Seventy-threesuccess stories.         Seventy-three     reasons to celebrate.                                             ...
1     dramatic staff satisfaction gains: When it                 comes to physician and staff satisfaction, a 2 per cent  ...
Battling Superbugs                                                                               4     c. diff: TSh could ...
9     Breastfeeding rates increase: Breast                                                                                ...
15         community adVisory                                                                                             ...
“Despite the many challenges and   criticisms facing healthcare in Ontar-   io in recent years, The Scarborough   Hospital...
23         Hospital goes smoke-free: We’re walking the walk and talking the talk.           as healthcare workers we know ...
26         rapid assessment unit: No                                                                                      ...
31         new logo: as part of the           organization’s renewal process,a revised TSh logo was unveiled. Thenew logo ...
39         code stemi: every 75           minutes, a patient comesto the hospital with chest pain.To provide the best care...
43          surgical cHecklist:            Since province-wide imple-mentation of surgical checklists, our                ...
49           GOING GREEN:                                                                                                 ...
50         improVed relations witH           moHltc, lHin: Senior staff at TShhave made a concerted effort to improve rela...
56        keeping our staff healthy: Getting our patients                                                                 ...
59         interpreter program:           as one of the most diversecommunities in the world, TSh needs toensure language ...
63          skin-to-skin program:             giving newborns the best start is the focus of all care in the Maternal New-...
Mission                                                                      Vision                                       ...
70         doula program: having a baby is           one of the most exciting things a familyever experiences, yet it can ...
STAY IN TOUCH ONLINE AT:                                                    www.tsh.to                                    ...
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Celebrating 73 Success Stories


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A look at 73 of our greatest accomplishments in the past couple of years.

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Celebrating 73 Success Stories

  1. 1. 73Celebratingsuccessstories
  2. 2. Seventy-threesuccess stories. Seventy-three reasons to celebrate. sonal or department accomplishments of which you are very proud. Also, it is important to keep in mind that this list is in no way ranked—the numbers are merely to showcase the volume of achievements, not to suggest some are more or less significant than others. Today you should be proud. Of what you have achieved personally and what we have achieved together. Every single one of you is part of this TSH success story. Yet our journey is far from over. Striving for excellence is now a part of our cul- ture, and we will continue to improve as a hospital. Two years from now, I hopeT we can celebrate another 73 accomplish- his booklet could just have ing the excellent patient care that is our ments that equal those presented here. easily been called 173 Success core business. Stories. Or 1,073 Success I am proud to be the CEO of thisStories. The point is that the last two And by “we” I mean every single one hospital and I would like to thank eachyears have been a period of incredible of us. The successes in this booklet and every one of you for your commit-achievement for all of us here at The are what happens when everyone rows ment and all your hard work. It’s been aScarborough Hospital. together—when everyone is determined tough two years and the journey wasn’t to do better, to make improvements, to always smooth, but just look at whatWe have done the impossible. We put patients first. we’ve accomplished.have racked up accomplishments andachievements that would have been My only regret is that we couldn’t list Thank you!unthinkable 24 months ago. We’ve kept all of our achievements here. Seven-growing and building and moving the ty-three is far from an exhaustive list, Dr. John Wrightorganization forward, all while provid- and I know many of you have per- President and CEO2 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  3. 3. 1 dramatic staff satisfaction gains: When it comes to physician and staff satisfaction, a 2 per cent increase is considered good. Five per cent is considered re- markable. So what do you call an improvement of 13 per cent? Monumental. in fact, the organization that collected our survey data tells us they have never seen such dramatic gains— anywhere. at TSh, every single category showed significant improvement, clearly signaling a renewed commitment to our hospitals and our patients.60 Employee Commitment % positive score50 50.94030 37.82010 Jan-Dec 2008 Current Period 2 social media leaders: The Scarborough hospital was an early adopter of social media, and remains a leader with hundreds of engaged Friends and Followers across several channels including 3 Twitter, Facebook, linkedin and YouTube. We were one of the first hospitals in canada staying safe: We underwent a major to promote a dialogue with shift in the way we report a wide range our community using a wide of events and incidents, thanks to SaFe (Safety range of social networking & accountability For everyone). This electronic platforms. reporting system—which captures everything from minor safety concerns like potholes in the parking lot to unexpected events—has been an overwhelming success and well-received by clinicians at all levels.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 3
