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Facebook Best Practices 2022

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Facebook Best Practices 2021
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Facebook Best Practices 2022

  1. 1. Facebook Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
  2. 2. Contents Introduction How it Works Best Practices Creator Studio Premium Music Videos Facebook Live Stories & Reels Insights 03 04 08 18 23 27 30 35
  3. 3. Introduction While Facebook’s parent company has changed its name to Meta this year, the name of the social platform remains the same. With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. That’s an increase of 12% year-over-year from September 2019. Facebook reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population, which showcases the importance of including Facebook in your marketing strategy. Facebook’s user audience is 57% male/43% female (Facebook limits its gender reporting to male and female). The largest segment by age is 25-34 year olds at 32.4%. The next largest group is 18-24 year olds, which represents 23.5% of Facebook’s demographic. Only 4.7% of Facebook’s audience is 65 or older, and only 5.8% is 17 or under. Only 8.9% of Facebook’s audience is in the U.S., with the fastest growing region being the Middle East and Africa. 79.9% of Facebook users only access the platform via mobile device, which is important to consider when planning marketing and advertising strategies. Additionally, 45% of new-music seekers aged 35-54 discover new music on Facebook. *stats via hootsuite
  4. 4. How it Works
  5. 5. H: 4.45” W: 4.0” Creating Your Artist Page Facebook Pages is where your fans can connect and follow you. Most reading have probably set up their Page already, but if you’re new to Facebook, you can set up your page in a snap! 1. Click ‘Pages’ from the list of options on your home page 2. Click ‘Create New Page’ 3. Name your Page 4. Select a Category (hint: Musician/Band) 5. Write a Description 6. Click ‘Create Page’ 7. Add a Profile & Cover Photo 8. Add a Call-To-Action For additional help, checkout Facebook’s Support Page
  6. 6. H: 4.45” W: 4.0” Optimization Checklist Now that you have your Page, make sure that you have your page fully optimized with our checklist: ❏ Customize your vanity URL ❏ Add Profile Photo and Cover Photo/ Video Banner reflecting your latest release ❏ Add buy link to the description of your profile and banner image ❏ Pin a post about your latest release ❏ Set ‘Shop Now’ button via Jack White
  7. 7. H: 4.45” W: 4.0” What’s New? Facebook underwent a series of changes this year. What’s New: ● Facebook changes parent company name to Meta ● Facebook Reels launches ● New Messenger features available ● Live Audio Rooms & Podcasts launched ● PMV User Playlists and Global 30 Second Clips launch ● Audience Insights is now Business Suite Insights
  8. 8. Best Practices
  9. 9. H: 4.0” W: 4.4” H: 4.0” W: 4.4” How To Grow Your Page 9 ● Be Authentic - Fans are savvy and know when you’re being yourself. Authentic, original content will always perform better than something polished and over-produced. Post using your real voice and avoid being ‘salesy’ in your tone. ● Be Consistent - Facebook recommends posting once a day, or at least a few times a week. Make sure to share some in-between moments as well as the highlights. ● Engage Your Fans - Responding to comments can make all the difference in earning a lifelong fan. You can also interact through stories by utilizing Stickers, Q&As, Polls or Quizzes. Another great way to interact is by tapping into Facebook Live and Facebook Watch Parties and interacting with your fans and followers in real time. Make sure to engage fans when traveling to expand your global audience.
  10. 10. *via Facebook’s Best Practices 11 Creative Content Considerations Capture Attention Design for Sound Off Frame the Story Play Around More Consistently Collaborative add 3-5 sec trailer to hold interest but delight with sound on with a 4:5 aspect ratio and test a mix of formats to gain exposure to new fans
  11. 11. H: 1.9” W: 4.4” H: 1.9” W: 4.4” H: 1.9” W: 4.4” H: 1.9” W: 4.4” Content Ideas 11 Behind The Scenes Reveal insights into your creative process, photoshoots, songwriting, etc. Social Causes Let fans know what’s important to you by talking about social causes close to your heart. Day In The Life A glimpse into your daily routine. VIP Access Give us a glimpse into the green room or have someone on your team go live on social from side-stage for one song each night on tour
  12. 12. Tagging Accounts ● Tag other pages mentioned in your posts. If your content is relevant to fans of the other pages, Facebook may show your post in those fans’ feeds, increasing your impressions. ● Tag other artists, influencers, festival names, venues, retailers and media outlets when applicable and appropriate. *via Scotty McCreery
  13. 13. Link Sharing ● Link to sources when applicable - whether it be to new music, a press piece, merch store etc. ● Make sure these links are shortened for the best optimized appeal ● Make sure the link preview is engaging, and if not, consider adding in your own piece of content: a photo or video relating back to your link *via Kelsea Ballerini
  14. 14. Replies & Comments ● The “reply” feature lets you answer fans’ comments within the comments section ● Replying to fans lets them know you see them and encourages engagement ● In addition to commenting on your own posts, follow public figures and other relevant verified accounts to weigh in on cultural moments. This can amplify your page’s exposure by showing up in the feeds of people that may not already follow you. ● Stick to informative and/or meaningful comments. *via Russell DIckerson
  15. 15. Messenger Rooms *Photo and information from Messenger Rooms are exactly what they sound like, a messenger group for multiple participants! Up to 50 people can join a Messenger Room with video and chat capabilities. Some things to know: • Anyone with the link can join a Messenger Room, they do not need to have a Facebook account. • Unlike Live videos, there is no time constraint on Messenger Rooms. • You control who joins by utilizing the guest list for a safe fun experience. • Utilize the desktop app when chatting with a large group, so you can see everyone’s faces at once.
