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Passion the facts!


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Passion the facts!

  1. 1. © Sharon Eden 2013 1 CONTENTS Without Passion you have nothing!.............................................................2 Passion or passion? .....................................................................................4 3 reasons to live a passionate life ...............................................................6 Do I have to know my purpose to live with Passion? ................................8 7 tips to reconnect with your Passion.......................................................10 What if they don’t love me anymore?........................................................12 How women change the world with Passion............................................15
  2. 2. © Sharon Eden 2013 2 Without Passion you have nothing! As Donald Trump once said, “Without Passion you have no energy. Without energy you have nothing.” So, think about your own life and remember a time when you were feeling down and lifeless. I bet you felt you couldn’t be bothered and certainly were not up for adventures and who- knows-what-you-might-discover. Just see yourself in that time in your life.... and if you had a colour to symbolise that time, what colour comes to mind? Now, with a swift wriggle of your body, or a clap of your hands, get rid of those glooopy feelings because it’s time to change the scene. Now remember a time in your life when you felt enthusiastic, on top of the world and ready to go-go-go even if you didn’t know for sure exactly where you were go-go-going. Life had possibilities and you enjoyed most every moment. Take a moment to see yourself then. And, if you had a colour to symbolise that time, what would it be?
  3. 3. © Sharon Eden 2013 3 Now, if I was a betting woman, I’d lay down a hefty wad of cash that your first colour was dull, lacklustre or murky while your second colour was vibrant and lively, full of energy. How do I know? As much as I would love to lay claim to a magical wisdom comparable to Yoda from Star Wars, it’s simple. In the first case you were what I call ‘living dead.’ Disengaged from your passion, there ain’t no energy. So you would associate with a ‘lifeless’ colour in this state. In the second case you were plugged into your Passion and so had bags of energy and oh so good feelings. Result? A vibrant, lively colour. As the man said, without Passion you truly have nothing!
  4. 4. © Sharon Eden 2013 4 Passion or passion? I bet that when you think of passion, certain associations come into your mind. Like sex, being angry, ‘mad’, and/or going off the rails. That’s because Passion and passion have both traditionally got bad press. Ok... end of confusion! Passion with a big P refers to your essential life energy geyser, the creative life force in you from which everything flows... including your emotions. Most importantly, it motivates you to be creative in your life. Anything from baking cakes to rearing children, from writing an essay to works of art, from finding more efficient ways of doing your work to develop yourself as a fab-after-fifty-woman... and an infinite number of things in between! Passion with a small p refers to those things you love to do and will spend time, effort and, sometimes, money on. Typically you can find yourself lost in your passion and time flies past. Your passion could be something in the last paragraph or stamp collecting, training at the gym, being an opera buff, crossword puzzles... the list is most definitely endless.
  5. 5. © Sharon Eden 2013 5 Positive psychology has done some research on passions, dividing them into healthy ones and obsessive ones. Healthy ones are voluntary; you do them from choice and when it feels right for you. Obsessive ones are where you have no choice. They’re a kind of addiction that you must do and, if you don’t, you feel bad. And, of course, you can get addicted to anything. Cleaning-itis and workaholism were 2 of my obsessive passions I’m delighted to have cracked! Why does the difference between Passion and passion counts in your life? Your Passion, vital life energy geyser, ‘be-ing’, is always but always with you whether you allow it to be or not. It’s a constant, which remains the same throughout your life. While your passion/s, the things you love to be ‘do-ing’ can be constant or change over time... as you yourself change. So, even if you don’t feel it, your Passion is always but always just a hair’s breadth away. And that means you can always but always live a passionate life.
  6. 6. © Sharon Eden 2013 6 3 reasons to live a passionate life Reason 1 - You’re a long time dead! When I was a child my grandmother was an old woman at 44 let alone 50. And you can still find women of 50 with what I call ‘the perm and floral dress syndrome’ convinced it’s now all downhill to the graveyard. When I get clients with this syndrome, I tell them that the 90s are the new 70s, the 80s the new 60s, the 60s the new 40s and the 50s the new 30s. So why kill yourself off when you’re still a spring chicken? Connect with your Passion. Feel its vibrancy pulsing through your veins and live life out loud! Reason 2 – Passion is the anti-dote to depression I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with suffering from depression who’ve been told by their GP that recovery will take a long time... and they believe it. Until they came to work with me.
  7. 7. © Sharon Eden 2013 7 As a woman who was a stressed and often depressed child, a stressed and often depressed teenager and a stressed and often depressed adult, and who went to several therapists who only seemed to make it worse... I know a thing or two about depression. My name is Sharon Eden and I’m a recovering depressive! And... I don’t buy into that ‘it’s all going to take a long time’ stuff. I discovered that connecting with your Passion with a big P (see my blog post #2) is absolutely key to turning around depression effectively and relatively quickly. And if it does that for depression just think what it could do for your everyday moody blues! Reason 3 – It makes you feel sexy! I promise that you won’t go raving down the road waving your knickers in the air... as if you would. Feeling sexy is all about feeling very much skin tinglingly alive, present to the moment and the messages from your senses. Mmm... just see how voluptuous the curves of that vase are. Mmm... how soft and sensual the feel of that material under your fingers. Mmm... how honey laden that music. And, of course, you can bring all of that to your sexual relationship or relationships... what do I know?... as well!
  8. 8. © Sharon Eden 2013 8 Do I have to know my purpose to live with Passion? Many blogs, articles and even books tell you discovering your purpose here on earth is essential to you living a fulfilling and creative life. Absolute balderdash! Whether you know it or not you’re already expressing your purpose even if you don’t know it. Could be through your profession or business. Could be through your personal life, in relationships, through a hobby, or through the way you present yourself to the world. Yes, it helps to get conscious about what you’re doing. Doesn’t it always??? So, if you want to know what your purpose is look at all the roles you fill in life... organiser, comedienne (I just refuse to use the masculine term which is oh so PC these days!), rescuer, leader, follower, lobbyist, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And, when you’ve made your list, look for common themes between them. Underneath, those themes are the reasons for you doing what you do...Your purpose. Job done! Well, perhaps not as easily as that 10 second run through. You might need to sit with your ‘research findings’; to let them marinade for some time without your purpose penny dropping. But it will in time.
  9. 9. © Sharon Eden 2013 9 However, your Passion is immediately available to you, anywhere, any place, any time. Yes, even when you have your everyday moody blues. It is always, but always, just a whisker away! Why? Because Passion is the oomph in your tank, the sizzle in your sausage... Without your Passion you don’t have energy for anything much. And just because you’re not feeling it doesn’t mean your Passion isn’t there. What it does mean is you’ve just lost your connection for now.
  10. 10. © Sharon Eden 2013 10 7 tips to reconnect with your Passion These tips are for most everyone, whatever is going on in your life, whatever your mood, from OK to everyday moody blues to deep depression... Except if you suffer from manic depression or bipolar disorder. In which case, avoid these tips like the plague! Anything which might trigger mania is best left well alone. For the rest of us, these 7 tips to reconnect with your Passion work like magic... 1. With both feet together, jump up and down like a pogo stick vigorously and speedily. That should be enough to get those ole feel good factor chemicals racing through your veins and, hey presto, to feel Passion in your body. 2. Remember a time when you felt on top of the world, full of Passion and raring to go. Notice how just remembering connects you with feelings of Passion. 3. Put on some high energy sock-it-to-me baby music and dance your booty off! Notice how the energy ripples through you like a gorgeous surfing wave.
  11. 11. © Sharon Eden 2013 11 4. Ask yourself, “What turns me on?” Is it being by the sea or climbing hills? Is it reading the classics or poetry or a biography of a person you admire? Is it art, music, cookery, physics, psychology, social history, interior or garden design, etcetera etcetera...? Is it seeing, hearing, sensing or doing the ‘thang?’ Whatever it is, go be or do it and... kazam... There’s your Passion! 5. Think of a passionate person you admire. Close your eyes and imagine you are that person. Spend at least 10 minutes acting ‘as if’ you are them and prepare to be surprised and delighted by what you discover. 6. Ask your Inner Wisdom what’s positive about your Passion. Then intuit where you’re keeping Passion in your body and, as if talking to another person, give it that positive feedback. Then just watch and feel it glow. 7. Look at yourself in a mirror, deeply into your eyes, and say out loud to yourself, “You have a right to live with and love your Passion.” Repeat the sentence 9 times more, still looking deeply into your eyes, and once a day over 21 days. Be easy with any emotion doing this stirs up in you. And, by day 21, tell me you haven’t connected with your Passion big time!
  12. 12. © Sharon Eden 2013 12 What if they don’t love me anymore? You were not born without Passion. For Passion is your very essential life energy; the juice in your tank, the dynamo in your engine. It’s your Passion which made you cry as a baby... Pay attention! I’m cold, I’m hot, I’m hungry, I’m wet, I’m in pain, I need attention to know I exist. Then, later, it’s your Passion which fuels your curiosity, your organic experimentation with sitting, walking, talking, running, learning.... But what if you get messages that it’s not OK to express your Passion. There’s a joke in my family that I spent the first 18 months of my life crying. There’s even a photo of me standing in my cot, hands clenched around bars, obviously distraught. I wonder what caused my crying and what that did for connecting with my Passion. Then, later, being shamed and humiliated for my zingy energy. Being called ‘show off’, ‘who does she think she is’, ‘too big for your boots’. And so I learned to ‘depress’ my full-rich- passion-life-energy to live a low grade energy life because that was what was acceptable.
  13. 13. © Sharon Eden 2013 13 Your history might not be the same. But for many of us there’s a general thread of having to shut off our Passion to belong to the tribe into which we were born. There’s a social push for unthreatening ‘sameness’, for us to conform and not rock the boat. We want to be loved and accepted by the significant others in our lives... In the beginning, of course, these were our parents and family. So, if squashing our Passion was the price to pay for being loved and acceptable... we paid it. Unless you rebelled, of course. Exploding with anger for your denied Passion you would have purposely pricked and stabbed at ‘the way we do things around here.’ And feigned not caring. You might even have gone off to find another tribe where you would be acceptable like the Mods, or the Punks, or the Hippies... or whatever. So, reclaiming your Passion can feel fearful because you associate Passion with all those painful things in the past. But, hey, that’s your history not your present. You are a grown and magnificent woman now and nobody but nobody... except you!... can stop you reclaiming your Passion.
  14. 14. © Sharon Eden 2013 14 Tell yourself that reclaiming your Passion is your birth-right and heritage. Tell yourself that people who truly love you will be delighted for you... because they will. Keep telling yourself these truths until they become your truth. As for the rest, if there are any who don’t like you being more of gorgeous you, living with Passion, hey, they were in the relationship only for themselves and not also for you!
  15. 15. © Sharon Eden 2013 15 How women change the world with Passion When you think about women who changed the world with Passion, you might think of Emily Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Fry, Queen Elizabeth the First, Marie Cure, Margaret Thatcher... Add the names of your favourite women right here - ...................................................................................................................... You and I tend to think first of those women who have made a big splash in history; who’ve been instrumental in creating a big change. And you and I tend to forget or not even notice the millions of women who are changing the world with Passion in incremental ways... all the time! • The women who set up after-school clubs for latch-key kids. • The women who refuse to repeat the abuse they suffered as children and bring their kids up in a far more healthy way. • The women who collaborate with others to campaign for social justice. • The grand-mothers who bring up their grand-children. • The women who sacrifice their lives for one of service.
  16. 16. © Sharon Eden 2013 16 • The women who are there for you when you fall. • The women who get up after a hard night to do what needs to be done for the children. • The women who chop water and carry wood day after day. • The women who encourage us to be the most magnificent woman we can be relentlessly. • The women who lobby and fight and cry out in rage for how the world needs to change for the better. • The women who, in the quietness of their self, pray for all. • The women who.... Nothing is too small. Whatever you can do within your own sphere of influence, minute or huge... DO IT with Passion! And know that you too are a woman changing the world for the better. For, like grains of sand on a beach, each one of us doing our ‘thang’ with Passion adds to the cumulative and one day critical mass movement in human evolution. For the greater good...
  17. 17. © Sharon Eden 2013 17 About Sharon I’m Sharon Eden, The Passion Whisperer. I work with professional and executive women who want a more dynamic and successful life... without necessarily throwing away their current career unless they really, really want to! I also specialise in helping people recover from Depression in 6 sessions or less through using my unique process. I’m delighted to have worked over 25 years in personal development as a coach-trainer-psychotherapist- alchemist-speaker, with a Master’s Degree in the field. Author of ‘Whack Around The Head – Purpose Passion and Power at Work Right Now’, a contributor to women’s magazines such as Psychologies, I’m also a Fellow of The Royal Society for Arts, a Founding Member Association for Coaching, Member Association of Integrated Coach-Therapist Professionals, Registered Member MBACP (Accredited) and Charter Member International Positive Psychology Association. This wide breadth of professional experience has helped me discover the #1 key condition for personal development and the #1 antidote for Depression... Re-connect with your Passion! I leave my clients enthusiastic, on target and sizzling...
  18. 18. © Sharon Eden 2013 18 Help yourself to my free downloads. Feel free to pass them on. Feel free to plaster my content all over your blogs and social media with an oh-so-full-of-integrity attribution to me and my work. Warm thanks... And, check out my programmes at If any of them call to you, email me at I’d love to hear from you.
  19. 19. SharonEdenBiz @SharonEden ThePassionWhisperer Join me on Twitter @SharonEden +44 (0)20 3239 5017