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PaleoClimate and PaleoRun Overview by Arwen Vaughan, Rothwell: 2013/Third Annual PaleoGIS & PaleoClimate Users Conference


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PaleoClimate & PaleoRun Overview

Published in: Technology
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PaleoClimate and PaleoRun Overview by Arwen Vaughan, Rothwell: 2013/Third Annual PaleoGIS & PaleoClimate Users Conference

  1. 1. Introducing PaleoClimate & PaleoRun 3rd Annual PaleoGIS and PaleoClimate™ User’s Conference 2013
  2. 2. What is PaleoClimate? • • • Desktop application Employs a parametric approach to modelling the climate of ancient earth Computes sea level air pressure, surface air pressure, sea level temperature, surface temperature, wind direction and azimuth, ocean currents, coastal upwelling, and wetness
  3. 3. Origin of PaleoClimate • Built on work by J.T. Parrish, Scotese, Ross, & Summerhayes Scotese, C. R & Summerhayes, C.P. (1986). Computer Model of Paleoclimate Predicts Coastal Upwelling in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. Geobyte
  4. 4. Why did we build this tool? • • Complementary to PaleoGIS Geologists and GIS professionals can dynamically visualize and analyze a wide range of paleoclimate scenarios that may have affected the deposition of organic materials and the formation of reservoirs.
  5. 5. How does it relate to PaleoGIS? ● PaleoClimate can be launched from PaleoGIS • PaleoClimate’s outputs are viewable in ArcMap or in a variety of other GIS applications • PaleoClimate is the next step in developing a complete picture of the geology for an age
  6. 6. Paleo Process Lithofacies Paleoclimate Paleogeography Model-based Analysis Plate Tectonic Model Basic Geosciences & Geophysics
  7. 7. Parametric Approach • • • • • PaleoClimate offers rapid cycle & iterative analysis Not intended to replace robust Global Circulation Modelling performed on supercomputers Geoscientists can quickly explore a wide variety of factors and fine tune assumptions Supports first pass screening activities Validate the need to invest in more sophisticated and costly climate analysis
  8. 8. Additional Configuration Configure up to 45 additional parameters to finely tune assumptions for an age ●Axial tilt ●Western intensification ●Coriolis deflection ●Paleography values ●Effective latitude ●House shift
  9. 9. Sample Outputs Pictured here (top to bottom): Surface Pressure and Ocean Currents, Coastal Upwelling and Surface temperature for Winter, Northern Hemisphere
  10. 10. What is PaleoRun? • • • • • Batch processing tool for the Paleo suite Command line executable Multiple PaleoGIS or PaleoClimate jobs in series Driven by a single XML configuration file Simple to run from any scripting language
  11. 11. What can PaleoRun do? • • • • • • • • • Reconstruction Multi-reconstruction Animation Point Path Visualization Instantaneous motion Azimuth & Rate vs Time Climate Modelling Modify Metadata Add Layers and Symbolize
  12. 12. Common Scenarios • • • • To reconstruct supplementary datasets from third-party vendors To execute a large number of jobs, such as when new plate model data is received To run one or more long-running jobs, such as large raster reconstructions To schedule jobs through the Windows Task Scheduler
  13. 13. Advantages of PaleoRun • • • • • • Script a series of jobs with DOS scripting tools Run a series of jobs as a single batch Use outputs from one job as inputs to another Schedule scripted jobs to run at regular intervals Schedule long-running jobs overnight or over the weekend Re-run job scripts many times with consistent results