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2011 AFFC Webinar on Social Media

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  • Good morning – It’s Sam Stern and Melissa Thompson.This morning marks the fourth and final webinar in the series – thank you for all of your time – we know you’re very busy with your walks and races and hope that we’ve helped you think of some things differently and have provided you with information you can use for this event series and into the future.Our social media discussion is just another tool for your toolbox.
  • We realize you’re primarily using two social media channels – Facebook and Twitter. The ideas here apply to both. This morning, we’re going to discuss: What’s Social About Social Media?Defining the GoalAudience – Who do we want to speak with?Message/Content – What are we saying?Channel – What are we using to connect?Engagement – How are we interacting?
  • Social media channels – like Facebook and Twitter – are just that. Channels. They enable you to have a conversation online. But social media really doesn’t become social until you start having conversations. Just as you’re not just buying ads with media partnerships – you are communicating to build relationships. We know you all have local pages that feed back to statewide page – it’s important to keep in mind that social media not bound by geography.We’ve all been guilty of this at some point – We share things on Facebook and Twitter and expect nothing in return…But we should. Whether we want to spur: Loyalty Action InfluenceOr all of the above, it’s the Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter’s job to frame the conversation so people have meaningful interaction. When time is a challenge, it’s tempting to fall into this broadcast mode – where we share information without inviting conversation. To truly be social, you must invite and encourage participation. We’ll share some ideas of how to change that.
  • Before any conversations take place, we must define goals that are:Specific MeasurableAttainableRelevantTime-boundGoals help shape the plan to improve interaction via social media and should be closely tied to overall communications goals.
  • An example of a goal would be:Increasing Brand/Issue Awareness- Nationally the Arthritis Foundation is visible – however, in your community, you may want to expand the footprintTo ensure the goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound, You’d refine this goal of awareness to be something like: Increase the number of unique visitors to Facebook by 10 percent (using Facebook stats to track) in 90 days.
  • Already doing great things to increase issue awareness on Facebook. People really respond to kids. You are already featuring/spotlight kids in your community who have arthritis. One idea is to expand on this to include a campaign about the Faces of Arthritis – to demonstrate that people of all ages and backgrounds have this chronic condition. Invite your followers to post their own photos. by a certain time period.
  • Other tactics include:Identify your top 20 “Arthritis Ambassadors” and ask them to invite their networks to follow the Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter on social media. Empower this core group to share Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter messages.Choose a strategic time for people to donate their status to Arthritis or an event that benefits the Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter. The example shown was spearheaded by Stand up to Cancer and promoted through a website.
  • Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter is an events-centric organization. Setting a goal to increase participation by a measurable percentage is a great start. Social media can help drive that participation. More participation=more money raised. How can you track this? Include a space on the registration form for how the participant heard about the race..OR if people come to a race to check in and say they follow you on FB – get something free/enter into a drawing for. Using the 2,000 some participants to advantage – are asking them to follow us on Facebook? Like on spot with phone – get something. TV/Radio/Print/SocialIncrease Twitter mentions by 200 percent in 6 months. (Hoot suite slide showing mentions)Increase interaction on Facebook by 5 a week (Facebook insights) What are some other ideas of goals you’d like to set for your Facebook pages – either per location or the statewide page
  • Who cares about the Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter? People are more likely to engage when the emotional connection is strong. Moms/Families – parents of children with JA are among the most passionate (Highly Engaged) Friends/Coworkers/Supporters of those with Arthritis Runners/Fitness Enthusiasts – some people may join a race just for the fitness aspect Less engaged Businesses Healthcare professionals and organizations
  • How to find them:Needs to be top of mind/ Tailor messaging. Reach out with messaging to moms – Do your part/You can help. Asking more of key influencers – who are the top engagers? Who are already the ambassadors for Arthritis who can be champions. Like other pages/make buttons up that say like us on FacebookMake the ask
  • Aligning what you’re saying with PR Planner from National . Asks (two-wayUpdates – broadcast styleVideoImages from racesArticlesStatistics with an askWelcoming new sponsors Race statsRace-day weather updatesIf dogs allowed – special tips / preparationUpdates on how much raised so farPROMOTE THE MATCHSchedule of updates shared foundation-wide editorial calendar (2 a week then can fill in with whatever else from above)Spend 20 minutes each morning with your cup of coffee
  • This is the point where you’re having a conversationBe yourself – I think you all do a really good job of this already. Each one of you is very enthusiastic and passionate about what you do. Allow that to shine through. Monitoring and Responding to Feedback Local – Do you have mobile devices with FB app? If get a message have to be able to respond right away. If you can’t at least you know that is something you need to respond to. Without feedback loop – no point in conversations. Statewide - people who are participating –
  • Wish your followers happy holidays with a short video greeting. Ask them what their favorite holiday traditions are. Say thank you when someone gives you a compliment. When one of your followers shares excellent content on your page, reshare it with everyone else and point out why it’s good. Ask people what they think. Use verbs like: "take," "submit," "post," "tell us" or "comment.” Ask people to share something – as long as it’s really worth sharing. Some may think automating content – or in other words setting up Facebook so that everything you say on Twitter is published on your news feed- if your goal is engagement and dialogue I would not recommend doing this. The same with Twitter – if all you’re doing on Twitter is regurgitating what’s on Facebook – there’s no point in having a Twitter account.
