Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?


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Insights into the behavior patterns of Middle Eastern Twitter users during Ramadan.

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Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?

  1. 1. Tweeting in RamadanWhen are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan? July 2012 Presented by The Online Project
  2. 2. Presented by The Online Project 2 Why read this report? As more brands in the Middle East engage on Twitter, they are becoming increasingly accessible to audiences in the region. Twitter users are using the channel to share their customer service inquiries, grievances and issues. As a result, a few brands are often delivering friendly and timely service. Other consumers are finding that following their favorite regional and local brands is a practical and easy way to keep up with the latest news, updates and at times, even offers from these companies However, with more users adopting the platform, it is increasingly challenging for brands to predict the best times to engage with their audiences. These challenges are more pronounced during the Holy Month of Ramadan where consumer habits change drastically both online and off. For brands that are interested in communicating in a more relevant and timely manner, this report will give you a peek into some of the changes we observed in a few countries in the region. It will also serve to offer you a variety of tools that can give you a more accurate assessment of the timings of your community. Ramadan, by nature, is a highly sociable month, we wish you the best of luck in extending this tradition online by ‘socializing’ with your followers and customers on Twitter.Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
  3. 3. Presented by The Online Project 3 How to make use of this report The data and observations in this report are meant to serve as a broad overview of trends in only a few countries in the region on a macro level. This data will not reflect the habits and trends within smaller communities in each of those countries; therefore, we recommend you make the most use out of it by using this as a starting point. 1. Recognize the overall differences in each country. 2. Look for your own trends within your region of interest, and specifically within your community‘s habits. 3. Experiment with different times for your content and observe the reactions using the tools mentioned in this report. Remember to keep records by utilizing measuring tools to assist in monitoring and analyzing data.Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
  4. 4. Presented by The Online Project 4 Findings The best times to Tweet in each country during Ramadan Egypt 9PM TO 12AM 12A 3A 6A 9A 12P 3P 6P 9P Kuwait 9PM TO 12AM 12A 3A 6A 9A 12P 3P 6P 9P Jordan 4PM TO 6PM 10PM TO 12A 3A 6A 9A 12P 3P 6P 9P 12AM UAE 4PM TO 6PM 9PM TO 10PM 12A 3A 6A 9A 12P 3P 6P 9PTweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
  5. 5. Presented by The Online Project 5 Findings Percent of increase in the volume of tweets during vs after Ramadan 495% 231% 223% 135% 100% 100% 100% 100% Egypt Kuwait Jordan UAE The Key Takeaways • The volume of tweets increased significantly during last Ramadan, implying that people are even more keen to connect virtually during this month. • The volume of tweets increases sharply post-Iftar in most observed countries, with the exception of the UAE. • There is a notable lull in tweets during the hours of Suhour (dawn) and immediately following.Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
  6. 6. Presented by The Online Project 6 Recommended Tools While we have noticed overall macro trends in each country, these trends might not be applicable to the idiosyncrasies within communities that develop around a specific brand. For example, while the majority of people in a country might tweet at 8 AM, followers of a specific music band for example might have a tendency to tweet around midnight more often. Because the differences vary so sharply between communities, we recommend using some of the below tools to get a deeper understanding of your own community’s habits, which will allow you to communicate at more relevant times. Content Scorer* Twenty Feet Tweet Reach Want a tool that will tell This tool tracks multiple If you need to find out the you what the best time to social media channels, in reach for a specific hashtag tweet to your community addition to several accounts or keyword, then Tweet based on how they interact per channel, and can deliver Reach should prove useful. with you? Content Scorer the performance results of It’s a good tool to assist in ranks each of your tweets your channels via email and finding the most effective based on how much of a RSS. words to incorporate in your reaction they received. The tweets. tool also analyzes what time Crowd Booster your followers are most This tool analyzes your My Top Tweet likely to retweet or engage tweets and performance, TwitSprout developed a tool with your content and then then recommends optimal that helps you analyze your recommends the ideal time times for posting, in addition latest tweets and find the based on your own historical to churning out user insights. most successful ones based data. on the number of retweets it received. * For transparency purposes, Content Scorer is a tool developed at The Online Project’s Lab, and has received wide acclaim for its effectiveness. Users found it useful and we hope that you will, too.Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
