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If someone's just told you that you're HTML, JPEG and PHP for your CMS is not SEF or accordant with W3C guidelines and you have no idea what they're talking about, here's a quick rundown on common web design terms and acronyms for you.

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Web Design Terms

  1. 1. Common Web Design Terms & Acronymswww.thenetresearcher.comfkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  2. 2. Common Web Design Terms and Acronyms Whether youre a web designer, someone studying web design, or someone who is just working on the web design for a website you plan to commission, from time to time youre likely to come across an industry term that truly seems to be in a foreign language, or a an acronym that you just cant make head or tail of. If someones just told you that youre HTML, JPEG and PHP for your CMS is not SEF or accordant with W3C guidelines and you have no idea what theyre talking about, heres a quick rundown on common web design terms and acronyms for you:www.thenetresearcher.comfkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  3. 3. BROWSER• A browser is computer program thatdisplays websites on the internet.• Without browsers there would be no webdesign.• Examples: Internet Explorer, GoogleChrome, Firefox, Safari. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  4. 4. CMS• CMS translates to Content ManagementSystem.• CMS is a system used in web design to addor amend text on a web page.• Example: Joomla. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  5. 5. DATABASE• A database is a collection of data stored ona web server.• Databases are used in the web design ofsearch pages.• Types of databases are: Analytical, Data Warehouse,Distributed, End-User, External, Hypermedia and Operational. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  6. 6. E-COMMERCE WEBSITE• E-Commerce websites are those that arespecifically established to enable the purchase orsale of products or services over the internet.• Examples: Amazon.com, Ebay.com www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  7. 7. FLASH• Flash is a Plugin produced by Adobe thatenables rich functionality in web design.• Flash is often used in the design of gamesand other animated features. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  8. 8. HTML• HTML translated to HyperTextMarkup Language.• It is the primary scripting languageused to write web pages. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  9. 9. HOMEPAGE• A homepage is the first page that isdisplayed when a user opens a web browseror selects the "home" button on the browsermenu.• People often have their home page set topopular or useful sites such as Google or anews feed such as MSN or CNN. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  10. 10. HOSTING COMPANY• Hosting companies offer space on their webservers for public sale or rental.• Every website must have a host sooperating a hosting company can be alucrative business enterprise. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  11. 11. HYPERLINK• A hyperlink is a link to another image,document, download or website that isembedded in a web page. JPEG• JPEG translates to Joint Photographic ExpertsGroup.• JPEG is a type of image file and is thecommon image format required for images usedin web design. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  12. 12. PHP• PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocesser.• It is another computer language mainly usedto create dynamic (moving or interactive) webpages. SEF• SEF translates to Search Engine Friendly andrefers to any element of a website that workstoward optimizing the visibility of a website onpopular search engines such as Google. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  13. 13. SEO• SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizationthat is a system of methods used to boost awebsites placement in search engine resultslistings. Search Engine• A Search Engine is a website that has beenspecifically designed to allow users to searchfor information on the internet by entering keysearch terms to direct the search and orderthe results according to their relevance.• Google is the most well-known searchengine. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  14. 14. W3C• W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium.• The W3C is an organization that dictatesstandards of web design and development on aninternational scale. www.thenetresearcher.com fkhan@thenetresearcher.com
  15. 15. www.thenetresearcher.comfkhan@ thenetresearcher.com