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How To Maximise Your Health in The 21st Century


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Burn Fat, Gain Energy and Transform Your Health in Less Time.

World leader in Health; Dr. Isaac Jones presents his fantastic new book for free on SlideShare for a limited period of time, to celebrate it's launch.

Once you have enjoyed reading each and every word of Isaac's life-changing content, please join us at where you can get your hands on your very own 7 Day Health Maximisation Guide for FREE.


  • I've read a lot of content on how to burn fat and looked at different weight loss programs, Isaac's is great because it doesn't try to sell you some pill, loition or poition in order to lose the pounds. Just solid advice. Thanks for making this content free; I've downloaded my copy before it goes...
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How To Maximise Your Health in The 21st Century

  1. 1. © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. How to Maximize Your st Health in the 21 CenturySave Money, Look Sexy, Maximize Your Health, andLearn the 3 Things You Must Do to Prevent Disease and Decrease Aging Written By: Dr. Isaac H. Jones Edited By: The Designer Health Centers Team This Document is New Health Model Approved! © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READThe statements made in this book have not been evaluated by the Food and DrugAdministration and represent the professional opinion(s) of the author. The purpose of thisbook is not to act as a personal physician to any reader and is not meant to directly or indirectlydiagnose disease, dispense medical advice, or prescribe the use of any products or services astreatment for sickness or disease. This information is for educational purposes only. You shouldalways cooperate with a licensed health professional of your choice with the goal of creatingoptimal health. Please consult your physician prior to implementing any of the strategiesmentioned in this book or starting any diet or exercise program—especially if you are pregnantor nursing. Any application or use of the information, resources, or recommendations containedin this book is at your own risk.We dont intend to treat or diagnose as we believe that the only way to gain true health isthrough removing the interferences in the body; therefore your body can heal itself. Doctormeans "teacher" in Latin, and thats what we intend to do in order for you to maximize yourown experiences. The Designer Health Centers (DHC) website contents, educational materials,programs, lab work and consultations are for educational purposes only. If you choose to takeaction as a result of any of the aforementioned, you take sole responsibility for making thedecision to do so.Testimonials Notice:Due to FTC regulation of content distributed over the internet, we have chosen not to add thepowerful testimonials and case studies of patients around the world that have overcome amyriad of chronic conditions and disease. These patients were committed to implementingbehavioral changes and lifestyle strategies that support removing interferences and creatinglasting results. Based upon the content within this book you can only imagine what wevebeen able to help people overcome. If you choose to engage in the Designer Health Centersculture, we would be happy to give you the names and numbers of the patients or what wecall "Health Participants" that have had such incredible results that they want to share theirstory. Weve been able to help thousands of people maximize their health through addressingwhat we believe is the cause. While we have seen many miracles, we believe that the realmiracle is to never get sick in the first place. No matter where you are in the spectrum ofdisease formation, Ive written this book to help maximize and transform your health! © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. The Future of Healthcare "This is the ultimate guide to understanding the future of healthcare. These strategies have literally transformed my health and life." - Steve Linder, Founder of SRI Training This document may be the beginning of learning how to maximize your life experience andlive the life of your dreams. Through applying what is written throughout this book, you could:  Increase your ability to focus and perform  Increase your energy, peace and vitality  Begin addressing major underlying causes of disease  Learn top fat loss strategies  Learn major causes of cancer, heart disease and diabetes  Learn major underlying causes of ADHD, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis , ALS and more  Understand the 21st century disease epidemic and what to do about it  Maximize sexual performance and sensations  Learn the 4 steps that anyone needs to take to transform their health If we don’t have our health, we have nothing. What good is your money without health?What good are you to your business, mission or family if you don’t have your health? Poorhealth doesn’t just bring diseases and disorders. It steals quality experiences away from you,your family, friends, and grandchildren. What is possible if you had optimal health? Would yoube more confident and essentially be more attractive? Could you make more money? Wouldyour relationships be maximized? Could you experience more joy and have more peace? Do yourealize that by implementing certain health strategies you might be able to overcome diseasesthat you are genetically susceptible to? What other levels of health could you have that you’renot even aware exist? Beyond “feeling okay” could you feel more energy and vitality? Could youoptimize nervous system and immune function? Could you experience life like you’ve neverexperienced it before? © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. The evident answer is that true health can bring all of these things and more. Healthoptimization is what I teach and it’s what I’ve dedicated my life to. I want to show you how tohave increased levels of energy and vitality. I want to show you major strategies to overcomeand prevent disease. I want to show you what the 3 major interferences are that can blockhealing in your body. I want to show you simple health strategies to implement into youreveryday life. I want to show the successful entrepreneur, busy executive, and the moms thathave too much to do how to easily integrate high-energy health strategies into their lives. Butfirst we must ask these fundamental questions. What is health? What interferes with it? Do Ihave disease developing silently in by body right now? What model of health care makes senseto live in? Just before we get into this report, I would like to have the opportunity to tell you a little bitabout myself and why I have authority to teach in this arena. At a relatively young age I wasdiagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. I couldn’t focus in class, and had to take my tests in specialneeds in order to have enough time to finish. Doctors prescribed several different types ofmedications, but side effects only made matters worse. Back at home my mom was on anti-depressants and my dad was on high blood pressure medications and at high risk of a heartattack. Both of my parents were several pounds overweight. We were a happy family but didn’t know the potential that existed for our health and ourlives. The traditional medical model wasn’t helping us reclaim our health. In fact, it wasworsening our conditions. Eventually, my mother took me to a chiropractor and a naturopath after exhausting ouroptions with the traditional medical community. The chiropractor and naturopath literallytransformed my life forever and introduced me to learning advanced health strategies. Within amatter of a few months I was out of special needs, my acne cleared up and my ability to focussky rocketed. I overcame ADHD and Dyslexia and started to realize that I wasn’t “broken”, but Ihad many gifts, talents and abilities. I started to get “A”’s in classes and the oddly enough I waseven the first one to finish many of the tests! The health strategies introduced from thechiropractor and naturopath, along with the improved grades that I was earning, made such amassive impact in my life that I decided to become a doctor with a focus on understanding © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. underlying causes of disease. Upon graduating from high school I went to the most prestigious health and wellnessuniversity in the world- Life University.While in university I learned from thetop health experts from Harvard andStanford that often visited the schoolfor seminars and lectures. I receivedadvanced certifications in 21st centuryintracellular detoxification and bio-nutrition, nervous system balancingand spinal correction and learnedthings that I could have neverimagined. I even received aninternational academic scholarship! After I learned these things Icreated a system. The first to benefitwere my parents. My mom overcamedepression and my dad overcamemajor risk factors