direct marketing personal selling public relation sales promotion aida model characteristics maslow’s need hierarchy theory process contract of guarantee rights of indemnity holder essential elements of a contract of indemnity contract of indemnity contingent contract remedies for breach of contracts discharge of contract void agreement legal object consent consideration unsound mind minors capacity acceptance types of offer offer or proposal agreement formation of indian contract act what is contract? sources of short term funds transfer pricing netting techniques to optimize cash flows centralized vs decentralized cm international cash mgmt working capital management in mnc’s external commercial borrowings (ecb’s) fccb’s gdr’s international equity market international bond market international capital markets euro money market international financial environment euro’s challenge to the us dollar. floating exchange rate regime fixed exchange rate regime the financial institutions industry capital accounts role of international monetary fund balance of payments exchange rate regimes in the ifs foreign exchange and money supply introduction exchange rate regimes in the international financi international financial systems spreads bulls and butterflies long calls and puts options spreads types of options options terminology put option call option what are options? bid ask spread. market maker expiration spot contract short position long positions commonly used terms risk involved in derivative contracts types of derivative derivative research process. marketing research mkis model selection of media advertising promotion (communication) mix the communication process factors affecting selection of distribution channe industrial product channels consumer product channels marketing (distribution) channel nature & roles of marketing channels price. brand identity brand sponsor brand name selection significance of a brand (distributor)/(consumer) brand as a concept brand & branding product differentiation product mix of hul product mix product plc strategies. plc characteristics product life cycle adopter categories consumer adoption process new product development process positioning targeting socio-cultural segmentation psychological/ psychographic segmentation demographic segmentation market segmentation consumption pattern types of buying behavior buying roles buying process consumer behavior suggestions & recommendations significance of bibliography precautions in preparing the research report types of research reports process of report writing determination of sample size the rank sum test or the mann-whitney u test the sign test analysis of variance (anova) introduction chi-square (2) test tabulated values one tailed & two tailed test type i & type ii error testing the hypothesis characteristics of hypothesis hypothesis interval estimation estimation standard error fundamentals multi-variate analysis bivariate analysis uni-variate analysis descriptive analysis analysis of data polygon / ogive histogram line graph pie chart bar chart graphing of data types of tables tabulation of data classification on the basis of interval classification according the attributes classification of data data coding benefits of data editing data editing processing & analysis of data collection of secondary data precaution in construction of questionnaire open v/s closed questions the questionnaire method interview observations primary data types of data non probability sampling probability sampling characteristics of a good sample sampling concept of sample descriptive research design exploratory design types of research design research design literature review problem definition research process problems and precautions to the researchers functions of management research banking regulations fiscal and monetary policy micro finance private equity fdis & fiis commodity markets financial inclusion globalization mergers & acquisitions cross border economies and synergies. domestic strategic option top banking software / vendors top 15 core banking system vendors the 20 largest banks in the world opportunities and challenges retail banking deresgulation / re-regulation trends case study gold standard rules vs. discretion targets agenda credit card business retail liabilities recent trends marketing control letter of credit open account bill of exchange international pricing pricing methods distribution strategies vertical / corporate / contractual / administered marketing channel distribution channel marketing channels industrial / consumer product channels international promotion communication process marketing communication imp cultural values mr agency objectives / features of imr imr mis adoption types behavior markets wto imf world bank technological environment demographic cultural legal and regulatory environment economic political internal & external modes of entry business trade international marketing evaluating sales force herzberg’s two factor theory sales force compensation training program selection process recruitment process salespersons determining the sales force size cost sales analysis quotas techniques the buying power index method market build-up method chain-ratio method market & sales potential goals follow up closing handling objections presentation preparation prospecting the buyer-seller dyad selling process quality roles objective logistic management distribution management sales management
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