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Allison Ausband, Delta at #RLTM NY 11

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Allison Ausband, Delta at #RLTM NY 11

  1. 1. @DeltaAssist Innovative Customer Support in the Digital Realm
  2. 2. 06/09/11 The Need to Jump In… They use social media to find solutions . Customers expect us to be present ... .. Helping when we can . Delta customers are savvy .
  3. 3. Why Twitter for Customer Support? Real-time conversation means real-time response ?
  4. 4. The Solution - @DeltaAssist <ul><li>Pilot program launched May 2010… </li></ul><ul><ul><li>… directing consumers to other solutions was a good start, but wasn ’t enough. </li></ul></ul>Realtime NY 11 | June 6, 2011 | New York
  5. 5. Phase 2: Expanding Real-time support Reservations agents empowered to handle customer issues directly 24/7.
  6. 6. The Results Delta achieved highest share of voice among competitors in 2010 Overwhelming positive feedback Customer Sentiment in Social Media improved 7% Nearly 90,000 mentions of @DeltaAssist on Twitter Nearly 60,000 Outbound Tweets and DMs from @DeltaAssist
  7. 7. The Results “ Big thanks to @Deltaassist for tangible response after crappy travel situation. missed daughter's Christmas party but @delta made it right.” “ Thanks to the social media team @Delta (DeltaAssist!) for renewing my faith in customer service!” “ Put comment on twitter. Quick reply. Quick research & answer. @DeltaAssist one of the best customer service experience ever #delta @Delta”
  8. 8. Helping Real Customers Customer : Frustrated. Itinerary for a flight randomly changed, giving me an extra layover and an earlier departure time. Can @DeltaAssist help @DeltaAssist: Sometimes changes are unavoidable; but that doesn't mean we can't check for different flights. Pls DM ticket number and specifics. ^BH Customer: Thank you! Ticket No: XXXXXX-XX Trying to cut down the return legs, if possible @DeltaAssist: I have DL flt 4952 depart PIT at 5:48 p.m arrives MEM at 6:47 p.m.. DL 6320 connection MEM at 7:39 p.m. arrives STL at 8:55 p.m.. Will this do? ^BH Customer: That would be great! Big thanks to @DeltaAssist for great customer service! Resolved my flight issue via DM, shorter route, better flight times. Thank you!
  9. 9. Connecting Offline and Online (1:18pm) Customer : Dear @delta your agents have all left the counter at MSY. two ladies left citing &quot;shift change&quot; counter is unmanned. Outrageous. (1:21pm) @DeltaAssist: I apologize for this matter. Please follow/DM @DeltaAssist for assistance.  ^LH (1:27pm) ACS TwitterWatch email sent to MSY station management (1:40pm) MSY station management speak with customer and apologize for the issue (2:39pm) Customer: @DeltaAssist thanks - I appreciate the follow up. Very nice after a long week on the road. (2:44pm)@DeltaAssist: Not a problem. You're more than welcome. ^LH Image Tweeted
  10. 10. Continued Innovation in Social Media
  11. 11. @DeltaAssist Innovative Customer Support in the Digital Realm

Editor's Notes

  • Ongoing, 24/7 conversation! A public and transparent means of finding solutions Quick feedback loop from customer to company Array of conversation to draw reactions, reputation, sentiment, and feedback Scale of issues is timely and identifiable Not participating is no longer an option
  • Engage with customers in a meaningful way “ Humanize” our online presence Originally staffed with 4 customer service agents, M-F 8-10 Et. Direct consumers to other resources. Pilot Study Findings: Listening is key! Our consumers had ideas on how to improve the service answering tweets and directing consumers to other solutions wasn ’t enough.
  • Phase 2: Transitioning to Reservations Agents who can Resolve Issues Empowered 12 reservations agents providing 24/7 assistance Provide help in real-time without routing customers to other channels @DeltaAssist agents are housed with the social media marketing and communications teams, creating an environment geared for instant feedback and response. Agents often notify other teams about issues first. Expanded assist services to online bookings and post/current travel questions On the fly rebooking assistance for travel disruptions Complaint resolution
  • In the social sphere, DL has a larger share of voice than our competitors (need quote); more people talk about us than our competitors. Customer sentiment in social media improved 7% between June-December Overall sentiment for the brand improved 4% in 6 months. In just 8 months, @DeltaAssist grew from 0 to over 12,000 followers and released more than 16,000 support tweets. @Delta reached 100K followers – over 6 times the number since @DeltaAssist started.
  • Real tweets from customers.
  • Twitter Watch example. Customer was assisted in real-time.
  • We want to spur interaction with our customers and demonstrate our proof points of how we ’re working to make flying better. Use customer insights from the modules to continue to improve travel and to inform us on things they care most about Expansion to Facebook Assist Facebook Ticket Counter Integrate with “in the field” and “on the ground” resource