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Application form

  1. 1. CORPORATE EXPRESS CANADA INC. MATERIALS DISTRIBUTION/LOGISTICS/SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT /ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. This scholarship is awarded by Corporate Express Canada Inc. to recognize a graduating student who has been accepted into a MATERIALS DISTRIBUTION /LOGISTICS /SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT/ENGINEERING degree/certificate/diploma program at the post-secondary level at a recognized Canadian Post Secondary Institution. Two students annually, will be awarded scholarships of $1,000 each. • criteria • selection process • application form • letter of reference • short answer questions CORPORATE EXPRESS CANADA INC. AWARD Criteria • a graduate from a Peel Secondary School • acceptance into a post secondary MATERIALS DISTRIBUTION /LOGISTICS/ SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT/ENGINEERING degree/certificate/diploma program at a recognized Canadian Post Secondary Institution. Selection Process • Corporate Express Canada Inc. employees will screen all application forms, interview all suitable candidates and select the two most suitable. Instructions 1. Complete the Scholarship application form 2. Have the Letter of Reference completed 3. Answer the questions provided in 250 words or less 4. Forward the above by MAY 15 - email or mail to: Ron Anderson Corporate Express Canada Inc. 550 Pendant Drive Mississauga, On L5T 2W6 Once the two successful candidates have been chosen, they will be asked to provide proof of tuition payment for the Materials Distribution/Logistics/Supply Chain Management/Engineering program. Representatives from Corporate Express Canada Inc. will then present each candidate with a cheque for $1,000.
  2. 2. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM Student Information: Surname: First Name: Home Address: City/Province: Postal Code: Home Phone: Email: School Information: Name of high school: School Address: City/Province: Postal Code: Phone: Fax: School Contact Person: College/Univ. Applied To: Program Applied To: Date: _____________________ Signature of Applicant: __________________________
  3. 3. Letter of Reference Name of Nominator: Relationship to Student: Telephone Number: Name of Student: Nominators can be a teacher, guidance counsellor, principal, or other educator Eligibility criteria for this Award Students in their graduating year of high school who: • Are pursuing a MATERIALS DISTRIBUTION/LOGISTICS/SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT/ENGINEERING degree/certificate/diploma program at a recognized Canadian Post Secondary Institution Comment as to why this student is a strong candidate for this scholarship. Comments should include the student’s involvement in school activities as well as academic achievements. Date: Signature of Nominator: _________________________
  4. 4. QUESTIONS Answers may be submitted in the space provided below or you may submit an additional sheet. • Why is this field of interest to you? • What future do you see for yourself in this field? • What do you see the future holds for this chosen field?