Sanmar's Community Health Initiatives


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A summary of the various initiatives undertaken by The Sanmar Group in the field of healthcare, as a part of its CSR activities.

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Sanmar's Community Health Initiatives

  1. 1. Community HealthInitiatives ofThe Sanmar Group
  2. 2. About The Sanmar Group The Sanmar Group is a multinational US $ 1 billion conglomerateheadquartered in Chennai, India. It has manufacturing facilities inIndia, the US, Mexico and Egypt. Sanmar is engaged in three keybusiness sectors- Chemicals (including SpecialityChemicals), Engineering (Products and Steel Castings) and Shipping.
  3. 3. RURAL HEALTHCAREWith over 65% of our nation in rural areas, rural healthcare is aprimary goal in our national agenda. However, rural healthcare inIndia is characterised by a huge gapbetween demand and supply. Business organisations’contributions can play a major rolein efforts to alleviate the problem. In photo – Patients at the health centre at Chemplast Sanmar, Mettur.
  4. 4. SANMAR’S CONTRIBUTIONS For many years now, Sanmar has played a vital role in ensuring the good health and well being of the people residing in the areas around its facilities in Mettur, Cuddalore and Karaikal. It has set up numerous health centres in these regions to provide free medical check-up and treatment for those in need. There are also periodic health camps conducted for diagnosis and spreading of awareness. Sanmar has also conducted workshops for doctors and donated generously to hospitals and clinics.
  5. 5. HEALTH CAMPS  The company organises regular medical camps with specialist treatment facilities.  Various diagnostic tests such as blood sugar, ECG, ultrasound and scans are conducted free of cost. Medicines are also supplied free of cost to those who attend the camp.  The medical camp is for those people around the factory unable to affordA mega free medical camp was conducted by ChemplastSanmar in coordination with Sri Gokulam Hospitals at specialised medical attention at theirMettur on 1 April 2012. About 1500 persons benefitted doorstep.from this camp.  Encouraged by the popular response from the community, the company is planning to hold more camps in future.
  6. 6. Chemplast Sanmarconducted a free eyescreening camp atMettur Plant II on 28February 2012. Morethan a hundredemployees and theirfamilies benefittedfrom it.
  7. 7. A pulse polio programme was organised at Mettur Plant II incollaboration with the Government Primary Health Centre atSanthathanapatti on 19 February 2012.
  8. 8. HEALTH CENTRES In the background of inadequate services in our rural areas, proper, well-equipped and efficient health centres in villages are the need of the day. Recognising this need and the importance of these centres, Sanmar has consistently been maintaining health centres around its factories in Mettur, Cuddalore and Karaikal. The centres provide free medical consultation and medicines to people in the surrounding villages help in medical diagnosis on a regular basis have enlisted the services of experienced doctors who have a passion for community service.
  9. 9.  Chemplast Sanmar has helped start health centres in villages near its plants in Mettur, Cuddalore and Karaikal. On an average, about 2000 people get free health care every month in these centres.
  10. 10. OTHER MEASURES Financial Support Health Education Sanitation (aiding improved health) The company also Measures have also Medical workshops been taken to improve provides financial and programmes to sanitation in certain support to hospitals spread education and areas. About 90 and healthcare awareness are an toilets were programmes of the integral part of many constructed by the government. of our health camps. (Chemplast contributed Rs company at Chitrapet 12 lakh towards renovation village. of Male Surgical Ward at Government HQ Hospital, Cuddalore and donated 3 air conditioners to the hospital Burns unit).
  11. 11. We at Sanmar continue to believe that we can make a difference by doing ourbit.In the long run, these initiatives willbear a positive impact not only on thecommunities around our organisationbut also boost the morale and pride ofthe entities within it – ouremployees, stakeholders andcustomers.