  16. 16. New Messenger Features Poll Games Just like Facebook Story Polls, Messenger lets you survey your fans participating by posting “Most likely to” polls to chats Cash Gifting via Facebook Pay (available in the U.S. only) Chat participants can send cash gifts through Facebook Pay that will come with Messenger notifications featuring themed effects. For example: Birthday wishes with virtual balloons. Sticker Pack A curated “Messenger is 10!” sticker collection is now available to Messenger participants. The pack includes 360 backgrounds, AR effects, birthday-themed Soundmojis, and more. Sharing Contacts Easily share Facebook profiles on Messenger with this new feature Word Effects Currently in beta, Word Effects allows users to pair words or phrases with emojis. Whenever the user types these words, the chosen emoji will fill the Messenger chat screen. What words will you choose? *Photo and information via Hootsuite
  17. 17. Live Audio Rooms & Podcasts ● To be competitive with the market, Facebook has launched Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts. Facebook recently launched Live Audio Rooms in the U.S. on iOS, starting with public figures and select Facebook Groups. It also debuted an initial set of U.S. podcast partners. ● Both products will receive a wider rollout in the future, but this is certainly an opportunity for creators to keep an eye on to get in at the ground level when it becomes available. ● For now, all Facebook users in the U.S. are able to listen to Live Audio Rooms and podcasts. *via Hootsuite
  18. 18. Creator Studio
  19. 19. Facebook Creator Studio Creator Studio is a suite of tools designed to help you effectively post, manage and analyze all your video content across your Facebook Pages (this tool can also be used for your Instagram Accounts). Through Creator Studio you can: ● Upload, Create, and Post Content ● Schedule Content ● Create Expiring Content ● Get Updates on New Capabilities ● Manage Your Content ● Study Video Insights ● Utilize Monetization ● Streamline Engagement ● Utilize Rights Manager Click here to get started in Creator Studio
  20. 20. ● Engaging, Original, Relevant, Consistent & Retentive ● 3-5 Second Rule: the first 3-5 seconds are the most important, as this is where viewers decide whether to keep watching or move on. Make sure these first few moments are enticing visually. ● 4:5 Aspect Ratio: 80% of users are accessing FB through mobile, and this ratio is perfectly optimized for mobile. ● Captions: videos autoplay on feeds without sound, so make sure to have a good attention grabbing caption. Video Best Practices *via Kelsea Ballerini *via Facebook Resources for Creators
  21. 21. Video Playlists and Series Use playlists to create a collection of videos that share a theme/topic (i.e. from the same album, tour, behind-the-scenes, etc.) Use series to collection of episodic videos (i.e. a Cooking show) Why should you use them? ● Increase Content Discovery ● Lean-back viewing ● Search Traffic ● Easy shareability ● Streamline your online presence *via Steps to creation 1 Go to Creator Studio and click on Content Library 2 Click Playlists 3 Click New Playlist 4 Follow the prompts to add your title, description and cover image. 5 Click +Add Videos From Library button to select the videos from your content library you want included in that playlist. 6 Click Publish Playlist
  22. 22. Watch Party A fun way to engage with your fans and continue to promote your video content is through Watch Parties. Watch Party lets you playlist some of your videos, and then watch them all in real-time with followers. You and your followers have a chat functionality available to comment and talk as you watch. To start a Watch Party, act as if you were making a post, but choose Watch Party from the ‘more options’/’...’ menu. You can even give your Watch Party a title and description. You can also schedule your Watch Party in advance. Read more about Watch Parties on Facebook
  23. 23. Premium Music Videos
  24. 24. PMVs bring Premium Music Video content to fans in the US. Music videos are highly discoverable on the platform, as followers get a notification when their favorite artists launch a new video, people discover music videos based on their friend’s watch habits, and new music can be discovered on Facebook Watch. Through Creator Studio you can view analytics and edit your videos. You can edit the title, thumbnail, description, tags, posts text, poll, and closed captions. Premium Music Videos - PMVs *via Cassadee Pope
  25. 25. H: 4.0” W: 4.4” H: 4.0” W: 4.4” PMV Checklist Pre-Release: 1. Engage with fans and collaborators in the weeks leading to release 2. Create a Facebook Event for the release 3. Launch or activate Fan Groups Post Release: 1. Drive off-platform traffic to your music videos on Facebook 2. Use Calls to Action in your posts and on your page 3. Share clips from your music videos to Facebook and Instagram Stories or Instagram Reels 4. Encourage fan engagement and engage back 5. Go Live to talk about the video 6. Find other moments to share your video Here are Facebook’s tips for a successful PMV release
