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UPDATED: 2012 TOP Facebook Marketing Infographic


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Infographic that shows the differences between Facebook users behavior in the Middle East and the US

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UPDATED: 2012 TOP Facebook Marketing Infographic

  1. 1. facebook by the numbers America VS The Middle East Boys vs Girls languages Countries that use Facebook the LEAST in Arabic: • Lebanon (5%) • UAE (9%) Countries that use Facebook the MOST in Arabic: • Palestine Lowest gap between • EgyptMiddle East males and females: • Iraq • Saudi Arabia VS Lebanon: 4.6% male dominated Highest gap between males and females: 53%United states People Using Facebook inof America Iraq: 45.8% English male dominated Relationship status Middle East USA Majority DO NOT LIST Status Majority DO list status 85% interested in women 44% interested in women 52% are single 33% are single 29% are married 43% are married Also in the Middle East: 50% men interested in women 22% women interested in women Old vs young 10% men interested in men 7% women interested in men Palestine is the youngest country Exception is Lebanon where women interested in men is 19%Facebook friends 43.6% USA Of the population is 133 Jordan between 18-24 Middle Sudan Lebanon East 90 Bahrain 75 79 Kuwait KSA 59 60 Iraq 43 45 22 Average friends per userAverage vanity numbers per user 25 80 444 271 20 Profile 11 Uploaded Connected pics photos pages Uploaded Tagged Entertainment albums photos pages Presented by: The Online Project