  4. 4. Battling Superbugs 4 c. diff: TSh could have used excuses when it had poor c. diff rates two years ago—aging buildings, no storage space, few private rooms, many shared bathrooms—but it didn’t. instead, everyone got on board and made changes result- ing in an unprecedented 94 per cent drop in cases. impressive results for a hospital that posted one of the worst rates in the province just a few years ago. 5 Vre: public reporting of patient safety measures like Vre was welcomed by TSh and coincides with our commitment to be transparent and accountable. current rates are posted regularly on the hospital’s website, and an aggressive screening process for patients has contributed to consistently low Vre rates at TSh. 6 mrsa: Strengthening TSh’s infection control department and putting a strong focus on infection control practices in all departments of the hospital have had a positive impact on quality of care. MrSa rates, for example, are typically well below the provincial average. 7 Balanced Budget: it’s a lot more complex than our budgets at home, but the principles are the same—the money coming in has to cover the costs 8 going out. Through a consistent program of fiscal responsibility and hard work at the unit level, TSh has maintained a balanced new di system a world first: We may not be a big downtown budget for the past three years, putting us hospital, but that doesn’t stop us from being on the leading edge. an in a strong position when seeking addi- investment in new digital technology made TSh the first in the world to run tional investments to improve patient care. two key diagnostic imaging systems on an integrated platform—a major benefit for cardiac patients who can now get faster, more accurate diagno- ses and treatment.4 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  5. 5. 9 Breastfeeding rates increase: Breast milk is best for baby and we’re making sure newborns get the best start possible at TSH. New moms get all the facts here about breast- feeding—including the risks of formula feeding. The results? A 127 per cent increase in babies who are exclusively breastfed at discharge. Re- markable results for a hospital that was criticized less than a year ago for having one of the worst breastfeeding rates in the GTA. I CA RE I CA INTE G COM RITY RE 10 PASS ACC IO OUN N INTE TABI I RESP LITY GRI EXCE T EC care TY i COMPAaBout LLEN SS O CE Values: IThe ACC OUN N RES TA EC so BILIT buttons wornPbyT many Y CAR EX of our staff, CELLEN physicians CE and volunteers say it all. E integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence resonate I CA as important values, Integr ity • C RE and as more than words ompa in a document. i care Respe ssion • Ac ct • E c INTE GRIT has become more than a xcelle ountability COM Y nce PASS ACC IO slogan. it is now a way of OUN N providing outstanding care to RESP TABI EC LITYpatients, and for welcoming our EXCE T LLEN visitors to our hospital. CE 12 yee Hong dialysis satellite: providing life-saving dialysis for hundreds of patients at TSh each day is something we do well—and our regional Nephrology program is the largest in North 11 america. The opening of a satellite dialysis unit from i care to eye care: a in partnership with Yee great example of our ongoing hong is just one more pursuit of healthcare excellence, The eye way we are providing centre, located at the birchmount campus, excellent patient- performs close to 6,000 cataract surgeries a centred care, closer to year, and is the largest provider of cataract home. surgery of its kind in canada.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 5
  6. 6. 15 community adVisory council: The structure is unique in the province—a community advisory council (cac) that is indepen- dent, and reports directly to the board of Directors. bridging the gap between the community and the hospital, the cac has already racked up some impres- sive accomplishments in its short his- tory, including assisting with the budget process and helping obtain the go- ahead for the new Mri at birchmount.13 telecommunications improVements: TSh is answering the phone faster, providing better customer service. a leaner workflow and new technol-ogy have improved efficiency in the Telecommunications Department. response times forcallers to the hospital have decreased by 66 per cent. 14 Hand Hygiene cHampions: When the province first announced in 2009 that it would be publicly posting hand hygiene rates, TSh’s 16 etHics: ethics is every- body’s business at TSh. a new program was created in were far from impressive. after a focused 