  26. 26. H: 4.0” W: 4.4” H: 4.0” W: 4.4” PMV New Features PMV: User Playlists Users can now create playlists of videos (including PMVs and other video types) on iOS and Android. Users can also add videos they come across in Feed, Watch Feed, or an artist Page to a new or existing playlist using the 3-dot menu. Playlists can be private, public, or shared with only the user’s friends. Users can share their playlists on their own timeline as a post that will show up in the Feed based on their privacy setting. This feature enables fans to build community around PMVs and video content on Facebook by allowing them to create and share their own playlists. Global 30 Second PMV While PMVs are launched in the US, MX, TH and IN markets, Global 30 Second PMVs ensures that creators can engage users from outside these launch markets as well. Users outside of licensed PMV countries will have access to 30 second clips of PMVs, with the goal of improving the PMV experience and reach for labels, artists and fans. These are being tested but will be rolling out more widely in the near future.
  27. 27. Facebook Live
  28. 28. Facebook Live Live is a great way to connect with your fans in real time! You can go Live from desktop, mobile, or Creator Studio, and your followers will be notified. Visit Facebook for instructions on how to go Live from each platform. Going Live doesn’t have to be just from a Page, you can go Live in a Group or an Event’s Page. If you’re really into video production and want that perfect set up, Facebook has you covered with their encoding software options and then go Live using Live Producer. You can schedule a Live so your followers can put it on their calendar
  29. 29. ● Utilize Live for Q&As, live performances, chatting with fans, BTS at the studio or a concert, soundcheck, and more ● Create a regular series to continue building viewership and to have a reason to go live on a regular basis ● Collaborate by going Live with other pages ● Announce your Live a few days ahead ● Launch pre-recorded content with Live by scheduling a Premiere ● Facebook Lives are eligible for Watch Parties Live Tips & Tricks *via Kelsea Ballerini
  30. 30. Stories & Reels
  31. 31. H: 4.45” W: 4.0” Facebook Stories Stories on Facebook and Instagram help you connect with your followers through full-screen photos and videos through their stories feed. After you post your content, it will be visible for 24 hours. Just like Instagram you can: ● Utilize Stickers: Question, Poll, Music, Donation, GIF - additionally use Comments, or Feelings ● Cross promote by sharing your Instagram Stories to Facebook ● Utilize the Swipe Up function via Mya
  32. 32. H: 4.45” W: 4.0” Facebook Reels Facebook has brought Reels to its platform and, just like Instagram you can include music/audio and special effects. Set to public by default (for people over 18), Reels have the potential to reach a wider audience on the platform through discovery in the Feed and groups. Facebook is also testing the option for creators and businesses to share their Reels from Instagram to Facebook. Advertisers will also soon be able to place full-screen ads between Facebook Reels. via Hootsuite
  33. 33. H: 4.45” W: 4.0” Reels Tips ● Keep things simple ● Pull the viewer in within the first few seconds ● Have fun with AR effects ● Use Remix to collaborate with other creators or engage with your fans ● Make your content relatable ● When jumping on a trend, tag the inspiration or original creator ● Use a text frame as the cover photo ● Use relevant hashtags ● Utilize a combination of trending audio and your own audio/voiceover ● Use music from the music library ● Have fun and get creative! via Kelsea Ballerini
  34. 34. Spark AR Instructions uctions ● Spark AR Studio is Facebook’s tool for building augmented reality effects that can be used on Facebook and Instagram stories. ● Anyone can design, upload and publish the filter to the page with admin access. ● Create filters that have a colorful overlays, animated objects, randomizers & more. There are hundreds of things you can incorporate to make your filter custom and recognizable to your brand.
  35. 35. Insights
  36. 36. H: 4.45” W: 4.0” New Insights Page Insights in Facebook Business Suite help you understand the results of your organic and paid social media efforts across Facebook and Instagram in one place. With Insights, you can see metrics, trends, and visual reports that help understand which Facebook Page and Instagram strategies work well and where to make improvements. You can then optimize the way you spend your time and resources. ● Page Likes/Followers ● Age ● Gender ● Top Cities and Countries ● Location ● Interests *via Facebook
  37. 37. Thank You