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The Social Lights Community Manager Training Program Prospectus


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If a career in social media is something that suits your skills and passion, this accelerated program is your ticket to getting into the field!

The Social Lights® Community Manager Training Program & Certification
will equip you with the skills and confidence to land a highly-coveted job in social media.

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The Social Lights Community Manager Training Program Prospectus

  1. 1. Program Guide Official Guide to The Social Lights® Community Manager Training & Certification Program1 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  2. 2. 01 Welcome We’re so glad you’re here! The Social Lights is proud to announce our Community There is no other course like The Social Lights® Communi- Manager Training & Certification Program—an accelerated ty Manager Training & Certification Program that provides management training curriculum designed to groom the next in-depth, in-person, comprehensive training in the bur- generation of leaders for coveted social media positions at geoning field of social media and digital communications. Fortune 500 companies. And there are no courses that are fully vested in their students’ long-term success and go the extra mile to line Our practical, hands-on program will provide trainees not up job placements for their graduates. As such, The Social only the knowledge needed to assume responsible roles in Lights® Community Manager Training & Certification social media marketing for organizations, but with the skills Program provides the best of both worlds: an accelerated required to make sound decisions and set strategic priorities in-person course in a highly sought-after field and contract for corporate brands in an ever-changing online marketplace. job placements, onboarding, and ongoing education for our graduates and employees. Our Community Manager Training & Certification Program is in the classroom, online, and out in the field. It blends real We are extremely excited to be offering The Social Lights® client projects with industry speakers, relevant case studies, Community Manager Training & Certification Program, and social opportunities spanning a variety of industries and and we do hope that you consider this up-and-coming tasks. You’ll learn the best ways to align strategy, create con- career path. tent, develop creative, manage multiple platforms and pages at once, and measure the success of your efforts. Emily Pritchard and Martha McCarthy Founders of The Social Lights®2 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  3. 3. 02 About The Social Lights Emily Pritchard and Martha McCarthy founded The Social Lights We manage social media strategy and day-to-day community man- LLC in January 2011 to help client companies connect with their agement for a variety of clients spanning a wide range of industries. audiences online.While we remain a boutique agency, we hold stra- In doing so, we’ve learned a great deal about what it takes to be an tegic partnerships with some of the industry’s brightest creative and outstanding community manager, and the strategies that work best technology partners. From web design to videography to Facebook given the industry, audience, and business goals of the client. apps, we integrate the pieces in one master digital marketing strat- egy, ensuring everything works together to deliver the highest ROI. We’ve also learned that there are very few fully trained and experi- enced community managers out there. While there are hundreds of To date, we’ve helped over 30 companies (ranging from startups to social media jobs posted each day across the country, there are very Fortune 100 companies), craft their social media strategy in a way few qualified candidates to fill them. Due to our social media experi- that leaves a lasting brand impression on their loyal fans and follow- ence and passion for this flourishing field of communications, we’ve ers. The Social Lights’ robust growth is organically fueled by long- developed The Social Lights® Community Manager Training & Cer- term clients and partners that continually recommend our work. tification Program—an accelerated course to provide social media training and real-world experience to highly qualified candidates.3 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  4. 4. 03 The Program If a career in social media is something that suits your skills and passion, this fast-paced program is your ticket to getting into the field! The Social Lights® Community Manager Training Program & Certification will equip you with the skills and confidence to land a highly coveted job in social media. What is a Community Manager? While the job title can take on many variations (such as: Social Media Specialist, Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, etc.), the role of the Community Manager is extremely valuable to any organization. It’s a big responsibility and a rewarding opportunity to be the voice of the brand and the liaison between the brand and its biggest fans and followers. While many Community Managers work in an agency setting on behalf of large brands, we strongly believe that a TRUE Community Manager is within the organization—both physically and online. Having designated office space at the company the Community Manager is representing online brings our community managers that much closer to the compa- ny—their mission, vision, values, culture, people, and progress.4 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  5. 5. 