2010 that aims to integrate ethics campaign and plenty of hard work, staff through TSh in clinical and non- moved that rate up—way up, as it turns clinical areas. hospital staff and out—posting the best rates in the province. physicians now have more resources Since then, TSh continues to be a leader in hand including a clinical ethics decision- hygiene in the province. making tool. 17 emergency wait times: There’s no ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to improving wait times in ontario’s emergency Departments, as a recent auditor general’s report states. Still, several of our frontline initiatives, such as the performance improvement project and rapid assessment unit, have improved most Ministry of health and long-Term care targets for wait times in our emergency Departments.6 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  7. 7. “Despite the many challenges and criticisms facing healthcare in Ontar- io in recent years, The Scarborough Hospital has evolved into a leaner, more transparent and more account- able organization that is recognized for a number of governance best practices. Our Board bylaws, which hardwire community engagement, are a model for other hospitals. Our Board members are skills-based, bringing invalu- able governance experience to their role. And our commitment to the hospital’s Mission, Vision and Values is transforming the way we care for 18 our patients. I am proud to have been a part of this evolution, and I look forward to even greater achieve- worsHip centre: both of our campuses were founded as strong faith- ments in the years to come.” based organizations, and our new Worship centre in the general campus’s West Wing reflects that proud history. The Worship centre, which welcomes patients —Michael Mueller and visitors from all faiths, features a beautiful stained glass window made from the Chair, Board of Directors previous chapel’s window inserts, and furniture made from the original chapel’s pews. 19 “The nurses in the Palliative interprofessional Care Unit did a practice: our clinical pro- really good job fessionals bring a great deal of experi- caring for my ence and knowledge to their roles each wife. They have day, and we are fortunate to have an a very tough environment where each profession is job, but they encouraged to work to full scope, to use do it very well. current evidence-based practices and to And when we needed them, they be supported in being the best we can were there for us.” be. The interplay of professions, where each discipline is valued, where no dis- —Harvey Walker cipline is more important than another The exceptional care his wife received and the sharing of expertise towards inspired Harvey to make a $100,000 meeting patient goals ultimately results donation to TSH in her memory. in safer care, better outcomes and in- creased satisfaction.20 foundation restructured: renewaland restructuring hasn’t been limited to 21 ortHopedic wait times: TSh has a high volume of hip and knee replacement surgeries but 22 mental HealtH consolidation: a bright, newly renovated space greeted patientsthe hospital—TSh’s Foundation has un- our skilled orthopedic team ensures and staff when Mental health Servicesdergone a similar process of rebuilding. our patients don’t wait any longer than consolidated from three separate loca-The result is a stronger Foundation and necessary. in fact, at 124 days for hips, and tions into one 50-bed unit at the birch-a committed Foundation board ready to 130 days for knees, TSh is well below the mount campus last year.take on the big campaigns the hospital provincial wait time target of 182 days.will need to move forward.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 7
  8. 8. 23 Hospital goes smoke-free: We’re walking the walk and talking the talk. as healthcare workers we know we need to set a good example for our patientsand visitors, so we decided to butt out, making the hospital a smoke-free facility. Many “Creating a unified organization following the amalgamation of twoemployees have even quit for good. different hospitals has been no easy 24 task for The Scarborough Hospital, but our physicians critical care have been mak- consolidates: our old icu, ing great strides ccu and aMu at the general campus in achieving were dreary and cramped spaces where just that. Over the only thing separating patients was the past couple a drape. The new critical care centre of years, The is a 22-bed unit with state-of-the-art Scarborough technology and private rooms with Hospital has natural light, where the nurses’ stations begun to appoint corporate medi- are strategically located to allow for cal chiefs for our programs, helping optimum visual monitoring of patients. standardize processes and care across both campuses. Many of our programs are already led by a single chief, and 25 our Diagnostic Imaging program is currently recruiting for that role. I am sHared Hospital laB: in proud of our physician leadership for october 2009, the introduction taking an active part in achieving of the Shared lab between TSh, Toronto a “one hospital” vision for TSH, and east general and North York general cut the I know our community—and our turnaround time for c. difficile test results hospital—will be better served as a from two days to less than 24 hours, help- result of their commitment.” ing to move patients out of the emergency Department faster. having such critical test — Dr. Steven Jackson results faster helps us identify and mitigate Chief of Medical Staff the spread of c. diff.8 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  9. 