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Carmon Housekeeping Services


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The Real Estate Group Philippines have once again made a strategic partnership to offer all its clients with a crucial service often neglected by brokerages; housekeeping.

CARMON Housekeeping is a welcome addition to the growing home maintenance industry.

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Carmon Housekeeping Services

  1. 1. CARMON HOUSEKEEPING Services 15 A. Pio Del Pilar St, West Rembo, Makati City Telephone number : (02) 257-5202 / 0927-8087909 Condo & House Cleaning Services Every home needs general cleaning to ensure all areas are cleaned. It maintains the beauty and value of your home, and keeps your family safe from germs and bacteria. In the long run, having a clean home proves to be more practical and efficient. Most city homes prefer on-call cleaning over hiring of stay-in housemaids. Why? Because it is very difficult to get a trust-worthy, efficient, and hardworking house maid nowadays. With CARMON HOUSEKEEPING, you can be sure that your home is professionally cleaned, tailor-fit to your preference and needs. And it is even more economical if computed on a weekly or monthly basis.
  2. 2. LIVING ROOM Ø Tidy Couch Ø Sweep/mop/polish floor Ø Clean glass windows Ø Vacuum carpet Ø Polish tables and furniture’s Ø Wipe clean ornaments Ø Dust frames
  3. 3. STANDARD RATE RATES STUDIO (25-35 sqm) 1-BR UNIT (36-45 sqm) 2-BR UNIT (46-55 sqm) 3-BR UNIT (56-65 sqm) Regular Cleaning P600 P700 P900 P 1,000 NOTE: In Excess from standard condo sizes as indicated above, we charge P15 per square meter additional. Additional fee: (Cleaning Equipment and Chemical Usage) Php. 200.00 for STUDIO and 1BR unit Php. 300.00 for 2BR Unit and 3BR Unit General Cleaning Rates (Regular cleaning plus Scrubbing of Wall and Ceiling with chemical to be used) Rate : Php 30.00 per square meter General Cleaning for Residential Houses at rate of Php 25.00 per square meter ( Small, Medium , Large Scale of houses ) Transportation Rates Location Rate Taguig Php 70.00 Makati Php 70.00 Manila Php 150.00 Mandaluyong Php 80.00 Pasig Php 120.00 Pasay Php 130.00 Paranaque Php 130.00 – Php180.00 Las Pinas Php 200.00 Quezon City Php 180.00 Cainta Php 180.00
  4. 4. KITCHEN Ø Dust shelves Ø Sanitize counters Ø Clean sink Ø Polish faucets Ø Wipe backsplash Ø Clean stove Ø Mop floor Ø Clean jars Ø Wash dishes
  5. 5. BEDROOM Ø Tidy bed Ø Mop & polish floor Ø Vacuum carpet Ø Polish side tables Ø Clean glass windows
  6. 6. TOILET & BATHROOM Ø Sanitize toilet bowl Ø Wash sink Ø Wipe clean bottles Ø Polish faucets and showers Ø Clean tiles Ø Clean floor Ø Clean glass windows Ø Clean mirrors
  7. 7. TERMS & CONDITIONS COVERAGE The housekeeping service of CARMON HOUSEKEEPING covers the following: dusting of shelves, sanitizing counters, cleaning of sink, polishing of faucets, cleaning of backsplash, cleaning and sanitizing of stove, cleaning of jars, washing dishes, tidying the bed, dry vacuuming of carpet, cleaning of interior glass windows, tidying of couch, sweep/mop/polishing of floor, polishing tables and furniture’s, wiping clean of ornaments, dusting of frames, sanitizing of toilet bowl, polishing of faucets and showers, cleaning of bathroom tiles, cleaning of bathroom floor, and cleaning of mirrors. TRANSPORTATION CARMON HOUSEKEEPING charges a transportation fee depending on the location of the unit/house to be cleaned. The rates are all is given by our customer service or the supervisor in-charge. PAYMENT Payments shall be given to the housekeeper at the end of the cleaning, after full inspection of the entire unit, and checking of the bags of the housekeeper. CARMON HOUSEKEEPING accepts payment only in CASH. For cleaning quotations in excess of Php 5,000, a down payment of 50% is required prior to cleaning. The balance shall be paid immediately after the cleaning through the housekeeper / supervisor in charge.
  8. 8. INSPECTION After the cleaning, the customer or his representative is required to inspect all areas cleaned to ensure that everything had been cleaned according to specifications. If, after inspection, the customer is not satisfied with the cleaning, the same should be communicated to the CARMON HOUSEKEEPING Supervisor within 24 hours after cleaning, and they shall assign housekeeper/s to clean the areas complained of within 48 hours, free of charge. Failure to report the same within 24 hours, or to inspect the area after cleaning, shall be deemed absolute acceptance and satisfaction of the cleaning service, and waiver of the right to claim otherwise. LOSS OR DAMAGE In case of loss or damage due to the fault of CARMON housekeeper, the same should be communicated immediately to the housekeeper and the Carmon Housekeeping Manager before the housekeeper leaves the unit. After inquiry/investigation and it is found that the loss or damage was due to the fault of the CARMON housekeeper, CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES shall cover the liability, but the same shall be limited only up to the extent of the cleaning charge paid by the customer. In such instance, the entire cleaning service shall be free of charge. The customer is required to inspect the bags of the housekeeper to make sure that nothing is taken from the unit. Failure or waiver of the right to inspect is deemed absolute waiver of the right to claim. SAFETY It is the obligation of the customer to ensure the safety of the CARMON housekeeper/s while inside house/office/unit. Any injury sustained by the housekeeper due to pet bites, dangerous weapons/items, live exposed wires, and other similar things or incidents due to the fault or negligence of the customer shall be for the account of the customer.
