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What's the next step in online dating? Dating and mating meets modern technology. All ideas was conceived during The Refinement Clubs Pitch Night v.02

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  • The Future of Online Dating
    By: Linsey A. Daman
    As a single Italian/American entrepreneur in St. Louis, I would like to see additional options become available for singles. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Linsey A. Daman. I’m a fourth generation Italian/American in St. Louis and am actively seeking an eligible bachelor. I’ve devised my own independent webpage called Single Successful CEO which showcases my personal profile and what I’m seeking in a potential partner. My personal webpage is a private site and separates itself from any of the pre-established dating agencies. This novel concept of creating your own site, rather than joining a pre-established site is ground-breaking and making waves in the online dating industry. I was interviewed on a two-hour talk radio show about this innovative concept and how it will truly revolutionize the online dating industry. Originally, when I launched Single Successful CEO I simply wanted to find an eligible bachelor and establish a nice relationship. However, this concept of breaking away from pre-established dating sites is generating quite a media stir so I created an “In the News” section on my webpage due to the popularity of my personal mission.
    I was invited to a convention to speak on behalf of my “dating invention” and plan on launching a platform where other independent private sites like my own have a safe and trustworthy environment to mingle and network. The online dating industry is a multi-million dollar industry, so you can only imagine that my revolutionizing concept is catching on and catching on fast. People are tired of weeding through fake profiles, finding online scams and never connecting but endlessly clicking buttons that result in nothing but a headache. So I felt it was about time to take action on making sure our next generation is safe when dating. Having another option, a relatable option, needed to be presented to the industry and I’ve done just that. Of course, there are the naysayers but I’ve received enough support behind my mission that we can truly change the way we date and our level of safety online.
    So with that being said, please visit Single Successful CEO I’m actively looking so if you happen to have an eligible bachelor in mind or suggestions feel free to contact me directly at Grazie mille, Linsey A. Daman
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  1. 1. THE FUTURE OFONLINE DATINGPitch Night v.02The Refinement Club
  3. 3. THE LACK OF SERENDIPITYEmbracing randomnessOnline dating today is all aboutfinding the perfect match. When inreal life love actually embracesrandomness and is found in thestrangest places and between themost unlikely people.After all if you knew what the love ofyour life was, wouldnt you havefound it already?The Refinement Club
  4. 4. OFFLINE ENCOUNTERSLocation, location,locationThe traditional way to meet newpartners is in the wild. The streets,at the café, at work, in night clubs orin our neighborhoods.How can technology and onlinedating enhance the experience offinding a mating partner in the wild?The Refinement Club
  5. 5. LEVERAGING THESEMANTIC WEBMatching onlinepersonalitiesNow a days we live large parts of ourlives online. We snoop on ourfriends’ and would-be friends’Facebook profiles to learn moreabout them. And that’s just one site.Just think about the potential inmatching people using data from allour social profiles.Matching people based on theirevery day use of websites and socialnetworks is common sense in 2011.The Refinement Club
  6. 6. GUIDANCEWhat to say, wear or doWe all need guidance to reach ourfull potential in life. Also in dating.The dating sites is packed withresearch and data on what worksand what doesn’t work. It’s a shamenot to make use of all that data inthe name of love.The Refinement Club
  7. 7. THE EVOLUTION OF ONLINE DATING...The Refinement Club
  8. 8. LOOKING FOR...15 min to spare? Up for acoffee date?Your dating site should have amobile feature which knows who youmatch with, so if you want to grab acoffee or go see a movie you canpush out a message to all thematching people who are in yourarea at that time.The people who get the pushnotification/ sms will only see howcompatible you are, and possibly aprofile rating. If they accept that isall you will see as well. So itsbasically an automated blind datewhere its first come, first serve.The Refinement Club
  9. 9. CHATROULETTE + DATING SITERandom profile browsingBasically you have the chatroulettefunction paired with peoples datingprofile. You can go completelyrandom, or filter chatters byinterests etc.While you chat you have access tothe other persons profile, and whenyou get bored you can just click next.The datingroulette function registersyour chats, whove youve talked to,how long, who you reject and soforth. This filters who comes up inthe future.The Refinement Club
  10. 10. MATCH PRE-PARTYParty datingGoing on a date with someone youmet online can be a bit weird, muchbetter to go out with your friends andjust happen to meet someoneinteresting.That doesnt happen so often so wethink groups of friends should beable to sign up together. Then theycan have pre-parties with othergroups of friends by web cam, havesome fun and meet up at a bar.If they like each other, they canalways have an after-party as well. The Refinement Club
  11. 11. LEFT OVERSFor people with humorand zero illusionsAn app for when your date wentbadly or youre just plain desperate.With a geo-location app you canannounce that youre available forpeople nearby.A nice add on feature is the SundayNo-Strings, for the times when allyou want is someone to watch amovie with when youre hungover,and maybe cuddle a bit.The Refinement Club
  12. 12. MARKET APPFind the right place withthe perfect matchThis app brings the information fromyour dating service out with youwhen your going out.You can get an overview of the"market" before you go somewhere,and see how many potentials thereare at a bar compared to how manycompetitors you have.When you check in, other peoplewho use the app will get access toyour information.The Refinement Club
  14. 14. ARRANGED BY:‣ Benedikte Kluge‣ Gro Larsson‣ Johannes Rummelhoff‣ Cyan :studioThanks to all the participants!The Refinement Club
  15. 15. GET IN TOUCH ON Refinement Club