9. 26 rapid assessment unit: No man is an island, and no medical unit in our hospital can work successfully in a bubble. When there’s collaboration—such as the eight-bed rapid assessment unit de- veloped and implemented between Medi- cine and the eD—great things happen. The rau has helped reduce the average length of stay (aloS) for patients in the eD who are waiting for an inpatient bed to 11 hours from 17 hours. 27 pain management: Managing pain in a way that focuses on the whole patient and takes into account culture and language is important at The Scarborough hospital. recently, more than two dozen nurses became pain champions to help assess and minimize patient pain.28 Hospitalists: everyone involved in the hospitalist program benefitswhen there’s daily access on the floor to a physi-cian and an interdisciplinary healthcare team.From improved communication between physi-cians and the team, to enhanced coordinationand continuity of care, the hospitalist program ishaving a positive impact on patient satisfaction.29 fundraising successes: Sev- eral events held by the Foundationhave proved to be excellent ways to raise fundsfor the hospital and to engage both new andexisting community and corporate donors. golfand hockey tournaments, as well as a successfulScarborough garden party, have set the stagefor future events that will help raise money andbuild the profile of The Scarborough hospital inour community. 30 complaint resolution: resolving patient complaints quickly and effectively is a key goal of patient relations, and is so impor- tant for a positive patient experience. That’s why we’re proud of the steady improvement from an average of 27 days in 2009 to our current average of 11 days for resolution. a more timely resolution of complaints leads to increased patient and family satisfaction.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 9
  10. 10. 31 new logo: as part of the organization’s renewal process,a revised TSh logo was unveiled. Thenew logo is sleeker, brighter and moremodern—just like the new TSh.32 Patient satisfaction on its way uP: ThroughoutTSH, staff and physicians are launching 35initiatives designed specifically toimprove patient satisfaction, and theirwork is paying off. The most recent paedlink: an innovative approach to ‘fast track’ children and theirsurvey results show four units have families from the emergency Department to a pediatric clinic— calledpatient satisfaction rates above the GTA paedlink— has reduced wait times. More importantly, paedlink has alleviatedaverage: CP3 (Orthopedics) and 4Central much of the fear and anxiety experienced by children and, of course, their par-Surgery at the General campus and ents, in visiting the hospital.Cardiac Stepdown and 4A (Surgery) at theBirchmount campus. 3633 ems offload rn: TSh is help- decision support: You ing paramedics get out of can’t run a modern hospital the emergency Depart-without detailed data and information ment quickly and back onanalysis, and when it comes to under- the road responding to 911standing key performance indicators, calls. Through a partnershipwait time data and other clinical and with eMS, a dedicated nursenon-clinical business information, handles patients brought instaff and management are able to by paramedics so that theyturn to our performance and Decision don’t have to stay with pa-Support Department. armed with tients for several hours in thetheir expertise, staff and management emergency Department.are better able to understand emerg-ing trends and make confident deci- 37 38sions that help us improve efficiencyand patient care. compliments are up: Better waiting34 patients are happier with rooms: The new West their experiences at the hospital, Wing afforded us the opportunity to accreditation: Staff, saying staff and physicians are more enhance patient comfort by design- physicians and volunteers all compassionate and caring. in fact, ing larger and brighter waiting roomscontributed to the success of TSh achiev- compliments received by patient in the emergency Department—ing a full three-year accreditation from relations are up close to 50 per cent including a children-friendly area—accreditation canada in october 2009, year over year, a true testament to and for patient registration. Thewhile our laboratory services met all of the staff and physicians living the Mis- birchmount recently revamped its eDrequirements of the ontario laboratory sion, Vision and Values. waiting area with new seating and aaccreditation, awarding a full four-year more efficient registration process.certificate for both campuses.10 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  11. 11. 