Connecting Generations


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Ideas and concepts on how to facilitate the exchange of experience, skills and thoughts across generations?

Ideas conceived during Mass-Refinement v.03

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Connecting Generations

  1. 1. CONNECTINGGENERATIONS#MassRefinement 03The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  2. 2. Exchange of experienceYoung people don’t know how to do alot of things that older people take forgranted, and old people haveproblems keeping up with thedevelopment of technology andemerging trends.A lack of mentors. Why don’t we takeadvantage of older people’s life-experience? To learn from otherpeople’s mistakes is valuable.Younger people would greatly benefitfrom contact with older individualsthat have been where they want to go.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  3. 3. How can we facilitate the exchange of experience, skills and thoughts across generations?The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  4. 4. KEY INSIGHTS‣ Gathering It’s often nice to have a place to go and hang out and meet new people. This could be a bar, a coffee shop, a club or what not.‣ Sharing People like to share. Share their stories, knowledge and experience. Sharing also ties people together and makes stronger human connections.‣ Context It’s easier to form connections when there’s a specific circumstance that forms the setting for an event or gathering.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  5. 5. SKILLS AROUNDConnecting knowledgeWhen you’re retired you’reprobably one of the mostknowledgeable people within yourfield. This knowledge could beuseful for a lot of people lackingthe experience and wisdomobtained by you. Why not make asystem that facilitates knowledgesharing and makes it easy foryoungsters to drink from thewisdom of the retired population?This could work in many differentways and the next slideelaborates one possible solution.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  6. 6. ACTIVITY CENTERMaking room for people to meet across generationsthrough activities, learning and food.Come eat and hang out, or participate in courses/ classes arrangedeither by seniors or juniors in different activities.The center will provide space and equipment where old and young canboth be "teacher" and "students" in practical skills. Like withincarpenting, textile crafts or computers. This can be organized throughthe day centers connected to retirement homes, but also as anelective at high schools, giving the program a trustworthy validation.Over time it would be great if relationships could form, and activitiesbe organized outside of the center. E.g a retired carpenter could guidea young person who is renovating an apartment for the first time etc.Traditional activity centers are organized on thebasis of age, but now we organize based on interests.Its not a place to kill time, but to live.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  7. 7. THE BARN RAISINGFix up your neighborhood with a good old-fashionedcollaborative spirit.An annual fund is awarded to those who are interested in doingsomething positive for their neighborhood. You have to jointly workout what to do and how to do it. Let the young and old solvechallenges together. After the work is finished there’s food and drinksin a casual setting. This can hopefully be a venue where one can learnfrom each other and create new relationships.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  8. 8. THE PATRONAGE COLLECTIVEGet your projects going with some help fromsomeone with more money than time.Let childless seniors, who have more money than time left to spend it,meet young people who need capital to execute their projects. Eg.within art, science, technology, etc.WebsiteThe young pitch their ideas to the old through video, drawings, etc.The potential patrons can choose what kind of projects they areinterested in and who they will support.PurposeA lot of seniors without family testament their money to organizations.By joining the Patronage Collective they can see their money be put togood use and enjoy the results. They can give young peopleopportunities they never got themselves when they were young.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  9. 9. RANDOM IDEAS‣ Soup kitchen avec Imagine walking home hungry, stop by for dinner and just meet folks all ages ready to talk to you. Share a meal! Food for thought.‣ The internet paper Print monthly questions from a forum where young people can wonder and old people can answer the way they’re used to.‣ Flat sharing Elders and youngsters living as flatmates.‣ Senior Hotline Old people like to talk on the phone, young people need someone who can listen and advice them. Phone service as a means to activate lonely people. Call to ask for help with e.g. crafts and cooking, or just to chat.The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
  11. 11. FACILITATED BY:‣ Benedikte Kluge‣ Gro Larsson‣ Johannes Rummelhoff‣ Cyan :studioThanks to all the participants!The Refinement ClubMating Ideas
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