  • There is a fine balance between posting too little and too much. It’s good practice to update once a day – this will allow for and encourage engagement on a regular basis.
  • Tactics for Engagement Polls/surveys – which you’ve done. But there are ways to informally poll without making people leave the Facebook page. Make use of Facebook questions – allows you instantly poll people. Tie online engagement to your offline events. Best JBR Costume on Facebook submit your pictures. Have staff at races to upload costume pictures real time.
  • Dealing with negative or crisis comments:operators of Nestle’s Facebook page made hostile responses to critics. Greenpeace, the environmental activist group, has long been pressuring Nestle to stop using palm oil, the production of which it says causes deforestation, greenhouse-gas emissions, and the loss of endangered species.Refer to the social media policy. Do you have one? Never engage in an argument onlineInvite the person to email for further discussion – this moves the conversation. Acknowledge opinions and thank them
  • Twitter is very time consuming – and requires someone dedicated to it for it to remain relevant. We recommend keeping the chapter twitter account, but not necessarily segmenting and creating accounts per geographic area. Ways to find more followers – share relevant content and share it often – one tweet an hourUse the #arthritis hashtag – allow people seeking out content about arthritis to find itShare content of others – this will help build follows (either by retweeting or@mentioning them)Build list of top 100 key influencers related to arthritis – share their content mention them in tweetsAsk people on facebook to also follow you on Twitter – but remember, they’ll only go if they can get something else on twitter that they can’t on Facebook
  • When we requested some pre-webinar feedback – some said they wanted to know more about QR codes. As you know, we had a QR code on the back of the JBR shirts in Bradenton last year that took people to the FB page. When scanned by a smart phone, the square bar codes can take people to websites, videos and other areas. The codes Bridge offline and online worlds
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Other phonesHoot suiteCotweetTwellowTwit Pic
  • Social Media Webinar PPT

    1. 1. Agenda1. What’s Social About Social Media?2. Goals3. Audience4. Message/Content5. Engagement6. Twitter7. QR Codes8. Tools
    2. 2. What’s Social About Social MediaSocial media channels are justthat – channelsConversations make social mediasocialBeware of broadcasting
    3. 3. iSMART Goals Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound
    4. 4. i Defining GoalsBrand Awareness/Issue Awareness
    5. 5. iBrand /Issue Awareness
    6. 6. i
    7. 7. iAction/Participation
    8. 8. iAudience
    9. 9. iAudience -Target your messages - “Like”/ mention other Facebook pages - Mention on Twitter - Make the ask
    10. 10. i Messages/Content- Promote the match- Updates – broadcast style- Video- Images from races- Articles- Statistics with an ask- Welcoming new sponsors- Race stats- Race-day weather updates- Special tips / preparation- Updates on money raised
    11. 11. iEngagement - Be yourself - Be authentic - Be responsive
    12. 12. iEngagement Be human
    13. 13. iEngagement Frequency
    14. 14. iEngagement
    15. 15. i
    16. 16. iTwitter
    17. 17. iQR Codes
    18. 18. i Tools Hoot Suite – A social media dashboard that allows you to schedule tweets and Facebook updates Facebook Mobile App – Update anywhere, anytimeFind Twitter followers by area of interest withthis search directory Share photos and video via Twitter