39 code stemi: every 75 minutes, a patient comesto the hospital with chest pain.To provide the best care possiblefor cardiac patients, TSh imple-mented code STeMi in partnershipwith rouge Valley. This successfulpartnership helps ensure cardiacpatients are immediately routedto the right test or procedure andis resulting in better outcomes forpatients.40 rotman: Developing our leaders is a priorityfor the hospital, and our secondround of staff and physicians arecurrently enrolled in the prestigiousrotman leadership Develop- 41ment program. The projects beingcompleted by this group are gearedtoward improving patient care and planning for surgical expansion: TSh keeps getting better. Whileinternal business processes, helping celebrating the completion of the West Wing at the general campus, local MppTSh better fulfill its Mission, Vision brad Duguid delivered more good news: a $3 million planning grant for the redevelopmentand Values. of the general’s outdated surgical suites and expanded pre-surgical services. 42 reVitalizing Volunteer serVices: We couldn’t function without the dedication of our hun- dreds of volunteers, so we embarked on a total revitalization of Volunteer Services by providing enhanced training and more support staff. This has led to added responsibility for art shows displayed in the art gallery, increased outreach to the commu- nity and a renovated gift shop at the general campus. our volunteers continue to raise funds for hospital equipment through new and exciting events, not to mention the tradition- ally popular bazaars and gift shops.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 11
  12. 12. 43 surgical cHecklist: Since province-wide imple-mentation of surgical checklists, our 44 clinical pastoral education: our unique Spiritual and religious care department’scompliance rates have consistently clinical pastoral education programremained around the 100 per cent mark. attracts theological students and ordainedThis speaks volumes to our emphasis clergy from diverse backgrounds,on patient safety. The surgical checklist denominationally as well as ethnicallyis the final check prior to surgery used and culturally. These students bringto ensure everyone in the or has all the broad education and experience in themedical information they need about care they provide for our patients andthe patient. families. 45 clinical action planning: our clini- cal action plan (cap)—the most intensive project undertaken by us, engaging staff and physicians from every corner of the hospital—is nearing its ultimate goal as business cases for nine out of the original 32 recommendations will soon be presented to the Steering commit- tee. From there, a final report will be submitted to the board of Directors later this year.46 senior team more VisiBle:Safety rounds, bed meetings, “The Scarborough Hospital gave me the gift of life—twice. I amwalkabouts, job shadow- really grateful for all of the doc-ing, leaN exercises, morning tors and nurses who saved me.huddles—you name it, and If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be heremembers of the senior man- today. I wouldn’t be able to hangagement team can be found out with my friends. I wouldactively participating at the have died at a young age. I’mfront line. “in moving to a leaN extremely grateful.”culture, we want to get awayfrom long meetings in meet- — MICHELLE LYing rooms, and really focus on Michelle is a former patientfront-line, real-time problem who had a massive heart attacksolving,” explains lindsey last year and was brought bycrawford, TSh’s Vp of patient ambulance to the BirchmountServices. “being a support at campus—the same hospitalthe front line is where man- where she was born just 14 yearsagement can really make a earlier.difference.”12 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  13. 13. 49 GOING GREEN: Green projects help the environment and, at 48 TSH, are saving money. The IS Department implemented new mri for a green project by updating BircHmount: Mpp gerry technology, eliminating physi- phillips said it best when he announced cal servers and adding more a second Mri for The Scarborough virtual servers. This greening hospital: “This isn’t a gift. You’ve earned initiative reduces the hospital’s it.” The new Mri—to be located at the carbon footprint and saves birchmount campus—will help us better about $50,000 a year in energy serve the Scarborough community. costs.47 gain clinic: caring for our diverse community is a priority,and that includes our large and growingseniors population. To help seniors liveindependently, safely and with dignity,we have opened a geriatric assessmentand intervention Network (gaiN) clinic,where referred patients are seen by aninterprofessional geriatric team outsideof the emergency Department. The resultis specialized geriatric care, which mayinclude home support—allowing elderlypatients to avoid unnecessary hospitalvisits and admissions.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 13