for heart disease.They are both now healthier than ever and have been medication free for years. My parents arein the picture above on the cover of a local magazine, Mature Living. The man in the picture isthe chiropractor that I recommended for them while I was in school. I graduated with honors from Life University with a doctorate in Chiropractic. Aftergraduating I went on to work for one of the largest health centers in the world in Orlando,Florida. At the health center, I built an internationally recognized Bio-Nutrition andDetoxification Program that impacted thousands of patients each week. I was able to createsystems from what I learned from the top health experts in the world to help virtually anybodyin any situation. If you have a pulse and you’re still breathing then you have the potential toheal. I focused on removing major interferences within the body to trigger its own natural © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. healing powers. The result is optimal health. Because of the success of the program I had the opportunity to educate doctors all overAmerica on how to implement true health strategies into their practice. I recently redirected myfocus to invest 100% of my time on teaching this information to you. Currently I’m traveling theworld speaking internationally, writing books, creating wellness programs and launching anonline health center that will transform the health of people worldwide. I am already workingwith the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia and major health organizations in North America andEurope. This is the beginning of a health revolution! Reality I am writing this book with great emotion as I learned of another person close to me whosemother just passed away from cancer. As a doctor, people have often shared personal stories ofloved ones that have lost the battle to some sickness or disease. We all hear the statistics, butsometimes it doesn’t truly hit home until someone close to us dies. Here are the staggeringstatistics: • 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their life time1 • 1 in 2 men will do the same1 • Cancer is claiming 1 in 3 lives1 • More than 1 in 2 people will develop one or more forms of cardiovascular disease2 • 1 in 2 people will die from cardiovascular disease • 1 in 3 people will develop diabetes within the years to come3 • Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide. A stroke typically affects your life forever if you survive and is caused by the same underlying factors that trigger heart disease (i.e. stroke = "heart attack" of the brain) 4In 2010, the United States spent 12% GDP or $2.7 trillion on disease care. In light of this fact, arewe any healthier since the year 2000? The statistics dont lie: • 1 in 10,000 children were diagnosed with Autism ten years ago… in 2010 1 in 110 © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. children in the U.S. were diagnosed5 • In the UK it’s even worse with numbers as high as 1 in 58 children diagnosed with Autism6 • ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette syndrome and OCD are increasing at the same rate7 • 1 in 6 five or six-year-olds will be diagnosed with some type of neurological disorder that affects the ability to learn and socially interact8 • Upon autopsy of children who had passed away in car accidents examiners found up to 90% occlusion of their arteries. This means that those children were developing heart disease under the age of 10!9 • 1 in 2 children born after the year 2002 will develop diabetes10Between the years of 1975-200511: • Thyroid cancer has increased by 116% • Testicular cancer has increased by 60% • Acute Childhood leukemia has increased by 82% • Non-Hodgkins lymphocytic leukemia has increased by 67% • Childhood brain cancer has increased by 39% • Post-menopausal breast cancer has increased by 22% And unfortunately the list goes on. With the multi-trillion dollar “healthcare” industryfocused on treating the effects or symptoms of disease, the numbers will continue to skyrocket.Why hasn’t the healthcare industry changed its approach? One reason could be that massiveresidual income streams are created from a positive feedback loop of sickness and disease asmore people are focused on treating symptoms instead of seeking to understand the root cause.This creates artificial health in that people assume that they are healthy because they don’thave any perceived symptoms. While medications may be good in emergency situations, mostof the time they elicit fake results. This is why the motto at Designer Health Centers is “TrueHealth. Real Results.” A perfect example of understanding the concept of artificial health points to heart attacks.In the medical community, high cholesterol is a “key indicator” of a person’s risk for heart © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. disease. Most health professionals monitor cholesterol and prescribe cholesterol loweringmedications in an attempt to reduce the risk of heart attack. Isn’t it surprising then, that up to50% of people that have had heart attacks had low cholesterol not high?12 Propaganda via non-for-profit organizations that are funded by pharmaceutical companiescontinues to pull at the emotional heartstrings of the western world. They do this throughpainting a completely different picture of reality by telling people that “the numbers are goingdown” and “we’re winning the war on (insert disease).” They persuade people to give moremoney to fund “symptom research” versus “prevention” and “cause” research perpetuating thispositive feedback loop. The question is, who’s going to stand in the gap? Your children andgrandchildren are counting on us. Someone has to make a difference and that’s why thereneeds to be a health revolution. By now you probably understand that we are living in a time unlike any other in the historyof mankind. There is more disease than we have ever seen and this is truly the new epidemic.But there has to be a solution. You deserve to know what the research is saying about the causeof many 21st century health problems and what can be done about the conditions that areplaguing society today. But, first we need to understand how we have found ourselves in thissituation in the first place. Models of Health “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein First we must address the fundamental issues of the two models of health care. There isnothing more devastating than having a false belief and receiving false information about thesource of health and illness. False beliefs about the source of illness and health have causedmore death and suffering than all human wars combined. There is nothing more important thanlearning the truth about the origin of health and disease. © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. There are two models of health care. There is the Models of Healthcarereactive Traditional Medical Model (TMM) and the The Traditional Medical Modelproactive New Health Model (NHM). The TMM focuses on (TMM) overview:mechanistically treating symptoms and disease with two  Focuses on the effectprimary tools: drugs and surgery. One word that describes (symptoms) - $$$$$the TMM is “effect” as most health professionals are  Tools are drugs and surgery  Enforce the belief that healingtreating the effect of the cause of disease. Treating the comes from a pill, lotion oreffects of problems never creates a solution. Symptoms potionare your body’s “cry” for help. They are signals that you  Research focuses on effect and temporary reliefare sick and need to make changes. What happens if you  Don’t question the doctor orsilence the smoke alarm over your bed at night? Does that the system  Relies on insurance for “healthget rid of the fire in the basement? care” - $$$$$  Wait to get sick before taking The reality is that focusing on treating symptoms control of your healthcreates more sick people. To exemplify the flaws in this  All chronic disease is genetictype of thinking consider a recent study in The New The New Health Model (NHM)England Journal of Medicine. In 18,000 premenopausal overview:breast cancer patients (breast cancer is one of the worst  Focuses on the cause andtypes of cancer), investigators found that treating the bone health creation - $  Tools are lifestyle andreduced the recurrence of cancer by 35%.13 In this study behavioral change andtreating the bones affected the breast. This study provides detoxification  Healing comes from withinsound evidence that when you change the soil the seed  Rely on evidenced baseddoesn’t grow as well. If you change the system you can strategies that get to the roothave a marked affect on cancer. cause  Empower yourself through asking questions and education We need to start looking at disease prevention and  Relies on insurance fortreatment holistically. The very foundation of the TMM is emergencies and focuses onflawed and sooner than later will cave in. The NHM true prevention - $  Stop disease from forming infocuses holistically on prevention, behavioral change