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Membership form


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Membership form

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Membership form

  1. 1. The Executive Director, The Solvent Extractors' Association of India 142, Jolly Maker Chambers No.2, 14th Floor, 225, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021, (India) Tel. No.: 022- 22021475/ 22822979 THE SOLVENT EXTRACTORS' ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (Incorporated Under Section 25of the Companies Act, 1956) Premier Association of Vegetable Oil Industry & Trade ISO 9001 : 2015 Organisation APPLICATION FORM FOR ORDINARY MEMBER I ASSOCIATE To be filled in by the Association: R.No. _____________ Date __________ Date of Admission : _____________ Tax Invoice No. : _____________ Registration No. : _____________ Ordinary Member Zone : _____________ Dear Sir, We desire to enroll ourselves as an Ordinary Member / Associate* of your Association. We agree to abide by its rules & regulations and to observe its bye-laws in force from time to time. We enclose herewith the amount of Rs.(`)_____________ (Rupees) ______________________________________________by cash / cheque / draft payable at Mumbai towards Admission Fee, Annual Subscription, Mailing Fee (if applicable) and Service Tax; for the year 20___ 20 ___ and furnish herein below the relevant particulars for your record: (Please type or write in cap letters) 1. Class of Membership : ORDINARY MEMBER / ASSOCIATE / FOREIGN ASSOCIATE 2. Name of the Firm/Company : ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Postal address with PIN code : ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ State ____________________ Country __________________ PIN _____________ 4.Telephone Numbers (with STD code) : _______________________________________________________________ 5. Fax Number (with STD code) & Mobile No. : Fax No _____________________________ Mobile _____________________ 6. E-Mail & Website : E-Mail ______________________________ Website ____________________ 7. Constitution of Firm/Company Proprietorship. Partnership Pvt. Ltd Co.* (tick relevant box) Public Limited Co.* Pub. Sector* Co-op.Society *Attach Certificate Of Incorporation Attached Not Applicable (For Ltd., Pvt. Ltd. & Pub. Sector Companies) Others (please specify) _______________________ Name of Proprietor/Partners/ 1. ____________________________ 2. ______________________________ Directors (Please attach 3. ____________________________ 4. ______________________________ sheet. if necessary) 5. _____________________________ 6. ______________________________ 8. Name of three Representatives 1. ___________________________________Mobile No.__________________ (in order of preference) 2. ___________________________________Mobile No.__________________ 3. ___________________________________Mobile No.__________________ 9. Date of Establishment / Incorporation : ______________________________________________________________ 10.Details of Solvent Extraction Plant : (To be filled in by plant holder only) (a) Plant Address : _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ (b) Plant Telephone /Fax Number (with STD code) Tel. _________________________ Fax ____________________________ E-Mail _______________________________________________________ (c) FSSAI Regn.No. & Date : ______________________________________________________________ (d) Type of Plant (Continuous/Batch) : ______________________________________________________________ (e) Make of Plant (Name of Plant Supplier) : ______________________________________________________________ (f) Date of Commencement of production : ______________________________________________________________ (g) Processing Capacity : Daily : Oilcake/Rice Bran ___________ Tonne/Day Oilseed _________ Tonne /Day (h) Main commodities processed / : ______________________________________________________________ to be processed ( P.T.O.) E-Mail: /
  2. 2. 11. Additional Details & Daily Capacity: Oil Mill ________________ TPD Vanaspati Plant ________________ TPD Refinery (Physical/Chemical) _____________TPD Fatty Acid Plant __________TPD Soap Unit ____________________TPD Cattlefeed Plant _____________________ TPD Others (Please specify) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Zone: (For Ordinary Members)** Name of the State in which plant is located: ________________________________________________________________________ Zone applicable: Central West South North East (Tick relevant box) 13. Name, Full Address, Tel. & Mobile No. ______________________________________________________________________________ Fax No. & E-mail of the Representatives in Mumbai, if any. ________________________________________________________________________________ 16. Main activities of the Firm (tick relevant boxes): í í íSolvent Extraction Plant Manufacturer Exporter Produce Broker & Commission Agent/Dealer í í íOil Miller Merchant Exporter Surveyor / Analyst í í íVeg.Oil Refiner Super Star Trading House Plant & Machinery Mfrs. / Consultant í í íVanaspati Manufacturer Star Trading House Clearing & Forwarding / Shipping Agent í í íSoap Manufacturer Trading House Fumigation Agency í í íCattlefeed Manufacturer Export House Trade Association / Commodity Exchange í íFatty Acid Manufacturer Financial Institution / Consultant í Others (please specify) : ______________________________________________________________________________ Additional information if any for : ______________________________________________________________________________ nature of your business & special products if any, manufactured ______________________________________________________________________________ We request you to place our application before the Managing Committee of your Association for enrolling us as an Ordinary Member / Associate* of the Association. For M/s. __________________________________________________________________ (Name of the Firm / Company) __________________________________________________________________ Place: ______________________ Date: ______________________ _________________________________________________________________ (Designation) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Strike off which is not applicable ** ZONE: Member shall belong to a Zone in which his plant is located (Only for Ordinary Member) i) Central Zone consisting of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra ii) West Zone consisting of Gujarat & Rajasthan iii) South Zone consisting of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry & Tamil Nadu & Telaugana iv) North Zone consisting of Delhi. Haryana. Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, U.P. & Uttaranchal v) East Zone consisting of Assam, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Manipur , NEFA, Nagaland, Tripura, Andaman & Nicobar _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ordinary Membership Any person, firm or company who is engaged in the business of Solvent Extraction in India or who, with a view to do the business of Solvent Extraction in India or has taken effective steps to establish Solvent Extraction Plant in India can apply for Ordinary Membership. Associate Any person, company or society or Association engaged in trade, commerce or industry or otherwise interested in aims and objectives of the Association shall be eligible to become an Associate of the Association i.e. solvent extraction processor, oil miller, veg. oil refiner, vanaspati manufacturer, merchant exporter, broker, trader, plant & machinery manufacturer, consultant, surveyor/analyst etc. An Associate has no voting rights but all information and circulars are supplied to him. Admission Fee & Annual Subscription: Association year is from 1st April to 31st March. Full amount is payable irrespective of the date of joining. Payment should be remitted by Cash or Demand Draft / Cheque payable at Mumbai favouring “The Solvent Extractors’ Association of India”. Up Country Cheque will not be accepted. (Signature of Applicant) 14. GST No. 15. PAN No. : MEMBERSHIP ` Annual Subscription ` Mailing Expenses Sub Total GST @ 18% ` 2,500/- 8,500/- 8,500/- --- 12,500/- 14,750/- 2,500/- --- 11,000/- 10,000/- 12,980/- 2,500/- 5,000/- 16,000/- 18,880/- Ordinary Members Associate Indian Companies Associate (Foreign) (1) Admission Fee (3) (4)(2) ` 2,250/- 1,980/- 2,880/- (5) ` Total INR ` (6)