  14. 14. 50 improVed relations witH moHltc, lHin: Senior staff at TShhave made a concerted effort to improve relationswith the ce lhiN and the Ministry of health andlong-Term care through better communicationsand more face-to-face meetings. This is resultingin real benefits to the organization, such as therecently approved Mri for birchmount.51 master plans: Where is TSh going? Staff in Facilities can tell you, at leastfor the next 25 years. as part of the applicationprocess for the new operating rooms at thegeneral site, a master building plan (with therequired expansions) has been created for thegeneral, and this will be done at the birchmountin 2011. These plans allow staff to plan ahead,starting the planning (and fundraising) for muchneeded improvements now.52 53 Volunteers raising Big Bucks: When we need them, they are alwaysthere. The Scarborough hospital’s volunteers work Better food: Meeting the unique needs of each and everytirelessly and their fundraising efforts have landed patient isn’t limited to clinical care—it means all aspects of thethem at the top of the donor wall with more than patient’s journey. To this end, Food and Nutrition Services is working with a$1 million raised for the hospital’s Foundation. one local mosque to create better halal meals, and has added additional menuof their most recent projects was the successful choices to serve other populations. in the coming year, the plan is to add acar raffle, helping to close the deal on two much full roster of choices, ensuring all patients have access to healthy and ap-needed cT Scanners for the hospital. propriate food. 54 patHology excellence: our laboratory Services have surpassed many other hospitals by being the only lab in 55 a great place to work: The word is out on the street—TSh is a great place to work. advertised jobs typically have plenty of canada to implement the True positive identification (TpiD) system in qualified applicants, and staff members attending pathology. TpiD identifies, labels and tracks the specimen throughout industry events are often asked if there are any the testing process, using two-dimensional barcode technology. openings. and did you know TSh is Scarborough’s largest employer?14 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  15. 15. 56 keeping our staff healthy: Getting our patients healthy isn’t our only goal at TSH. Our staff matter, too. Our well-equipped fitness centres at each campus, accessible to members 24/7 at their convenience, boast modern cardio equip- ment and weights, and space for fitness classes. 58 HiVe: all clinicians now have immedi- ate electronic access to emergency Department records, as well as lab results and57 Di reports, thanks to health information Viewed electronically (hiVe). The next phase of hiVe will Hsmr: When hSMr was first publicly reported a few years ago, tackle day surgery and inpatient discharges. TSh made the front page for having one of the worst rates in theprovince. Now, after concerted quality improvements, TSh has dramaticallylowered its hSMr figure, becoming one of the top performers in the gTa.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 15
  16. 16. 59 interpreter program: as one of the most diversecommunities in the world, TSh needs toensure language is not a barrier to care.Full-time interpreters are now avail-able to provide interpretation servicesin Mandarin, cantonese (birchmountcampus) and Tamil (general campus) forTSh patients. based in the emergencyDepartments, the interpreters can becalled on for any department in thehospital.60 incorporation of pHysi- cian leadersHip intosenior team: in many hospitals,the Senior Management Team is just“management,” with physician partici-pation limited to the chief of Staff. atTSh, a number of physician leaders aremembers of the senior team, providingtheir unique perspective to the discus-sions and decisions. “This is a muchmore inclusive and transparent way ofmaking decisions,” explains Dr. Wright.“our physician leaders are really helpingthis organization move forward.” 61 positiVe media coVerage: There was a time when it seemed that TSh was always in the papers— for all the wrong reasons. Today, TSh is consistently the subject of positive coverage in local, national and ethnic media outlets. 62 partnersHips witH otHer proViders: in the last 24 months, TSh has forged strong partnerships with many organizations that allow TSh to dramatically improve the care ex- perience for our patients. Some of these partnerships include the Yee hong dialysis satellite and the new lhiN-wide gaiN clinic and home First partnerships. TSh’s oncology clinic also works in partnership with cancer care ontario’s central east regional cancer program and rouge Valley health System to provide cancer care and treatment to Scarborough residents.16 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  17. 17. 63 skin-to-skin program: giving newborns the best start is the focus of all care in the Maternal New- 64 STANDARDIZING CLEANING PRACTICES: Cleanliness is a huge issue for patients and visitors to any born and childcare Department and the new skin-to-skin policy is doing just that. in hospital, and over the past couple of years, a well-baby situation, newborns are placed we have made great strides in standardizing on their mother’s chest for a minimum our cleaning practices. For instance, staff- of one hour immediately following birth. ing classifications have been standardized research overwhelmingly supports that across sites, as have most of our clean- this initiative encourages breastfeeding and ing procedures, such as isolation cleaning helps build strong bonds between mother protocols. The result has been a huge drop and baby. in C. diff rates as we continue to implement an integrated Quality Assurance program throughout our cleaning practices. 65 new weBsite launcHes: in January 2010, TSh launched a clean, simplified and user-friendly website that has made it much easier to engage our patients and our community online. The award-winning site has seen a significant increase in traffic, too, providing us with an efficient, cost-effective way to promote our hospital and our programs and services. 66 iV team innoVation: We are the first hospital in the gTa to introduce a bedside nurse-driven ultrasound guided picc insertion using the Sherlock Tip location System (TlS). This procedure, carried out by our experienced iV team, eliminates a trip by patients to Diagnostic imaging, increasing patient comfort and sav- ing valuable staff resources.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 17
