in consumer digital imaging, photo finishing, and Industry: Imaging graphic communications offering digital cameras, printers, home Customer Profile imaging accessories, commercial cameras, films, chemicals and A global Imaging major operating across globe with interests in retail equipments. As one of the world's premier imaging company, with and commercial imaging presence in America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific, it Business Situation was looking towards better sales and lower costs through accurate The client needed an effective supply and allocation planning solution that forecasting and lean & mean supply chain. would implement best-in class supply chain planning processes to achieve better sales through lean supply chain with reduced working capital. The Solution Infosys designed, developed and implemented SAP APO, which provided the client a comprehensive, robust and flexible supply chain planning solution. The Benefit The supply chain planning solution enhanced the forecast accuracy and reduced work in process and idle inventories.
  2. 2. Situation implementation and change management. Infosys also program managed the solution's The client was facing issues in supply chain deployment across multiple geographies and planning, which were further aggravated by the enabled change management both internally shorter product life cycles. With most of the and externally. products operating in consumer durables space the inefficiencies in supply chain reduced the profitability by burden of working capital. Solution The key limitations of the existing processes Infosys designed, developed and implemented a included: comprehensive, robust and flexible supply chain • Drop in forecast accuracy planning solution. Inability to generate accurate forecast The solution comprised of following key accuracy based on past and current features: market trends • Supply shortages SAP APO Implementation Irregular supply leading to high inventory Infosys rolled out SAP APO DP, SNP, and GATP and rising working capital requirements modules across geographies on time and on • Non Integrated legacy systems budgets. The implementation has resulted into Lack of consolidated information from seamless flow of information across order to legacy systems, for the planners cash; demand planning, SNP and GATP systems. The client needed a partner who could build a standardized, flexible and scalable automated Streamline Supply & Allocation Planning supply chain planning solution that would be Client was enabled to streamline some of their effective and quick to deploy. Infosys was most complex processes in item level supply & chosen for its domain , technology expertise and allocation planning including dynamic safety ability to resolve complex challenges. stock planning, inventory pre-build using CTM solver, planner controlled transaction data flow to SAP R/3, integration with PO-SO model of Infosys' Approach intra-company stock transfer, time-phased Infosys engaged in a rigorous discovery process transportation, subcontracting process, parts with the client's management to draw up a authorization algorithm design and overcoming roadmap with user requirements driving time-zone discrepancies in back order business and technical functionality involving processing process improvement, technology
  3. 3. Win in the flat world Conventional Business Systems • Enhanced Customer Service Levels Infosys helped the client in supporting its - Improved forecast accuracy through conventional business running with Manugistics the integrated systems and Xelus applications. Infosys also provided - Efficient order allocation process consulting in integrating the demand planning driving faster and better customer solution using Demantra with APO and SAP R/3. operations With the implementation of their demand planning solution, the client would be able to • Better Supply Chain Planning promote best practices throughout the supply - Fully automated and integrated supply chain across geographies. chain planning landscape - Timely and seamless access of information for planning, across the Business Benefits globe The streamlining and automating of the supply - Improved monthly aggregate planning chain planning process resulted in a streamlined and weekly item level planning and standardized planning process across processes geographies. • Improved Inventory Situation - Reduction in work in progress inventory and raw material inventory - Efficient make to stock planning and forecast based allocation cycles - Improved requirement prediction and procurement processes
  4. 4. Win in the flat world © 2008 Infosys Technologies Limited. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright in whole and in part of this document "Integrated planning helps global imaging major to create a lean supply chain Integrated chain" belongs to Infosys Technologies Limited. This work may not be used, sold, transferred, adapted, abridged, copied or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner or form or in any media without the prior written consent of Infosys Technologies Limited.