and the first place throughaddressing the causes of disease formation. One word that behavioral change  Chronic diseases are lifestyledescribes the NHM is “cause” as we are focusing on and environmentally inducedreducing and removing the interferences within body (genes <10%) © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. systems that enable disease formation and decrease quality of life. Assume your body is a can and disease is a fly. When does the fly come around? When thecan is full of garbage! Getting rid of the flies still doesn’t get rid of the garbage. Sooner than laterthe flies will return. We need to remove the garbage and address the cause. And unlike theTMM where the typical approach is “one size fits all”, the NHM creates a health programcustomized to each individual. Doctors such as Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Naturopaths have operated under theumbrella of both the TMM and the NHM. Unfortunately, over 95% of doctors focus onsymptomatic care, whether it’s a Chiropractor adjusting for “pain removal”, or a medical doctoror naturopath giving a medication or supplement to treat symptoms. Many of these physiciansare very bright and it’s not their fault for practicing this way, as their education has whollyfocused on effect. NHM doctors still address the symptoms within the context of addressing thecause, with the goal of removing symptoms permanently. Designer Health Centers is thegateway to living in the NHM. This is the future of healthcare, and you can have this today. “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his or her patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”—Thomas A. Edison What Is The Underlying Cause? So, what are some of the major underlying causes of disease today? What is the researchsaying about this and why aren’t we changing our approach? According to some of the topresearch institutes in the world such as Harvard, University of Chicago, University of Washingtonand many others there is strong evidence that inflammation is a major underlying cause ofdisease. There have been over 100,000 research articles published on inflammation in the last 5years. Look at what some of the top researchers have done in regard to this research:  Walter Willet, M.D., department head of nutrition at Harvard Medical School and author of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating, has created a diet that focuses on decreasing inflammation (when you sign up at © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. you can get the top 21st Century anti-inflammatory nutrition and lifestyle plan for free).  Martin L. Pall, PhD., Professor of Biochemistry and Medical Sciences at Washington State University, recently wrote a scientific review entitled “Explaining Unexplained Illnesses” which strongly links inflammation to many of the today’s diseases and chronic conditions.  Dr. Russell Tracy, Professor of Pathology and Biochemistry at the University of Vermont Collage of Medicine says, “Inflammatory factors predict virtually all bad outcomes in humans.”  Dr. Berry Sears, Former Research Scientist at Boston University School of Medicine and MIT says, “Inflammation is the underlying cause of disease”.The list goes on and on. In Discover: The New Science of Note to the LadiesHealth, the opinions of top researchers from around theworld are summarized below: Wrinkling of the skin is caused by inflammation both inside “Inflammation seems to underlie not just senescence and outside of the cells of the body. To optimize the look, feel (wrinkling, degeneration and deterioration with age) and elasticity of the skin, one but all chronic illness[es] that often come along with must remove the very things it: diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and other that cause the skin to age. One neurological conditions, heart disease, cognitive must address the underlying function decline, premature aging, and even causes of inflammation to cancer…14 optimize skin health. To maximize the look and vitality of your skin follow the 4 essential steps at the bottom of Inflammation of the brain and nerve cells has been linked the report after learning whatto autism, ADHD and many other childhood learning causes inflammation.disabilities.15,16 Chronic inflammation is also one of the majorunderlying causes of neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.17,18,19 If inflammation has been so strongly linked to all of these diseases and disorders of the 21stcentury, we have to ask the next logical question: what causes inflammation? Before we addressthis question, it is essential to understand the definition of health. © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. Define Health Then Will You? Sadly, most people think they are healthy because they “feel” healthy. However, manyare numb to the full life experiences that exist for them in heightened levels of energy andvitality that exist when they apply advanced health strategies and prevent disease. If true healthis one of your major goals then wouldn’t it be a good idea to know what the definition of healthis? Understanding the definition of health gives us a goal in which to aim. Why travelsomewhere without knowing what the destination is? Unfortunately, if you were to ask mostphysicians they wouldn’t have a clear answer for Interesting Factyou. Many would say that health is the absence of Jim Fixx (1932-1984) is the man thatdisease. Imagine if your goal is to fly from London made popularized the sport of running. He was a vegetarian and anto New York and you asked your pilot if they knew organic food advocate. He droppedwhere the destination was and they said, “It’s not dead of a heart attack at age of 52 dueLondon.” Would it be good to let that individual to inflammation. This is clear evidence that simply eating well and exercising“guide” you to New York? Of course not! And yet is not enough.most doctors and individuals would define healthas “the absence of disease” or in other words, “feeling good”. This is an extremely dangerousapproach to health care. Big Pharma would define health as, “the absence of symptoms by usingour drugs”. So the question is, what is the definition of health? According to the World HealthOrganization the definition of health is as follows: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Get this. Health is an innate, natural phenomenon. Being healthy is normal, it is whatyou are genetically programmed to express! Health is holistic. It’s not just exercising or eatingthe right foods. I’ve worked with hundreds of patients that were vegetarians eating organic © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. foods and they were dying from diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. One of myclose relatives is a prime example. He’s been a vegetarian for 40 years eating nothing but rawveggies and fruit, and yet he still developed a serious form of cancer. The medical communityoften links diseases like cancer to “bad genetics.” You’ll soon find out that your genes do notplay the biggest role in disease formation at all. If true health is our destination, how do we get there? And how do we remove theobstacles or interferences that make it difficult to optimize health? There are 12 majorcomponents of your life that need to be addressed to maximize your health. I address thesecomponents in the Designer Health Centers Healthy Lifestyle Design Program. It’s far toocomprehensive and advanced to talk about in this document, so for now let’s focus on what themajor interferences are. What Causes Inflammation? Do you want to understand the most advanced fat-loss strategies, and how to look and feelyour best? Then this next section is for you. All illness is based on adaptation to stressors from apathological environment and inflammation is caused by 3 major components. The first isToxicities, the second is Deficiencies and the third is our Psychology. Toxicities causeinflammation and are associated with almost all disease states known to man, including geneticdisease. Toxicities are due to four major components: What Causes 1. The environment Inflammation 2. Heavy Metals 1. Toxicities 3. Bio-toxins 2. Deficiencies 4. Physical Trauma 3. Psychology Nutrient deficiencies cause inflammation and are associated with every disease state knownto man. Deficiencies can be broken down into 4 major categories as well. These deficiencies areas follows: © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. 1. Nerve supply 2. Oxygen 3. Water 4. MicroNutrients: a. Antioxidants e. Electrolytes b. Vitamins f. Carbohydrates c. Minerals g. Fatty Acids d. Amino Acids h. Metabolites Our psychology affects our view of reality and the way we interpret the world. It dictateshow emotional we are, the quality of relationships we have and it has a massive impact on ourphysical health. Our psychology is created through the synthesis or lack of synthesis of thesefollowing five categories: 1. Spiritual Life 2. Social Influences 3. Upbringing 4. Culture 5. Past ExperiencesWith that being said, the 3 essentials of the New Health Model (NHM) are as follows: 1. Create Purity (through removing toxicities) 2. Optimize Nutrients (through removing deficiencies) 3. Maximize Relationships (through mastering your psychology)Let’s briefly break these down shall we? © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  16. 