04 What Will I Learn? Until textbooks and universities catch up to the lightening-fast pace ent. Once strategies have been carefully crafted for a particular of the Social Media and Digital Marketing industry, education and client, it’s all about the tactics. You’ll learn the best ways to create experience must be self-taught (over a series of several years), OR content, develop creative, manage multiple platforms and pages taught in an accelerated format such as The Social Lights® Com- at once, and analyze and measure the success of your efforts. munity Manager Training & Certification Program. At this time, The Social Lights’ program is the only one of it’s kind—teaching not just Social media is always changing and, as you know, it never sleeps. social media skills, but the ability to manage several social media Since the chatter never stops, there are always opportunities to platforms on behalf of a high profile brand or collection of brands. engage in two-way conversation. You’ll learn when and how to This involves adapting to constantly changing technology, respond- do so effectively. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to closely and ing to real-time questions and concerns from real people, and confi- carefully measure the impact you are making from a marketing dently acting as the liaison between the brand and the people. and advertising standpoint. Are you delivering a Return on Invest- ment for the client? Are you providing actionable insights for the The Social Lights® Community Manager Training Program provides brand to improve overall operations and business strategies? advanced training to accelerate your career in social media. Our goal is to equip with the knowledge and tools for success. The curriculum really comes 360 degrees—providing all of the tools you’ll need to be a skilled Community Manager from the You will learn that community managers don’t just “do” social me- start. In essence, you will learn an incredible amount about social dia. Any true community manager will tell you, “We don’t crank out media, digital communications, and how the pieces work togeth- content for the sake of it, we don’t bug people into becoming fans er to guide marketing, advertising and communications strategies and followers, we don’t intrusively interrupt their news feeds, we for businesses. don’t ignore the community’s questions, comments, complaints and concerns; and we don’t power off the computer at 5pm…” Instead, we focus heavily on strategy and how to most efficiently and effectively execute social strategies for the benefit of the cli-5 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  6. 6. The Social Lights® Community Manager Training & Certification Program curriculum is based on 5 Focus Areas of Social Media Management: 1 Strategy: Goal-Setting. Foundation. Framework. 2 C ontent: Development of Editorial and Copy. 3 C reative Assets: Development of Photos, Graphics, Branding Components. 4 Management: Schedule. Monitor. Listen. Engage. 5 Analytics: Report. Track. Measure.6 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  7. 7. 05 Framework/Modules The program contains 12 modules that build upon the essential skills necessary to confidently act as the eyes, ears, and voice of a brand and serve as a liaison between the brand and the people. Each module will be organized with the following framework: Intro/Context Demonstration/Illustration 1 Context gives meaning to your learning. You’ll always have the answer to, “As a Community Manager, why do I need to 4 We don’t just tell it, we show it. And time for questions allows the learning to sink know this?” in. Opportunity/Need Lab/Group Experience 2 We demonstrate the real value of what you’re learning to the marketplace. 5 Hands-on practice and feedback from the facilitator & each other = priceless. Best and worst practices come alive. Training/Facilitation Expectations/Impact 3 Mini-lecture and discussion delivers only the most useful information, always with your needs in mind. 6 You’ll understand how your new knowledge will impact real-life, on-the-job situations.7 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  8. 8. 06 Is it Right for Me? We hope so! If you’re as passionate about social media, digital marketing, and the future of communications as we’ll fit right in! If you’ve taken courses in marketing, advertising, PR, or communications; had jobs/internships in those respective fields; excelled in your courses, class projects, and intern/job duties—then you’ll be able to keep up with the team and stay on-track to earn your Community Manager Certification from The Social Lights® in 6 weeks! Essential Traits/Skills Writing skills - Ability to develop compelling Problem Solving - Ability to work independently content in line with the brand. Content that will get likes, and as part of a team. Can take initiative to solve problems comments, shares, RTs! without the assistance of others. Presentation Skills - Confident and comfort- Detailed-oriented – Presents polished, able in a business setting. Ability to speak eloquently to proofread deliverables. business/social industries. Social Media Familiarity/Competency - Creative Thinking Abilities – Ability to Must use at least 2 social networks in your personal life in come up with original concepts/campaign ideas in a short addition to Facebook and Twitter. (Ex. Foursquare, Pinterest, amount of time. Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine, Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) Time Management Skills - Ability to manage Analytical Thinking – Ability to analyze what’s multiple platforms or projects at once. working and what’s not to change directions. Can look at graphs, charts, and statistics to pick out trends and use the data to set goals.8 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  9. 9. 07 Jobs in Social Media The Social Fresh Community Manager Report shows just how important Community Managers are to brands and how the need for social media talent has skyrocketed over the past two years:9 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  10. 10. 08 Internships & Job Placement The Social Lights® Community Manager Training & While we cannot disclose all of the details, The Social Certification Program is a 6-week accelerated course Lights have established relationships with a variety of lo- that will equip you with the knowledge, skills, strategies, cal and national companies seeking fully trained Commu- and tactics to excel as full-time Social Media Community nity Managers and Social Media Strategists. The check- Manager in a variety of business settings. points built into the training program will communicate to us which students are best suited for which industries We do hope that each individual that enters our program and clients. Some students will need additional training, will graduate and be eligible for placement in a Social and may work in-house on small business clients until Media Community Manager job or internship setting. To they are ready for placement. date, The Social Lights have hired over a dozen student interns, recent graduates, and Community Managers and When a graduate of The Social Lights® Community placed them in an agency or client setting. We hope to Manager Training & Certification Program has been hired double this number in 2013. on as a full-time community manager, they will remain contract employees / contract-to-hire employees of The The curriculum portion of the training program runs June Social Lights LLC. In doing so, The Social Lights will sup- 10 - August 2, 2013. Beginning the first week of August, port employee management and payroll, ongoing train- paid internship opportunities will open up for candi- ing, and in some cases, overall social media strategy and dates at agency and client settings. Paid job placement campaign development. In other words, you will still work opportunities will open up during this same time, and closely with the company at which you’ve been placed, we will match the right talent with the right positions as but still remain in regular contact with The Social Lights they arise. Social media skills, personality, interests, and to ensure everything is running smoothly! experience will be factors in matching talent with paid positions. We will make every effort to place graduates as quickly as possible. For program participants that still have a semester or two left of college courses—we will provide internship oppor- tunities to practice and sharpen your skills until you are ready for a full-time position.10 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  11. 11. 09 Program Highlights Our goal is to make your training experience as exciting, enjoyable, and socially suited as possible! The Social Lights Community Manager Training & Certification is a mix of classroom lecture, online activities, group activities, out in the field mis- sions, guest speakers, personal reflection exercises, and client projects. Additionally, The Social Lights® Agency knows how to have a good time. We’ve done some crazy things over the past year, including: • Coordinating the Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Zombies (We crushed the existing record and delivered over 12.8 mil- lion social media impressions!) • Throwing a flash mob pizza + dance party on the beach, just because • Sending Community Managers to ten different cities and 25+ events across the country to make a social splash around a new vehicle introduction …And this training program might just be a little crazy, too. Which probably explains why no other ad agency, university, professor, social media consultant, or software developer has ever created a program quite like this one. We’re unique and we want to attract a class of like-minded individuals that dare to dream bigger, aim higher, and push the limits of what social can do.11 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  12. 12. 10 Your Training Program Investment We value your time and money, and want to ensure that you are spending both of these precious commodities wisely! For the rea- sons, we’ve spent the last 12 months developing a robust curricu- lum and training program based on our hands-on knowledge and experience serving social media clients in a variety of industries. We know what it takes to be a highly qualified Community Man- ager, and want to spread the knowledge, skills, and industry know- how to those who are just as passionate about social media and digital communications as we are! There is no other course like The Social Lights® Community Man- ager Training Program that provides in-depth, in-person, compre- hensive training in the burgeoning field of social media and digital communications. Program Fees: $2500 Program fees can be paid in full or in 4 installments of $625. Scholarship funds will be offered to top applicants. Installment #1 is due on May 15, 2013 and final payment is due within 15 days of program completion.12 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  13. 13. 11 Program Overview The Social Lights® Community Manager Training Program is a blended course: 1 1 1 6 part part boot part weeks educational camp internship of social course challenges Where: Downtown Minneapolis When: June 10 - August 2, 2013 Then: Paid internship opportunities in August And Then: Paid job placement opportunities in August and September 201313 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide
  14. 14. 12 GO! Social is the future. We’re here to invest in your future and the future of social for some of the biggest, most progressive, most creative clients across the country. APPLY TODAY Contact us: hello@thesocial-lights.com14 | The Social Lights® Training Program Guide