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Meet Charlotte


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Following on the back of Scott Gavin's "Meet Charlie", which was a brilliant look at where we want to be, I wanted to put together a 'where we are now' presentation.
Update: Just thought I would mess around a little bit with Slidecasting. Thought the interface was pretty cool and easy but it lacks the precision I'd like so I could transition the slides on the beat etc. Anyway, picked up this song from It's by a guy who calls himself Mooska.
Just used it because I thought it was pretty cool. Moonbow Jakes sounds like the type of cafe I would like to hang out in.

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Meet Charlotte

  1. Meet Charlotte
  2. AKA Ms Web2.0/Enterprise 1.0
  3. She’s friends with Charlie.
  4. She lives here
  5. and works here.
  6. @ home
  7. … one of her hobbies is keeping fit.
  8. @ work
  9. … she’s a research scientist in a large pharmaceutical company.
  10. @ home
  11. … she uses Google to filter the Internet for the information she needs.
  12. @ work
  13. … she has to remember where everything is.
  14. @ home
  15. … she taps the collective knowledge of the internet through Wikipedia.
  16. @ work
  17. … she asks her boss about stuff she needs to know.
  18. @ home
  19. if she misses a radio show or a bit of TV she catches up using…
  20. @ work
  21. … if she misses a meeting she pulls the summary minutes from a document repository . … if the minutes have been captured! … if she knows where they are! … if she has access privileges to them!
  22. @ home
  23. … she keeps in touch with most of her friends on… Her friends are scattered around the world.
  24. @ work
  25. … she networks at a conference once a year.
  26. @ home
  27. … through … she knows what her friends are doing 24/7 wherever they are.
  28. @ work
  29. she doesn’t really understand what the guy two desks down from her does !
  30. @ home
  31. When she’s not catching up with friends she’s using her spare time to catch up on her hobbies.
  32. She has her own blog … where she advertises exercise regime and any hints and tips she comes across.
  33. So far she’s had over 1000 people read her blog from all over the world .
  34. She reads other blogs, is an active forum member and posts frequent ezine articles.
  35. In this online community she’s … a respected leader … and a dedicated follower.
  36. When she got interested in keeping fit her network was…
  37. now it’s…
  38. @ work
  39. … her network is still…
  40. … If you ask Charlotte what she wants to change at work she’ll say…
  41. … she want’s to connect with anybody …
  42. … at anytime …
  43. … from anywhere !