16. Create Purity Pre-frame: These truths can be very tough to read through. In the forefront I want you toknow there are solutions for addressing each toxicity as addressed below. Please don’t turn intoa hypochondriac.  The first essential of the NHM is to create purity. Why should this be one of our goals?The reality is that toxicity causes inflammation, which leads to disease. So what are these toxinsand what can we do about them? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), since WWII approximately80,000 chemicals have been introduced into the market place. Not one was tested for toxicologybefore 1976.20 Less then 10% of these chemicals have been at least partially evaluated forsafety. None have been properly studied for their effects on the human immune, nervous,endocrine and reproductive systems.21These chemicals are affecting every area of our lives. Infact, recently published studies are showing that one third of the population has multiplechemical sensitivities.22 Additionally, according to the National Cancer Institute 75% of allcancers are linked to chemical exposures in the environment. The problem is that thesechemicals don’t just leave our body, they bio-accumulate or stockpile inside wreaking havoc onbodily systems over time. Chemical toxicity has become so pervasive that studies have shownthat toxins are actually bio-accumulating within a mother’s womb and are transferred to unbornfetuses. To further shed light on this fact, The Environmental Working Group found 232 toxinsand chemicals in the umbilical cord of 10 newborn babies. Many of these chemicals causecancer, cognitive and behavioral impairments, endocrine system disruptions, reproductive andcardiovascular system abnormalities, diabetes, asthma and obesity.23 So where do we get thesetoxins from anyway?Plastic Bisphenol A or BPA and phthalates are found in plastics that touch our food and water.These substances mimic hormones that cause major endocrine problems especially in children.BPA is also found in almost every canned food tested by consumer reports.24 These toxins are © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  17. 17. found in personal care products, cosmetics, children’s toys and water pipes. Plastics causeinflammation and hormone dysregulation and they are wreaking havoc on our bodies. Using glass containers is best for storing food and drinking water. Investing in glassstorage containers such as Pyrex or mason jars will help decrease your exposure to plastics andthe harmful chemicals that they contain.Personal Care Products Many ingredients in our “natural” and conventional personal care products are toxic andcause inflammation. A recent study of U.K. women found that women wear on average 515chemicals from their cosmetics and personal care products daily.25 Most of our personal careproducts have over 125 man-made ingredients that are suspected of carcinogenic activity.26Several substances found in these products, such as toluene are already known carcinogens.27These chemicals bio-accumulate in the organs and can cause kidney damage, liverabnormalities, skin cell growth inhibition, damaged cell membranes, rashes, respiratory damage,along with immune and nervous system depression.28Home Toxins off gas from our mattresses, computers, T.V.s, flooring and many other areas ofour homes. Flame-retardants found in mattresses, computers, pillows, vehicles, appliances andT.V.s are harmful and can be detected in almost anyone that lives in the western world. Thesetoxins also bio-accumulate in our bodies and in women they can be transferred to babies inbreast milk.29 They cause health problems that disrupt hormones, neurology, and the liver. 30 “The air in our enclosed homes is two to five times more polluted than outside from the off gassing of toxic beauty products, cleaners, atomizers, deodorants, new carpets & paints (and cars), pesticides and herbicides... that are making us sick. For example, despite mainly eating organic for the last 16 years, along with living in the mountains, I still had elevated cancer cells.” - Dr. Sanjay Gupta M.D., Surgeon General to President Obama © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  18. 18. Heavy Metals Heavy metals cause high levels of inflammation. We get mercury from amalgam fillings, fish,vaccinations and high fructose corn syrup.31 According to Professor Boyd Haley Ph.D. and theformer department head of Biochemistry at the University of Kentucky, mercury is the secondmost toxic substance on earth. Mercury causes death to nerve cells found in the brain andthroughout the body.32 There are many diseases and debilitating health conditions that heavymetals have been strongly correlated to. A few are listed below: 1. Chronic Fatigue 6. Leaky Gut Syndrome 2. Fibromyalgia 7. Insomnia 3. Alzheimer’s 8. Multiple Sclerosis 4. Arthritis 9. Infertility 5. Learning Disabilities 10. ALS Studies have also shown that thimerosal, a mercury preservative found in vaccines, is tightlylinked to the development of autism.33 Metals toxicity also leads to nutrient deficiencies.34 Forexample, if you have mercury toxicity not only does it cause immune suppression, autoimmunedisorders, and immune deregulation, but it alsocauses glutathione, zinc, selenium and vitamin E Fat-loss Tip!deficiencies.35 The most advanced fat loss strategies are found in addressing toxins that block and As people age their bones release stored lead, damage the hypothalamus and thyroid from functioning properly. Toxins such asanother harmful metal, leading to heart disease, heavy metals block receptor sites onhigh blood pressure and stroke.36 That means the these glands and it can cause weight-loss resistance. Leptin, which is the hormoneexposures you could have had when you were a that tells your body to burn fat, can’t bechild may not seriously affect you until after the age “heard” by the hypothalamus because of inflammation from these toxins. Thisof 50. 37 leads to weight-loss resistance. This is why many people can eat healthy and Heavy metals such as mercury also bio- exercise and yet they still can’t loseaccumulate in the fetus38 and many vaccines still weight!contain toxic levels of mercury, aluminum andformaldehyde. One vaccination given to a six-pound new born is the equivalent of giving anadult that weighs 180-pounds 30 vaccinations in the same day!39 © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  19. 19. When heavy metals combine in the body it creates a synergistic toxic and damaging effect.In one study investigators gave hundreds of rats a concentration of mercury designed to kill lessthan 1% of the rats. They did the same for lead. One would assume that adding the lead andmercury in concentrations of 1% plus 1% would equal 2% dead rats, correct? This is not the casewith heavy metals. When you combined the individual concentrations of lead and mercury to kill1% of rats together, it killed 100% of the rats!40 Similar results have been recorded in humans inAustralia.41 Furthermore, most people in this world have dangerous exposures to these toxinsthat stockpile inside of the body. This is a primary reason why we test for over 20 toxic metals atDesigner Health Centers.Biotoxins Biotoxins are living toxins within your body. Some invade the body while others are“opportunistic” (which means, given the right environment they will grow out of control). Thereare thousands of forms of biotoxins such as fungus, mold and parasites. These bio-toxins, whenfed in the body (processed sugars are theprimary food) give off potent toxins and Major Symptoms of Bio-Toxicity42neurotoxins called “mycotoxins”.  Allergies to Foods (due to leaky gut)Mycotoxins like cyclosporine, lactic acid,  Environmental Hypersensitivitiesand acetaldehyde are strongly linked to  Fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)  Malnutrition (decreased uptake ofcancer, high blood pressure, and major essential micronutrients)immune suppression.42  Neurological imbalances (depression, worsened PMS, headaches, etc.) Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D., and  Hypo or Hyperglycemia  Weight Gain (lean tissue) and weight-author of The Cure for All Disease says, loss (fat loss) problems“You must cleanse your body and make  Chronic infectionsyour body as unlivable for them as  Infertility  Chronic itching and skin irritationpossible. Parasites [another form of bio-  Impotencetoxins] are one of the most undiagnosed © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  20. 20. health challenges in the world.” There is a specific way to detox your body from toxins, but 2other essential factors must be addressed or you could cause chronic bio-toxic exposure. Iaddress the other 2 essentials in the Designer Health Centers Healthy Lifestyle Design Program. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 20million American workers are affected by toxic fungi related to “sick-building syndrome”. Oneout of every 6 children in America are exposed daily to related fungal toxins. These numbersdon’t even reflect the reality of what is going on.43 Twenty-four percent of the population isgenetically susceptible to mold as proven by HLA genotype tests. “If you don’t clean your house all kinds of small ‘guests’ come out of nowhere to take up residence with you. Similarly, when we create an unhealthy internal terrain it paves the way for unwanted, toxic guests. - Robert O. Young PhD., D.Sc. Dr. Robert O. Young goes to the extent to say that cancer is in fact caused by bio-toxinswithin the body. Bio-toxins release extreme levels of inflammatory agents. Most of us havecreated the perfect terrain for these bio-toxic, unwanted guests. It’s time that we kick theseguests out! This is such a big deal that in the Healthy Lifestyle Design Program, which focuses onbehavioral change and detoxification, we devote one full month to implementing the beststrategies for cleansing and removing bio-toxins. These techniques are designed to be usedperiodically throughout the rest of your life. Creating Purity: Summary Toxins are everywhere. There are also Interesting Facttoxins in our city water including chemicals suchas fluoride, chlorine and pharmaceuticals.44 Our Toxic exposures from heavy metals, bio-toxins and other environmentalcarpets off-gas formaldehyde, benzene, toluene toxins all lead to weight-lossand xylene, which are known to cause cancer, resistance and an inability to gain lean body tissue.neurological damage, and reproductive and brain © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  21. 21. development problems.45 Other sources of many of these toxic chemicals are pesticides,insecticides, herbicides, paint, cleaning products and insulation. 46,47 We haven’t even discussedthe disease-causing chemicals found in the air. Due to toxins, another epidemic, called weight-loss resistance is on the rise. For manypeople, no matter what they eat or how much they exercise, they still can’t seem to loseweight.48 Toxicity leads to a chronic release of stress hormones, which your genes have nodefense over. We are simply not built to adapt to elevated levels of inflammatory hormonesfrom our poor lifestyle choices and toxic exposures. This is why we need to change our lifestyleand implement customized and advanced detoxification strategies. This leads us into one of thelast major hurdles to address. What about our genes? Don’t they dictate every disease that wehave? What is the Genetics Role in the 21st Century Disease Epidemic? Organizations and pharmaceutical companies within the TMM spend billions ofadvertising dollars perpetuating a lie that most, if not all chronic illness stems from bad luck orfaulty genes. Haven’t you heard, “The reason why I have cancer is because it’s in my genes” as ifour genes are conspiring against mankind to take us out. Even beyond cancer, TMM contendsthat diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression are all mostly if not wholly geneticallyinduced. As individuals hold on to these false beliefs they enter into a state of victimizationbelieving that they have no power or responsibility in terms of their health and that the onlyoptions are drugs and surgery. Why not eat those deep fried donuts? You’re going to die ofcancer eventually anyway. Why not “live it up” in the mean time? This type of thinking not onlyfalsely absolves each person from taking control of their health, but it creates a false sense ofsecurity as individuals rely on prescription drugs, insurance companies and “healthcare system”to bail them out. All the while, money is flooding into the healthcare industry as prescriptions,treatments, surgeries and procedures increase rapidly to deal with an increasingly ill population. © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  22. 22. “Epigenetic changes represent a biological response to an environmental stressor that can be inherited through many generations via epigenetic marks. But if you remove the environmental pressure ‐ the epigenetic marks will eventually fade and the DNA code ‐ over time ‐ begin to revert to its original programming.” 49 --John Cloud, Why Your Genes Aren’t Your Destiny Chronic illness and the symptoms of chronic illness are not internal errors by yourgenes. Rather, they are states of physiological adaptation caused by errors in lifestyle choicesand/or exposure to environmental stressors. As mentioned before, we are innately andgenetically programmed to strive for health and balance. This is what defines life. Scientists from the Cytokine Research Laboratory and the University of Texas M.D.Anderson Cancer Center note the following in regard to chronic diseases, including cancers: “…studies with identical twins have suggested that genes are not the source of most chronic illnesses. For instance, the concordance between identical twins for breast cancer was found to be only 20%. Instead of our genes, our lifestyle and environment account for 90–95% of our most chronic illnesses…Only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90– 95% have their roots in the environment and lifestyle.” 50 So what has changed over the last 20 years? Is it our genes or our lifestyle choices andthus the expression of our genes? Have drugs and surgery appropriately removed toxins andrestored sufficient nutrients? What is the only logical and scientific solution to this 21st centurydisease epidemic--more drugs and surgery or a healthier lifestyle? The answers are self-evident.As discussed over the last few pages, toxins play a leading role in the formation of anenvironment that creates disease and so do nutrient deficiencies. This brings us to the secondessential of the New Health Model, optimizing nutrients. Optimizing Nutrients We live in a world where the soil is becoming more and more depleted of essential vitamins,minerals and micronutrients each year that passes. This isn’t just true of conventional foods, thisis sadly true of organic foods as well.51 For example, if you have a salad made up of mixedgreens, peppers, onions, tomatoes, olive oil and other veggies, it has 63% fewer nutrients than © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  23. 23. the same salad made 50 years ago. Additionally, a salad made today would contain residues ofpesticides and nitrates.52 According to the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK, the food we eat today has lostvaluable nutrient properties that are important for optimal cellular function. Nutrient depletionhas been recorded for the following substances: 76% depletion in copper, 49% sodium, 46%calcium, 27% iron and 16% potassium. That report was released in 1991.53 You can only imaginehow much worse it would be 20 years later. One out of three childhood deaths in this world are due to micronutrient deficiencies.54Almost 100% of premenopausal women in the U.S. are deficient in folate. Over 85% aredeficient in vitamin C, more than 50% are deficient in Vitamin E and more and more aredeficient in B vitamins along with many other micronutrients.55 What about people that supplement? More than 40% of people that supplement rigorouslywere still found deficient in essential micronutrients.56 Anyone taking medications or has takenmedications will most likely have essential nutrient deficiencies that can ironically lead todisease. For instance, if you take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) such as Asprin™ orAcetaminophen, you can deplete your levels of the most important master anti-oxidant in thebody called glutathione.57 58 Heavy Metals toxicity also depletes glutathione levels,59 so it’s nosurprise that over 80% of the population has glutathione depletion.60 Low glutathione levels arestrongly correlated to these diseases  Alzheimer’s Disease61  Stroke69  Autism62  HIV70  Cancer 63  Liver and Kidney Dysfunction71  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome64  Lung Disorders (IPF, Asthma,  Crohn’s Disease65 COPD)72  Cystic Fibrosis66  Wrinkling and Aging73  Diabetes67  Osteoporosis74  Heart Disease68  Parkinson’s Disease75  Alcoholism76 © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  24. 24. There is no anti-oxidant on earth that has a higher anti-oxidant score (ORAC score) thanglutathione. 77 For instance, blueberries have an ORAC score of 3000, dark chocolate has anORAC score of 13,000 and Acai berries a score of 18,000. Supplements that detox the body andraise glutathione have ORAC scores as high as 192,000! 78 Glutathione slows the aging processand reduces inflammation that leads to most all diseases.79 It also prevents neurologicaldiseases,80 detoxes the body from carcinogens and the intracellular environment,81, 82 andincreases athletic performance. 83 It also prevents cancer, heart disease and diabetes fromforming in the first place. 84 85 One of the world’s leaders in neurotoxicity, Dr. Dan Pompa, D.C. says, “High levels ofglutathione is the reason why you don’t develop cancer, heart disease and diabetes.”Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant that all other anti-oxidants depend on in order tofunction properly.86 Note that every micronutrient is essential for you to reach optimal health. Icould write a 400 page book on vitamin D, another book on vitamin E, another on healthy fats,etc. All are essential, like your arms and legs are essential, but glutathione is like the “brain” ofmicronutrients. Toxicity, especially heavy metals toxicity doesn’t just deplete the body ofglutathione but also other essential micronutrients. For instance, lead toxicity inhibits theformation of red blood cells in the bones and can cause impaired vitamin D metabolism andselenium deficiencies.87 That is why it’s essential to look at your body’s toxicity levels andnutrient deficiencies. At Designer Health Centers we send out labs to health participants all over the world. TheMicroNutrient Test is an essential test that measures the biochemical function of vitamins,minerals, amino acids and antioxidants including glutathione, providing a powerful clinicalassessment tool to customize your nutrition. “Because suboptimal nutrient status is associated with many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis, it is important for physicians to identify patients with poor nutrition and deficiencies.” - Journal of American Medical Association, June 2002 © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  25. 25. Deficiencies are caused by the lack of nutrients in our diet, taking medications and exposingourselves to other toxicities. Remember, the major deficiencies that lead to inflammation anddisease inhibit one or more of the following: 1. Nerve supply 2. Oxygen 3. Water 4. MicroNutrients: a. Antioxidants e. Electrolytes b. Vitamins f. Carbohydrates c. Minerals g. Fatty Acids d. Amino Acids h. Metabolite You can see that there are many factors that contribute to maximized health andaddressing the root cause of health problems. I want to disclose something that most peoplenever get the privilege of knowing--and that is the impact that nerve supply deficiencies have onyour health.Nerve Supply Deficiencies Physical trauma to your nervous system is toxic to your body because your nervoussystem controls every function in the body. For your heart to beat, your lungs to breath or for atumor to heal, the healing and regulating power flows from your brain down your spinal cord toall 75 trillion cells and 11 organ systems in your body. Your nervous system orchestrates thesynergistic electrical symphony of all the trillions of messages that are communicated everysecond to keep you alive. If the nerve going to your heart is clipped, your heart dies and you die.Because your brain and spinal cord are the most important organs in the body, they are fullyencased in bone known as your scull and spinal column. Your spinal column needs to be in proper alignment for your nervous system to functionat 100%. To have proper alignment you need 3 natural flowing curves. If your spine shifts out ofproper position it doesn’t “clip” the nerve but it puts damaging pressure on it and over time it © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  26. 26. can cause disease. Nobel Prize recipient and nuero-surgeon, Dr. A. Breig said, “A loss of cervicalcurve stretches the spinal cord 5-7 cm and causes disease.” If you have a loss of cervical curve, and most people do, then you most likely hold yourhead a bit in front of your body. This is known as forward head posture. For every inch offorward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10pounds.88 Most people in industrialized nations have major misalignments of the spine. I’vepersonally taken thousands of x-rays. Other then my x-ray and a few of my doctor friend’s x-rays, which are near perfect clinically, I see straight curves or reverse curves in the neck regionof most patients which is pathological. In conclusion, there are both chemical interferences andphysical interferences that are toxic to your health. But how does your spine shift out of properposition? Physical interferences from spinal misalignments are due to micro traumas such as sittingin front of a computer or desk all day, and from macro traumas such as car accidents, falls, orcollisions. This creates a misaligned skeletal and nervous system structure that over time leadsto disease.89 90 When your spine is out of its proper biomechanical position the communication frombrain to body decreases. Optimal oxygen levels to your body are decreased because your vitalcapacity, which is the amount of oxygen that fills your lungs, is dramatically reduced. Over time,spinal misalignment can cause your nerves to malfunction and even die. This severely inhibits,and will eventually prevent, communication from the brain to vital organs. This is analogous to ahose watering a garden. If there is a kink in the hose (like poor structure and posture of thespine) even if some water (nerve supply) still gets through, the plants (organs) will eventuallydie. Physiologist and Researcher I.M. Korr states, “When the motion of intervertebral (Spinal)joints is even slightly amiss, there will be autonomic effects, with resulting circulatory,metabolic, and visceral repercussions."91 Nobel Prize recipient for brain research Dr. RogerSperry said, “Ninety percent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by theproper movement (from proper alignment) of the spine. It would be analogous to a windmill © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  27. 27. generating electricity.” Nervous system damage due to improper spinal structure and function actually organizesdiseases. According to research published in The Journal of the American Medical Associationthe author, Freeman J.T. said, “Deviations in the body’s center of gravity causes poor posture,which results in intestinal problems, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, osteoporosis, hip and fooddeformities, poor health, decreased quality of life and a shortened life span.”92 When physical nerve pressure is left undetected and uncorrected, a law of Physics called“Wolf’s Law” sets in. The law states that improper posture causes degenerative changes that willbegin to occur and accelerate the aging process rapidly.93 This causes even more pressure on thenerves. Not only does forward head posture and misalignment cause herniations, arthritis(which is totally preventable94) and pinched nerves,95 but multiple studies performed byorganizations such as Johns Hopkins and the Geriatric Society have shown that the spinaldegenerative process can shut down organs and increase mortality. Roger Cady, M.D. published articles in the Journal of Pain Management (1994) for hisgroundbreaking study that linked poor posture to other physiological processes such asabnormal breathing, blood pressure, imbalanced hormone levels and a compromised immunesystem. When you have compressed nerves the nerves end up damaged and even die, whichleads to defective communication.96 What happens when you have a corporation with flawed ordecreased levels of communication? The business suffers and will eventually go bankrupt! Chiropractors specialize in structural and nervous system correction. However, manychoose to run their offices under the umbrella of the TMM where they just focus on pain relief.Because they haven’t stayed up to date with the cutting edge technologies for nervous systemand spinal corrective techniques, there is a need for achieving sustainable structural results. For this reason, Designer Health Centers has designed a Nervous System and SpinalCorrective Luxury Retreat. Our doctors have advanced training in the most cutting-edgestructural corrective techniques and have worked with thousands of patients. Technology hasevolved at a rapid pace enabling us to get correction and increase your health in a fraction ofthe time. Now you can literally get incredible spinal, biomechanical and brain balancingcorrection in one week! Additionally, you will walk away with exercises and strategies designed © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  28. 28. to sustain your correction at home. Anyone from any part of the world can participate! To learn more Optimizing Nutrients: Summary In summary, these major deficiencies need to be addressed and in the TMM theyabsolutely are not. In fact, not only are they being ignored, but by being on pharmaceuticalmedications you are most likely causing more deficiencies within the body. As stated before, it’snot the physicians’ fault for the lack of knowledge in this area. Most doctors in the TMM arebrilliant and have great hearts to servemankind. The question one must ask is, An Analogy:“What tools do they have in their toolbox?” Fire Fighters vs. Electricians, Carpenters and Interior Decorators A fire fighter has two tools, axes anda fire hose. Doctors in the TMM have two TMM: Fire fighters have two tools: 1. Axes (Drugs)tools, drugs and surgery. If you have a fire 2. Fire hoses (Surgery) Use = only in fires (Emergencies)who are you going to call? No, not the ghostbusters, but the fire fighters!  