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KickFlow helps people bootstrap and crowdfund their projects by connecting them with other creators through the KickFlow platform & application.

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  1. 1. KickFlow ! Kickstarter Studio ! ! ! !
  2. 2. KickFlow Crowdfunding Project Studio ! So, what’s this all about? ! Let’s help people bootstrap and crowdfund their projects by connecting them with other creators through the KickFlow platform & application.
  3. 3. I N S P I R AT I O N Why? There are lots of incredible inventors and ideas in Europe, but they often don't have access to the funding (VC or crowdfunding) or an international customer base. My hope is to have people from all over ! Europe and internationally use the application to meet other creators and launch their crowd funding campaigns as fast as possible so people can either fail forward or finish fast. ! Online Presence Application allows people to submit their idea and search for collaborators based on skill and location. ! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Kickstarter campaign, but all projects and products would ultimately involve a similar series of steps to prototype, promote and deliver. There are various funding platforms to keep in mind, but the Kickstarter formula seems to be the most effective. ! ! The key is building on online flow that encourages people to submit their ideas and meet the necessary people to execute the project: designers to create graphics, video filmers and editors to create a video, as well as web developers and industrial designers to create online and physical prototypes. ! ! Physical Presence To create a quality user base, we’ll first seek out entrepreneurs who have successfully crowdfunded projects. They typically have one of the hard-skills necessary, such as design, web development or industrial design, and are likely looking for a new projects and new collaborators.
  4. 4. How do we get from concept to doorstep? 1 2 Define Project Set goals & rewards 3 Build Website Phase I 4 Shoot Video 5 days to launch ! T h e a p p l i c a t i o n would help people get through the first phase quickly by offering in-house branding, video production and web development in exchange for a fee or a percentage of fund raised. Alternatively, entrepreneurs can simply use the platform to connect for free to others who compliment their skill-set. Phase II 30 days: Launch campaign and raise money Launch! 8 Fulfillment 7 Updates & Outreach 6 Promote Project 5 Build Project ! Leverage the network of other inventors on the platform and stagger launches so all inventors succeed their funding goals. Current partnership with The Gadget Flow and KickStudio in London will help get the word out and promote campaigns ! Phase III 60 days: Time to deliver! ! For international entrepreneurs, KickFlow also offers premium support, such as translation, banking and shipping support so they can effectively receive and access payments and deliver products internationally via Shipwire. ! KickFlow also connects people with manufacturers so they can get quotes fast and push product to market in a short amount of time.
  5. 5. SHORTERM Phase I Define Project Set goals & rewards Build Website Shoot Video Define Idea Goals? Branding Your story Who will like this? Incentives Product Story What’s your ideal customer? Often times, its good to be similar to your ideal customer. How will you leverage your community and network to help you achieve this goal? Message Why are you doing this? Rewards? Frictionless $ Inspire Convey idea in one sentence. How will this make your life or someone else’s life better? How do you define success? What rewards and product offerings will you offer to your network and customers? How do you want the project to be perceived? How do you want yourself to be perceived? What are you trying to say? Make it easy for people to purchase and procure product. Let’s get personal. People want to feel a connection to the creator. Why should this exist? Clear call to action. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
  6. 6. LO N G T E R M Phase II Building Promote Project Project Updates Fulfillment What do you need? Smart Outreach Build Momentum Getting the Info Timeline Kick Studio Planning Ahead How long will this take? Make sure to under promise and over deliver. Host events & leverage network of creators to get the word out. Pop up retail shop window. Sharing the process Prototypes Get in the news Celebrating Success Shipwire & Bank What are the people, tools, skills and hardware you need to get this done? Make sure final prototype is ready before the launch. Who do you know? Get in touch with them and their friends. Keep it real, but keep it constant. Stay visible and plan press releases in advance to launch. Your project is a story in motion! Keep people posted. Keep people involved. Share the intimate details, the challenges and struggles - everything. People want to see you succeed. Show them why they believe in you and your project. Keep a detailed and organized database of clients, supporters and customers. Give yourself plenty of time to deliver. Continuous project updates throughout fulfillment process. Make sure you can get paid. Then, find a company like Shipwire that can fulfill international orders.
  7. 7. OUR SKILLS Phase I: How we can help? Let’s focus on Phase I for now. ! DESIGN PRODUCTION Web & Logo Video & Application Project Personality ! Geting real ! GET THE WORD OUT The Gadget Flow ! KICK STUDIO Digital / Physical ! Use The Gadget Flow and other Connect people with physical collaborators, creators to promote project and manufacturers and shipping companies. raise money.
  8. 8. LET’S GO Let’s start small. Streamline Phase I online: Create an online application and submission process that’s seamless to encourage people to submit ideas. ! Revenue Stream I Inventors could pay for web and video development. ! Once we have people’s ideas, people will be allow to browse other projects and connect with potential collaborators. ! ! Launch the website, video and project campaign. If successful, we connect them to a network of manufacturers and set them up with Shipwire and help with international money transfers. ! Revenue Stream II Profit Sharing from sales of successful products or products sold at the studio. ! Revenue Stream III Referral fees from manufacturers, translations, banking assistance and setting up account with Shipwire.
  9. 9. ! THANK YOU! ! ! Let’s do this.