The novel of khanna and kotkin powerpoint


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The novel of khanna and kotkin powerpoint

  1. 1. The Novels of Khanna and Kotkin<br />By Candace L. Conti<br />
  2. 2. “The Second World” by ParagKhanna<br /> “The Second World” is written by ParagKhanna and is a novel that explores the future of the world where the emergence of China and the European Union are major global leaders. <br />Khanna foresees that Americas hegemony will come to an end and includes in the novel better ways of navigating the future multi-polar world.<br />Khanna concludes that the expansion of Europe offers the best chance for both world and European stability, while commenting on China’s decision to re-attempting to build the silk road will benefit them with wealth and stability. <br />
  3. 3. Khanna predicts that The United States will offer military protection, along with the promise of democracy and human rights.<br /> He states that how China talks trade in that of infrastructure projects and investment that will include no pesky demands for political reform in its would-be client states. <br />In Khanna’s opinion, The European Union dangles the prospect of affiliation with the worlds most successful economic club, provided that the applicants undertake specific reforms. <br />And foresees that Russia will be much smaller with a dwindling population while Malaysia future looks bright because it cultivated good relations with the United States and China.<br />
  4. 4. “The Next Hundred Millon: America in 2050” By Joel Kotkin<br />Joel Kotkin wrote this novel based according upon the most conservative estimates that the United States by 2050 will be home to at least 400 million people with the vast majority being Hispanic or Asian,<br />For Kotkin, population growth translates into economic vitality: the capacity to create wealth, raising the standard of living and meeting the burden of future commitments. <br />
  5. 5. Strongly disagreeing with Khanna’sopinion of the future, Kotkin believes that America will be more completive and diverse than any nation on earth and that this projected rise in population is the strongest indicator of our long term economic strength.<br />Another idea of Kotkin that goes completely against Khanna’s theory is that he believes that Europe and Asia will decline while America will thrive.<br />Kotkin foresees that because of stagnant population growth, both Europe and Asia will become veritable old age homes and the economies of these countries will face crushing pension obligations because having been devoted already to a vast welfare-state apparatus. <br />
  6. 6. Kotkin Believes that America will emerge as the most affluent, culturally rich, and successful nation in the human history.<br />Kotkin recommends that the suburbs present the best, most practical choice for raising families and enjoying the benefits of the community. <br />He worries that upward mobility is more difficult than It was once was and that class polarization is important and needed. <br />He believes that class polarization is possible because a knowledge economy like America tends to widen class divisions. <br />