And will you NHM: Electricians, Carpenters andbe grateful? Of course you will. They could Interior Decorators have many tools:save your life. Likewise, if you get in a car 1. Tools To Check Electrical Integrityaccident and you’ve lost a limb, who are you 2. Hammers, Wood and Nails for Building or Rebuilding Stronggoing to call? 911! Please don’t call Designer FoundationHealth Centers and ask for a shot of wheat 3. Top Line Materials to make thegrass. The TMM has its place in emergency Inside and Outside of Your House Looks Luxurioussituations like car accidents, or severe 4. Vacuums to Clean the Inside Outinfections but that isn’t what it’s used for themajority of the time. After the firefighters leave, you call in the electricians, the plumbers, and Use = most of the time in Prevention orthe interior designers: Meet Designer Health Centers, your body’s personal interior decorator, Rebuilding, Maximizing Safety, andelectrician, and plumber. Ultimately, we don’t want Optimizing Design and Look to have fires in the first place, which is whywe need to customize healthy lifestyle designs for each person--body, mind and spirit. Thisbrings us to the third essential of the New Health Model, maximized relationships. © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  29. 29. Maximized Relationships There are many aspects to having incredible relationships. There is no doubt that thelongest living and healthiest people on the planet have incredible relationships. The 4 mainrelationships are the following: 1. Spiritual Relationship 2. Emotional Relationship 3. Innate Relationship 4. Personal Relationships If you can master your mind through psychologically living your life at “cause” and not“effect” then you will most likely have very healthy Living at cause means thatrelationships. Living at cause means that instead of instead of allowing life toallowing life to “happen to us” we choose empowering “happen to us” we choosemeanings for every situation whether good or bad to empowering meanings for every situation whether goodmaximize personal growth and development. or bad to maximize personal growth and development. Psychological toxicity develops when we live outof balance, neglecting our spiritual and/or emotional and/or innate and/or personalrelationships. It also develops when we tend to play the “blame” game and don’t ever takeresponsibility for how we are part of any equation whether it equals a good or bad experienceor whether you were hurt or someone else hurt you. As a side note, your “innate relationship” isthe relationship that you have with your inner self to maximize health. For instance, your bodyspeaks to you all the time. It tells you not to eat certain foods, and yet we still do it. We haveoften become numb to our innate or inner self. The healthiest people in the world areconstantly listening to what their body and heart are saying to them. Candice Pert is a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is aninternationally recognized pharmacologist who has published over 250 scientific articles onpeptides and their receptors and the role of these neuropeptides in the immune system. Herresearch shows that our brain, glands, and immune system are in constant communicationthrough our thoughts and emotions.97 98 © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  30. 30. This field of study is known as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and it deals with theinteractions between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of thehuman body. There are now a multitude of various research papers that conclude that immunemodulation by psychosocial stressors and/or interventions can lead to major health problems.Your thoughts can damage your immune, nervous and endocrine system.99 100 If destructive,they can also lead to increased rates of infection, 101 102 HIV progression, 103 104 and cancerincidence and advancement.105 106 107 Your thoughts send a cascade of hormones from the brain to the rest of the body throughyour endocrine system. These hormone messengers affect the functionality of the cell, whichcan affect your level of anxiety, fear, tension, anger, heart rate and blood pressure. Thinkingmore empowering thoughts can help all 11 organ systems in your body to function better whichwill lead to a happier, more energetic, kinder and healthier you! You choose the meaning yougive every situation, and an individual living in the NHM is empowered and educated in order tomake life transforming decisions that optimize health and vitality. Mastering psychology is so incredibly important that we work with Steve Linder, theworld’s leading expert in NeuroStrategies, human psychology and neuro-linguistic programming(NLP). His company, Synergistic Results International (SRI inc.) has trained top seminar experts,celebrities and world leaders. I have been certified with my Masters in NeuroStrategies and NLP,which has been integrated into every program and seminar at Designer Health Centers in orderto help our health participants achieve the best results. By mastering your psychology throughmaximizing your relationships and understanding advanced psychological strategies, you willmaximize your health and wellbeing! Another Major Missing Piece in Health Care How can we take this information and implement it into our lives to achieve results? Itwould be through a term called “behavioral change.” This is what Designer Health Centers ispioneering in 21st century healthcare. Emerging research proves that the best way to overcome © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  31. 31. disease is through behavioral changes. In the book, Health Care Delivery in the United States,Doctors Anthony Kovner and James Knickman state the following: “One perplexing part of our health sector is that changing an individual’s behavior has much greater impact on health and mortality than does spending money on medical care. Despite excellent research evidence documenting the importance of healthy lifestyles, we spend nine times more on medical care than on public health and behavioral health.”108 One of my good friends, and world expert in neurotoxic illnesses said, "Over 90% ofpeople alive on this planet are silently developing disease due to the level of toxicity in theirbody." For many, the presence of these toxins has resulted in the development of chronicconditions. Forty-six percent of Americans (131 million people) had at least one chroniccondition in 2005. This number is projected to grow to 50% (or 161 million) by the year 2030.109This research is based on what is already diagnosed. There are millions of people silentlydeveloping diseases and they are unaware. As we’ve discussed throughout this body of literature, most of these conditions are notgenetic. Designer Health Centers has created programs that are designed to allow eachindividual to reach optimal health by using two main strategies: #1 Get to the root causes of theproblem and #2 Help each health participant implement a healthy lifestyle design throughbehavioral changes. That is why I founded Designer Health Centers (DHC), an internationalcompany designed to educate people on true health and give them the tools and strategies toget real results. Designer Health Centers is a company ofdoctors and experts that have undertaken advanced Designer Health Centers Mission Statement:training (and ongoing training) to learn the mostcutting-edge detoxification and behavioral change To lead people to live the 3 essentials of the NHM.strategies. These strategies are the foundation ofholistic health and they are proven to deliver real 1. Create Purity 2. Optimize Nutrientsresults. 3. Maximize Relationships © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  32. 32. A prevailing thought among many doctors and epidemiologists is that most cancers,heart disease and diabetes are “dummy diseases.” They are termed "dummy diseases" becausethey are more often than not, preventable. The prevalence of these “dummy diseases” is highlyattributable to the TMM. The TMM does not address the primary cause of disease, nor is itinterested in understanding it. For many individuals, this lack of focus on the root cause has ledto the development and worsening of a myriad of chronic conditions. We must create puritythrough removing toxicity, we must optimize nutrients through removing deficiencies, and wemust maximize relationships through mastering our psychology! Investment to Live In the NHM“What they call healthcare is like a tapeworm eating away at our economic body.” - Warren BuffetWhy You Can’t Rely on Health Insurance Before we dive in to the investment to live in the NHM, let’s first discuss why weshouldn’t rely on the traditional healthcare organizations like insurance companies. More andmore people are disillusioned thinking that they are going to be "taken care of" by theirinsurance company. However, the true facts are hard to deny. According to the Kaiser FamilyFoundation and the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of uninsured Americans was up 10% in2009 jumping from 48 million to 50 million 110. The economic recession in the United States isone of the main contributing factors for the rise in unemployment and the rise in the number ofindividuals without healthcare coverage. HealthAffairs magazine also notes that premiums are rising “If an illness is long enough andat rates that are much faster than paid salaries expensive enough, private insurance offer very littlemaking insurance coverage unaffordable for many protection against medicalAmericans 111. bankruptcy and that’s the major finding in our study.”