  9. 9. CLEARANCE Payment of full fees after inspection of the areas cleaned and of the bags of the housekeeper/s is equivalent to absolute clearance and acceptance of the following: 1. That the whole area is cleaned in accordance to the customer’s specifications. 2. That there is no other area left un-cleaned. 3. That there are no lost/damaged/stolen items within the unit The customer, however, may report any overlooked concerns to the CARMON HOUSEKEEPING Manager within twenty-four (24) hours and the same shall be acted upon and investigated by CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES. After 24 hours, the cleaning job shall be considered closed and CARMON HOUSEKEEPING and its housekeeper/s are deemed absolutely cleared. CANCELLATION BY THE CUSTOMER The customer may request for the cancellation of a cleaning duty within twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled cleaning time. If cancellation is made short of notice and the housekeeper is already on the location or the way thereto, the customer shall pay the corresponding transportation charge. CANCELLATION BY CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES CARMON HOUSEKEEPING reserves the right to cancel any cleaning duty on account of bad weather, strikes, sickness of the housekeeper, and other emergency incidents, without any liability to the customer. CARMON HOUSEKEEPING may likewise cancel in case of any unethical or undesirable treatment of the customer towards its housekeepers. In such cases, CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES shall not be liable to the customer.
  10. 10. PROFESSIONALISM CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES is a cleaning company and its housekeepers are professional cleaners; thus, all customers are treated with respect and courtesy. The same respect and courtesy are, therefore, expected from the customers. Otherwise, CARMON HOUSEKEEPING reserves the right to reject service or blacklist any customer/s with unethical, unprofessional, or discourteous attitude. By booking CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES, it is understood that the customer had read and fully understood the above terms and conditions, and agrees to be bound by the same. How do I book a schedule? You can book a schedule by contacting CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES through call, text, and email. We will call you for scheduling, and answer queries should you have any. On the day before the cleaning, we will call you to confirm your final booking. Why do I have to pay for transportation charge? Transportation charge is billed for customers who reside far from CARMON HOUSEKEEPING OFFICE. This is to cover our housekeeper's transportation expense. Transportation varies depending on the distance of the customer to CARMON HOUSEKEEPING OFFICE. Cleaning charge, on the other hand, is fixed.
  11. 11. Company Profile Business Address # 15-A Pio Del Pilar Street, Baranggay West Rembo, Makati City Company Officers President: Monalisa Padre Juan General Manager: Carlo Borbon Domingo Officers: Arnold Padre Juan Andyleen Busalpa Background The company founder has 17 years’ experience in the Real Estate industry and we have seen the potential of this conceptualize business of providing quality services for the condominium unit owners, that is why Carmon Housekeeping Services is now in existence to provide the best services that everyone will truly appreciate and deserve. In July 18, 2017 the new company Carmon Housekeeping Services was officially registered at the Department of Trade and Industry and it is composed of family members and friends who dreams to help and cater the needs of the housekeeping industry Carmon Housekeeping Services also partners with some well-known property management in the Philippines to be able to reach clients who is in need of quality services and to give quality life to our customers At present Carmon Housekeeping Services dream is to be known in the market not only as a services provider but also to become one of the top choice housekeepers in the Philippines at a reasonable price. We look forward to doing business with you. Carmon Housekeeping Services Best quality service is what we provide to our clients.
  12. 12. Mission We are committed to give customer satisfaction by providing the best quality services at a reasonable price. Vision To be known as one of preferred leading provider of good quality services in the market local and global... Core Values Integrity – Fulfills our commitment to our customers, peers, and superior. Passion – Keeps our energy high and energizes others in fulfilling the tasks Concern for People – We uphold the worth and dignity of individuals and consistently demonstrate our sensitivity to the well-being of others and our responsiveness to their needs. Honesty – Maintains truthfulness and transparency with the present condition of self-related to the task and the job as a whole.
  13. 13. What happens if the housekeeper breaks or damages something in the course of cleaning? CARMON HOUSEKEEPING OFFICE shall assume responsibility and shall be accountable to the customer for any property that may be lost, damaged, or destroyed, due to theft or unlawful destructive acts caused by, or due to, the negligence of the housekeeper assigned, as proven or after thorough investigation conducted by the customer and CARMON HOUSEKEEPING but only up to the extent of the total amount paid by the customer to CARMON HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES. Office Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Cleaning Hours/ Cut- Off: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm