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  1. 1. W. P. Carey MBA Supply Chain Management Corporate Projects (1999-2010) Previous W. P. Carey MBA supply chain management corporate projects are listed below. These projects addressed a broad range of topics within supply chain management, including sourcing, operations, logistics, and integrated supply chain management. Sponsoring companies gained the advantage of a fresh look at their opportunities and problems, as well as concrete actionable recommendations for improvements. For more information about sponsoring a project, check or contact: Dr. Joseph R. Carter Department of Supply Chain Management W. P. Carey School of Business Arizona State University Tempe, AZ 85287-4706 480-965-0931 2009-2010 1. Avnet Logistics: International Inbound Freight Cost Reduction 2. Cisco Advanced Value Chain Solutions Group: Customer Solutions Investigation and Supply Chain Capabilities Assessment 3. Cisco Customer Value Chain Management/Advanced Compliance and Social Responsibility: Cisco Customer Value Chain Management Supplier Diversity Improvement 4. Gallo: Large Format Product Renovation - Supply Chain Impact Analysis and Recommended Alternative 5. Honeywell Aerospace Aftermarket Services: Integrated Site-to-Site Materials Management Process Automation and Transformation 6. Honeywell Aerospace Integrated Supply Chain: 3PL Modeling and Cost Reduction 7. Raytheon Missile Systems: Supplier Rating Systems/Supplier Performance Communication Process Improvements - Leading to Improved Supplier Performance and Integration 8. Sun Orchard: Sourcing Scorecard that Links to Finished Goods Pricing 9. TASER International: Supply Chain Risk Assessment Process 2007-2008 1. Apple, Inc.: Apple Latin America Supply Chain Optimization 2. Boeing Company: SCOR/GreenSCOR Assessment of Boeing Mesa Integrated Defense Systems Component and Sub-Assembly Operation Supply Chain 3. Cisco Systems, Inc.: Beyond Landed Cost: How do Logistical Alternatives Stack Up? 4. Intel Corporation: Cost/benefit of Supply-chain Duration Reductions in Volatile Demand Markets 5. Honeywell Aviation Aftermarket Services: Honeywell Aerospace Spare Parts Delivery Improvement 6. Rockford Corporation: Rockford Fosgate Warehouse and Distribution Solution 7. Temple-Inland: Market Analysis & Risk Assessment for Direct Material (Wax) 1
  2. 2. 2006-2007 1. Avnet Logistics: Avnet Logistics Transportation Business Improvement and Market Opportunities 2. Black & Decker: Inventory Management Strategy Model 3. Diageo: Wine Grape Supply Analysis 4. The Hartford Financial Services Group: Variable Staffing Strategy 5. Honeywell Aerospace – Global Strategic Sourcing: Supply Chain Services Tool-kit Development 6. Jazz Semiconductor: Freight Cost Reduction Program 7. Motorola, Inc.: Direct To Retail Strategy 8. Pulte Homes Inc., and Pulte Building Systems, LLC: Supplier Measurement Strategy 9. Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems: SAS Logistics Outsourcing Strategy 10. Temple-Inland: Should-Cost Model Analysis 11. VF Corporation: Free Trade Zone Analysis 2005-2006 1. American Express: Prepaid Plastic Supply Chain Management Solution 2. Black & Decker: Warranty Parts and eBay Sales Process Outsourcing Project 3. Honeywell: Developing a Decision Tool for Manufacturing in Low Cost Countries 4. Motorola, Inc.: Make vs. Buy Analysis – Global Supply Chain 5. ON Semiconductor: Development of a Make vs. Buy Financial Model to Support Sourcing Decisions 6. Phelps Dodge Corp.: Analysis of Top Suppliers’ Readiness for eInvoicing 7. Pulte Homes Inc., and Pratte Building Systems: Improving Financial Performance through Supply Distribution Improvements in Homebuilding Construction. 8. Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems: Bulk Warehousing Strategy 2004-2005 1. Black & Decker: Outbound transportation cost reduction 2. The Hartford Financial Services Group: Improve overall supply chain efficiency for The Hartford direct procurement areas 3. Honeywell Aviation Aftermarket Services: Just in time replenishment system for Military Repair and Overhaul Center 4. Intel Corporation, Corporate Purchasing - Professional Services, Global Sourcing: Developing a process to enable a service supplier in a new emerging market 5. Intel Corporation - Materials Capacity Planning: Material capacity planning 6. Intel Corporation: Contract manufacturer sourcing opportunities in Eastern Europe 7. Intuit Inc.: Contracting process improvement including an e-contracting solution 8. KB Home, Inc.: Supply chain mapping and improvement 9. Levolor Kirsch, a Division of Newell Rubbermaid: Process improvements to reduce supply chain costs for Agua Prieta, Mexico operations 10. Medtronic: Mitigating supplier risk for new medical device products 11. Sprint North Supply: Strategic distribution network optimization 2003-2004 1. Dircks Logistics Solutions, division of Dircks Moving Services: Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool for 3PL Outsourcing of Storage, Logistics, and Order Fulfillment. 2
  3. 3. 2. Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson company): Process Improvements to Reduce Distribution Lead Time and Supply Channel Costs 3. Honeywell, Industry Solutions (Air Transport): Evaluation of delays in the supply chain and their sources 4. IBM, Integrated Supply Chain: End to End Supplier Quality Management System 5. Intel Corporation, Corporate Purchasing: Training Supplier Base Consolidation and Optimization Plan 6. Intel Corporation, Global Logistics Solution Services: Maximizing Intel's supply Chain Potential in China 7. Inter-Tel Incorporated, eBusiness Division: Total Cost Impacts of Incentive-Induced Radical Purchasing Volume Swings 8. Raytheon, Space and Airborne Systems (SAS): Inventory and Warehousing Business Assessment for all of SAS 9. The Stanley Works, Stanley Access Technologies: Inventory Level Assessment/Process Improvement Project 2002-2003 1. America West Airlines: Receiving Discrepancy Process Improvement Project 2. Honeywell, AES (Aerospace Electronics Systems): Identify and document a process for selling excess inventory at Honeywell AES, Deer Valley 3. Honeywell, Industry Solutions: Supply chain risk assessment process 4. Honeywell, Phoenix Repair and Overhaul: Supplier managed inventory process improvement 5. Intel Corp, Corporate Purchasing, Professional Services Global Sourcing (PSGS): Determining the appropriate organization structure for Offshore Outsourcing and for Services Commodities (PSGS) Market Intelligence capability 6. Intel Corporation, Long Range Strategies: Finished goods inventory reduction using continuous flow procedures 7. Intel Corporation, Materials: RosettaNet benefits assessment process 8. Knight Transportation: Cost analysis and recommendations to improve financial performance for trailer utilization in truckload freight transportation 9. Planar Systems, Inc., Global Supply Chain Operations: Supply chain acquisition integration model 10. Raytheon: Multi-tier supply base assessment and optimization plan 11. Sprint Corporation: Strategy for strategic supplier management and information technology support 12. Union Pacific Railroad: Regional track store (RTS) study 13. UPS Supply Chain Solutions: Quantification of financial logistics value propositions 2001-2002 1. America West Airlines: Chemical Commodity Process Review 2. Banner Health System/Materials Management: Analysis of Medical Supply Distribution Options 3. Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions (ACS): Obsolescence Management of Electronic Component Technologies 4. Honeywell, Aerospace Electronic Systems (AES): Circuit Card Buying Process Improvement 5. Honeywell, Phoenix Repair and Overhaul: R&O Planning and Inventory Auto-Allocation Project 3
  4. 4. 6. Intel Corporation, Corporate Purchasing Commodities & Enabling Group: Application of Supply Chain Concepts to Service Commodities 7. Intel Corporation, Materials WMO (Worldwide Materials Organization): Medium- sized Suppliers’ E-transaction Capabilities, Costs and Strategy Analysis and Solution 8. Motorola, Motorola Computer Group (MCG): Improving Inventory Management for Engineering Changes and End of Product Life 9. The Offshore Group: Develop ISO Compliance Processes Within the Logistics and Import/ Export Departments 10. Phelps Dodge Mining Company: Haulage Equipment Supply Chain Study – Total Cost of Ownership Study and 6-Sigma Proposals 11. Phillips 66 Retail Marketing: Retail Promotions Supply Chain Management Evaluation 12. Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, Arizona: Supplier Diversity: Defense Industry Benchmarking, Process Mapping, Metrics, Performance Gap Analysis to Raytheon's Subcontracting Plan, and Recommended Improvement Plan 13. Raytheon Electronic Systems, El Segundo, California: Distribution Transportation Optimization Strategy 14. Sprint Corporation, Supply Chain Management (SCM): Supplier eCommerce Readiness Assessment 15. St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center: St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center Distribution Analysis 16. Thomson Multimedia Inc.: Improved Landed Cost Analysis Process for Thomson Multimedia’s Passive Electronics Division 2000-2001 1. AdvancePCS: Corporate Mail Services/Materials Management Group: Inventory purchasing model to enhance purchasing ability of AdvancePCS 2. America West Airlines, Maintenance & Engineering Division, Material Planning: Inventory ordering policy improvements and training 3. Avnet Electronics Marketing: Improving forecast communication and collaboration 4. Belden Communications Division: “Best in class” evaluation of key materials suppliers 5. Honeywell, AT/BRGA: Define an improved internal parts change notification process 6. Honeywell Aerospace – Supply Chain Services & Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc. – Aerospace and Defense Division: Competitor analysis to identify surplus opportunities in aerospace spare parts 7. Honeywell, Phoenix Repair and Overhaul: Supply chain e-collaboration 8. Intel Corporation, Corporate Purchasing Commodities: Structuring and marketing purchasing services within a decentralized “managed autonomy” environment 9. Microsoft Corporation: Small business supply chain automation opportunities 10. Motorola, Integrated Information Systems Group: Supply chain information flow interface evaluation 11. Pinnacle West Capital Corporation: Evaluation of e-commerce (web-based) procurement solutions 12. Tosco Corporation: Evaluation of supplier readiness for internal e-procurement initiative. 1999-2000 1. Allied Signal: Support of a project to outsource procurement of 50,00 low volume parts, including benchmarking for best practices, investigation of source strategy, and development of a supplier evaluation and selection matrix. 4
  5. 5. 2. Beldon Communications Division: Assist the company in optimizing their supply base, including a variety of tasks related to structuring their information systems and evaluation procedures. 3. Boeing (Raw Material and Mechanical Hardware Supplier Management and Procurement): Assist a project investigating how to reduce the cost of Boeing Apache helicopters, including an investigation of the use of kiting. 4. Cox Communications: Analysis and improvement of processes within their equipment processing center and associated operations. 5. Honeywell (Industrial Automation & Control): Analysis of the cable assembly industry to help develop IAC’s direction with respect to cable for the next two years. 6. Integrated Information Systems: Investigate and recommend an approach for IIS to use in winning market share in the supply chain management consulting arena. 7. Intel: Investigate opportunities in the business to business online auction market. 8. Intel: Research, investigation, analysis, and recommendations concerning best practices in merger and acquisition integration, particularly with respect to purchasing and materials management issues. 9. MicroAge (Quality Integration Services): Investigate how QIS can market their logistics capabilities and move from being a cost center to being a profit center. 10. PCS Health Systems: Identify inventory needs and requirements of various PCS areas and to implement systems and/or business processes to ensure accurate inventory tracking and ordering. 11. Pinacor: Investigate costing information for various products or commodity types that Pinacor warehouses with the intent of developing an activity based cost model to better price their commodities. 12. The Vanguard Group (Individual Investor Services): Investigate quality management processes in the individual investor services division, and recommend a quality program for Vanguard to adopt. 5