—Steffie Harvard University performed two studies Woolander, M.D. of Harvard Medical School113that analyzed the correlation of medical bills tobankruptcies. Dr. David Himmelstein, lead author ofthe 2005 Harvard study said, “Unless you’re Bill Gates, you’re just one serious illness away frombankruptcy. Most of the medically bankrupt were average Americans that happened to get © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  33. 33. sick.” Dr. Himmelstein’s findings from this 2005 study were that approximately half of allbankruptcies in the U.S. were attributable to medical bills 112. Steffie Woolhander, M.D. of Harvard Medical School performed a similar study in 2009investigating contributing factors of medical bills to bankruptcy. At that time, Dr. Woolhanderfound that medical bills were responsible for more than 60% of bankruptcies. Additionally, mostfamilies were middle class and well-educated 113. As economic conditions worsen, we can expectthat these numbers will continue to grow. This is a sad reality and should spark a fire within Spending vs. Investing When Ityou to take the necessary steps to ensure optimal health Comes To Healthcare: Part 1and functionality before it’s too late. The only real Cost of Living in the TMM:insurance company that will take care of you is you. Imnot saying you shouldnt get insurance. I have  $8,047.00 per person per year in the U.S. (2009)catastrophic insurance, and for the dozens of trips to  Cancer costs up to $1,190,322Europe and other countries around the world I purchase per year --Harvard 2007travel insurance. The only true protection you have is in  Average cost of having a stroke (90 days post) is $15,000living at cause. Create purity through removing toxicities, -- American Stroke Associationoptimize nutrients through removing deficiencies,  Lifetime average of ischemic stroke is $140,048.00maximize your relationships--internal and external—and - -American Heart Associationstart living the life today that will dramatically decrease 2007  Average costs for heart disease:your dependency on the false security that we have o Severe is $1,000,000.00come to know as the “healthcare system.” This tip alone o Less severe is $760,000.00could save you, your family and/or your business tens of --National Business Group on Health 2006thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of  % of GDP spent on healthcare:dollars throughout your lifetime. Not to mention the o 18.5% USA (2.5 trillion) o 15.8% UKincrease in health, energy and vitality that you get from o 17.7% Australialiving under the umbrella of the NHM which we believeat Designer Health Centers…is priceless. © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  34. 34. The Cost of the New Health Model What do you think is more expensive: to prevent disease or to try and treat it after it hasbecome symptomatic? What is it worth to avoid the pain of cancer, heart disease, depression,chronic fatigue and/or diabetes? For a company to implement one of our wellness programs itcould save them between $2.30 and $10.10 for every dollar invested through decreasingabsenteeism, presenteeism (team members are sick at work and rendered unproductive), fewersick days, reduced insurance claims, lower health insurance costs, and improved employeeperformance and productivity.114 Imagine what it could do for you personally or for yourbusiness? Socialized healthcare is just like the privatized healthcare system that is dominated byinsurance companies. The philosophy of TMM is pervasive. If you live under the umbrella of the TMM then you know where you’re headed. When it Spending vs. Investing When It comes to death your flame should just go out. It Comes To Healthcare: Part 2 shouldn’t be flickering on and off for years before you Return of Living in the NHM: pass. When flames are flickering, disease care revenue  Hospital admissions down by is flowing. The goal again is to die feeling young at a 62.5% very old age!  Disabilities cost reduced by 34%  Claims costs reduced by 27.8% As a doctor, I’ve seen the “miracle” of people * Review of 32 studies of corporate wellness programs Aurora overcoming stage four cancers, heart disease, and Healthcare Org. diabetes. But I don’t think that’s truly the miracle. The  Improved physical and psychological health: real miracle is not developing disease in the first place. o 64% improved morale o 70% improved job satisfaction Most people want maximized experiences and o 66% increased productivity high performance and function in life. We want quality o 83% increased energy * Aurora Healthcare Org. emotions, relationships, and sensory stimuli. We want  473% ROI, Citibank’s health to travel, laugh, and eat good food. We want to grow management program  250% ROI, Blue Cross Blue Shield old with our grand children and have the energy to  615%, Coors Corp. bend down and play with them. How much is that * T.E. Brennan Corporation Evidence based ROI 2004 worth? You’re going to be investing into your health. Do you want to invest a few thousand dollars or © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  35. 35. pounds now or tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars later? Conclusion and Next Steps The health care systems of the future focus on creating purity through removing toxicity,optimizing nutrients through removing deficiencies and maximizing relationships throughmastering psychology. I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s the next step?” If you want to live ahigh quality life, maximize your experiences and optimize health and wellbeing then you want tolive under the umbrella of the NHM. Designer Health Centers is the gateway to living and playingin the glorious fields of the NHM. Here are the essential steps you should take: STEP 1: Plug into the Designer Health Centers culture by signing up for our free newsletter at By joining in this revolution, you’ll get the following:  Free Email Newsletter Delivering The Most Advanced 21st Century Health Strategies  Free Webinars with leading health professionals world wide  Discounts to our online store (opening February 2011)  Be the first to know about the latest products and information that will help you transform your lifestyle STEP 2: Email for details on how to sign up for a 20- minute consultation with myself or another health expert (please reference gift below) where you will receive:  The 8 most essential questions any health professional can ask you to undercover what could be causing disease or disorders in your body  Learn some of the top strategies to implement right away to start heading in the right direction  Find out the essential customized lab tests that you would needed in order to learn about what is going on in your body  Receive a free gift just for getting on the call with us © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  36. 36. STEP 3: Enter into one of the worlds most advanced behavioral change and detoxification programs that will be customized to your individual needs. STEP 4: Join our mission in transforming the worlds healthcare systems through staying plugged into our culture and spreading these truths of health to the world.Having an understanding of how to create true health is priceless. Your life experiences will beoptimized. We look forward to serving you in whatever capacity you’re committed to. To truehealth and real results!*Special Limited Time OfferI want to extend a gift to you. Just to say thank you for taking the time to read this book,I’m offering a free 20 minute health consultation for people that are serious about theirhealth and are truly interested in what is going on inside their body. If you’re interestedin ordering lab work to uncover the causes of your health problems, for more information. This special gift is onlyavailable for the first 25 people that read this book and sign up by!If you agree with the majority of the content in this book, then we’d like to invite youto join the Designer Health Centers culture and the New Health Model movement.You can visit our site at and sign up for ournewsletter to get educated and get empowered! © 2011 Designer Health Centers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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