  18. 18. Mission Vision To provide an outstanding care experience that meets the unique needs of Values each and every patient. To be recognized as Canada’s leader in providing the best healthcare for a global community community. I CARE: Integrity • Compassion • Accountability • Respect • Excellence www.tsh.to67 mission, Vision and Values: integrity, compassion, accountability,respect and excellence aren’t just words on the F O U N D AT I O N F O U N D Awall at TSh; they’re how staff, physicians andvolunteers deliver care. The new Mission, Vi-sion and Values set the stage for a new day andstrengthened the organization as it strives to berecognized as canada’s leader in providing thebest healthcare for a global community.68 F OUNDATION F OUNDATION connecting witH our community: Making strong con-nections with other healthcare providers, socialservice organizations and cultural and religiousorganizations is one way TSh has begun to help patients better navigate the healthcare and social service system. 69 Through the access and equity Department, health-based events are new emergency department: open to much fanfare, with linking the hospital with dignitaries, donors, tours and multicultural entertainment, the $72hard-to-reach communities and providing better million emergency and critical care centre more than doubles the size ofinformation—and ultimately, better care. We have the old eD. State-of-the-art infection control and isolation protocols were in-also introduced a speaker series called “it’s Time to corporated in the design, and five care zones—pediatric, rapid assessment,Talk” that shares valuable information about impor- critical care, acute care, and ambulatory care—means more efficient care fortant health topics with members of our community. patients and easier patient flow for emergency staff.18 March 2011 The Scarborough hoSpiTal
  19. 19. 70 doula program: having a baby is one of the most exciting things a familyever experiences, yet it can also be confusing—especially for first-time moms and those who facelanguage barriers. Now, any expectant motherhere can have a doula to help guide her throughlabour and delivery thanks to a new partnershipwith Discover birth. The only partnership of itskind in an ontario hospital, this program offersdoula services at rates that are based on income.71 di goes filmless: converting from film-based medical imaging systems todigital systems in 2004 was similar to changingfrom a film camera to a digital camera, eliminat-ing messy chemical film processors. The real ben-efits, however, have been enhanced images andelectronic storage of medical images for easieraccess by multiple users. TSh now participatesin the canada infoWay electronic medical recordinitiative, which means authorized users frompartner hospitals can access images that were ini-tially produced at other facilities. This reduces theneed for repeating studies, saves time, eliminatesunnecessary irradiation of patients and reducescosts of duplication. “Scarborough is a great community with a vast array and blend of voices. 72 cleaner facilities: Two years ago, you told us in the staff satisfaction survey that we needed to focus on reducing clutter and improving the overall cleanliness of our hospitals. and we did just that. These community voices a staff-led clear the clutter program and a renewed dedication to keeping have been instrumental our workplace clean has made a tremendous difference—both to infection in helping bring about rates and overall aesthetics. the improvements that are occurring at TSH, and in the future they will continue to advocate for the unique and diverse health needs of the community.” —Karen Gordon Chair, Community Advisory Council “The many achievements of both the hospital and Foundation are already translating into increased financial support from our community. This is critically important as we continue fundraising for 73 medical equipment and facilities to better serve our patients.” tHree million reasons to smile: They’ve barely begun, and —Paul Torrie the new TSh Foundation has already brought in a mega-gift—$3.1 Chair, Board of Directors million—the largest in TSh’s history. and just last year, they presented the The Scarborough Hospital Foundation hospital with a cheque for another $3 million, earmarked for the West Wing and medical equipment.The Scarborough hoSpiTal March 2011 19
  20. 20. STAY IN TOUCH ONLINE AT: www.tsh.to www.twitter.com/Scarboroughhosp www.facebook.com/ScarboroughhospitalE-copies of this publication, along with a longer, unabridged list of recent success stories, are available in the Publications section of our website at www.tsh.to