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Address attract audience

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. Colours• I chose lots of different bright colours in my magazine so it looked aesthetically pleasing. This would attract my audience as girls like bright colours. This is shown mostly through my masthead as I used different coloured blocks behind the masthead which made it look more interesting. Previously my colour scheme was pink, purple and white which appealed to my female audience but started to look quite boring so I changed my colour scheme to pink, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple and red. This makes the magazine look more fun, busy and much more suitable for my audience.
  3. 3. Photographs• Because my magazine is aimed at young females I researched other magazines aimed at this age range (although they werent music magazines). I noticed that all magazines aimed at my audience have a female artist/group on the cover so I incorporated this into my magazine. This is so the readers have someone to aspire to be like as the girls on the cover are the same age or slightly older than the readers. I also featured a male artist on my contents page which will appeal to my audience. My audience are most likely to be white, middle class so I took photo’s of individuals of the same class and ethnicity.
  4. 4. Free Stuff• I havent specifically featured any free items with my magazine, however I have advertised on the cover ‘The Wanted Poster Special’ which is basically lots of free posters of the wanted. This will attract my audience if they are fans of the wanted as it is well known that my audience have posters of different bands and artists plastered across their walls.
  5. 5. Layout I adopted a similar style to the magazine on the right because this magazine is aimed at the same sort of audience as mine. There are many differences in the layout of these magazines. Kerrang! magazine is aimed at males whilst Sugar magazine is aimed at females. The main focus of the Kerrang! cover is the artists face.The image is very ‘in your face’ which would not be seen in Sugar magazine as it would probablyscare the readers! Also the text is underneath the artists face which creates more of a focus.This is the opposite to Sugar magazine as there is text on the artists (but still avoiding theirfaces). Also, Sugar magazine are advertising other things that are in the magazine whilstKerrang! is mainly focusing on Slipknot (the artist on the cover). The way the group have beenpictured in the ‘Sugar’ magazine has connotations of ‘sister hood’ and ‘girl power’ as the bandare all very close in the picture. The artist on the front of the Kerrang! magazine is also from aband but the magazine have done a ‘cover special’. This doesn’t have the same connotations asthe ‘Sugar’ magazine. The text on the ‘Sugar’ magazine is slanted which is common with popmagazines as it gives the magazine a fun edge. The Kerrang! magazine has kept it’s font straightwhich, compared with the Sugar magazine, makes it look more serious.
  6. 6. Addressing My Audience...• I used words like ‘hottest’, ‘coolest’ and ‘OMG’. This will attract my audience as teenage girls are familiar with these terms and use them themselves. An older person may not understand what ‘OMG’ means, which may exclude them from my magazine. On my contents page I have used the line ‘which artists are you loving?’. I have directly addressed the audience which makes the magazine feel more personal, like it is the readers magazine. Also, by letting the readers choose which artists are featured in the magazine, it makes the magazine apply to my target audience more as they are seeing the artists they want to see.
  7. 7. Price• I have priced my magazine at £3.99. This means my magazine will most likely be bought by middle class teenagers as it is not so expensive that it’s out of their price range, but it isn’t extremely cheap either. Such a price implies that the magazine will be of a good quality, which is very positive.
  8. 8. Cover Lines• My main cover line is ‘X factor! Winners first ever interview!’. My audience will be the sort of people that watch the X factor so by having this on the cover they will be more likely to want to read it. Another cover line I used is ‘The Wanted poster special!’. This will attract fans of the band The Wanted. The use of the word ‘special’ implies that this is a one off that wont be featured in every ‘Pop Chat’ magazine, so there for readers should buy the magazine while they still can. On my contents page I have featured the pull quote ‘One Direction, we still havent found the one...’ This will attract my audience as teenage girls fantasise about their favourite boy bands so they will want to read about why the band havent found ‘the one’.