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Smart Street Furniture


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Smart Street Furniture

  1. 1. SMART STREET FURNITURE Shahbaz Ali Khidri
  2. 2. SMART  The entity which is active, digital, networked, can operate to some extent autonomously, is reconfigurable and has control of resources it needs such as energy, memory, processing power, etc.  E.g. Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, Smart Furniture, etc.
  3. 3. SMART STREET FURNITURE Equipment installed on streets and roads such as benches, bollards, lightings, traffic lights, traffic signs, public transport stops, waste bins, taxi stands, fountains, etc.  Usually utilizes solar panels to supplement power.  Traffic lights can be changed based on the density of traffic.  Bollards can be sunk and raised remotely to make entry for a particular vehicle. 
  5. 5. TWEETING SEAT Interactive park bench.  Each time someone sits down, it uploads an image from two cameras to tweeter feed.  One camera captures the surrounding space, and other captures the person seated on it. 
  6. 6. REACTIVE SPARKS Tells about the density of the traffic.  Color of bar varies with the density of traffic. 
  7. 7. THE DIGITAL HARBOUR Implemented in France.  Durable chairs made of concrete and a touch screen on the side that provides information about the city of Paris. 
  8. 8. STROBE Solar powered waste bin.  Whenever someone puts garbage in it, it says “Thank You For Recycling”.  Counts the pieces of garbage. 
  9. 9. POINTS Provides a way-finding on the request of passerby.  It can also provide information about local point of interests, transportation and events. 
  10. 10. THE IT PIT STOP Japanese solution for internet-dependent cyclists.  People can enjoy their coffee and can use their computers comfortably without getting off their bikes. 
  11. 11. THE BOOM BENCH Germen solution having eight speakers with two sub woofers accessible via Bluetooth.  Allows user to play music from their mobile phone by using these speakers. 
  12. 12. LAMPBRELLA  Looks like a standard lamppost. However, it’s fitted with huge umbrella that opens automatically when it rains. Motion detectors close it down after two minutes when there is no sign of movement.