  7. 7. Presented by The Online Project 7 Conclusions The times at which users tweet varies greatly from one country to the other; where possible, brands should look at this data as an indication of the benefits of separating country specific channels. The volume of tweets increases significantly during Ramadan, indicating that there are more opportunities to connect with consumers during the Holy Month. Brands can and should take advantage of the increased volume of tweets post-Iftar to launch their campaigns for Ramadan then. Finally, a quick look into the insights provided by the tools mentioned in the “Recommended Tools” section should remind brand managers to take a deeper look into their sub-communities and analyze their own communication trends and habits.Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
  8. 8. Presented by The Online Project 8 Research objectives & Methodologies The objective of this report is to Because Twitter does not make The tool then tracked the frequency look for differences in the times that the data of Twitter user locations and content of publicly available people communicate on Twitter publicly available by default (except tweets, including mentions of during Ramadan, compared to where users choose to identify retweets and replies. other times of the year. them), we developed proprietary tools at The Online Project to track This was done by taking a random users based on the location of sample of Twitter users in each of where their tweets originate from. the identified four countries and Albeit Saudi Arabia is a big market, logging their tweets during and we could not generate enough after Ramadan. The compared data tweets to be able to draw insights was collected during two weeks on this country; this is due to the of Ramadan, and two weeks of the sample being randomly pulled. following November. Contributors and special thanks This report could not have designers Lama Qudah; and Baker; Julia Schmutzler; been produced without the Mustapha Al Abdali. Our analysis Yasmine Sakka; Abdel Aziz efforts of some of key team team: Hamzeh Janakhat, Islam Abu-Fadaleh; Hamzeh Zaher; members and partners. Ayyeh, Mahoud Shahwan, Lina Salwa Qattan; Dana Abiqwa; Mash’el, Rawan Hamed, and Zeid Furat Abuhashhash; Ez Zmeili; A special thanks goes out Bushnaq. Our Products team: Mahmoud Madi Dwairi; Dina to: Feras Hilal, Social Media Khaled Nobani and Ruba Nobani Habash; Ala’a Qaraeen; Dana Marketing Manager, who served Kakish; Riham Abu Daqqa; and as a main contributor in analyzing Our operations team for Maher Jilani, Ahmad Moqanasa, the data; Roula Khatib, Social making it possible to do Tarek Qaitouqa and Nour Soudani. Media Analyst, who collected what we do: COO Qais Al and prepared the data; Firas Rousan; Human Resource And our colleagues at Steitiyeh, Ahmad Moqanasa and Manager Hadeel Al Jobour; Modern Media for their Zeid Haddadin, Products Manager Human Resource Officer Dana constant support: Razan and Social Media Developers Refai; Business Development Goussous, Kholoud Sarsak, (respectively), who created the tools Manager Hanan Dajani, Business Samah Ayoub, Zeina Gammoh, to gather the data. Development Associate Eman Dina Al Sahhar, Odey Abdl Ghani, Mufleh, and our finance team: Ahmad Anabtawi; and former team We would also like to thank Khaled Al Azhari, Raed al Absi and member Ghada Odeh. all the team members at Saad Hashem. TOP who make it possible We received feedback, to spend every day Former team members, who direction and information learning something new: have left a lasting trace on from the following industry Client Servicing Manager what we do: Hussam Binni; contributors, without Nisreen Shawwa; Head of Nahla Tabbaa; Sohaib Ismail; whom the preparation of Community Management Ahmad Akour; Osama Tuffaha; the report would not have Jansait Qoqandoqa; Art Rama Abdelhadi; Dana Mismar; been possible as well: Naif Director Suad Taji; Strategists and Loay Malahmeh; Mahmoud Qazlan, Founder of Mtwtron; Iain Project Managers, Ali Zueiter, Ali Mujahed; Ali Babay; Ashtar Twine and Mark SooHoo from Abdulhadi, Sima Zeidan, and Dima Daraghmeh; Firas Jallad; Nichola Edelman PR Agency for their Shahin; Community Managers Khoury; Mohammad Moey mentorship and guidance; and Diya Murra; Fouad Abida; Najeeb Shawash; Amer Al Saleh; Kim Rob Kubasko, who developed the Nimri; Sabina Al Shawareb; Shatha Wutsen; Ali Al Hassani; Nader images and presentation of the Hamdan; Tala Hammouri; Yara Abu Eiteh; Ahmad Salem; Tanya report. Al Qudah; Zena Risheg; Kareem Marrar; Sara Assad; Mohammad Shareef; and Tara Mubaidin and our Khatib; Mohammad AbuTweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
  9. 9. Presented by The Online Project 9 About TOP As the Middle East’s leading social media agency, The Online Project develops and executes social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies and high profile organizations operating in the region.Tweeting in Ramadan: When are the best times for companies to engage on Twitter during Ramadan?
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