Search Engine Optimization Vs Social Media


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Search Engine Optimization Vs Social Media

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization VS Social
  2. 2. Hundreds of businesses are joining the social media revolution each day in a bid to get their online businesses moving forward and attracting high levels of traffic and sales. Social media is now an important part of any businesses marketing armory and if your business is not using it, you should be because it is a great way of showcasing your business to potential customers. The question that arises from this is Which is better for your business, SEO or Social Media?
  3. 3. SEO - Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization or SEO as it isabbreviated, is a process of optimizing yourwebsite for the search engines and ensuringthat you are visible to searchers. SEO includes many different techniques inorder to improve a websites visibility, theseinclude: •Link Building •Social Bookmarking •Article writing and submission •Press release writing and submission •Forum posting •Blog commenting
  4. 4. Link Building The process of establishing relevant, inboundlinks to your website which help your websiteachieve higher ranking with the major searchengines and drive targeted traffic to your site. Social Bookmarking A method of saving and storing web pages ina single online location for future use or forsharing with other Internet users. Sites such asDigg, StumbleUpon and Reddit provide socialbookmarking.
  5. 5. Article Writing Article Writing is preferred by all the internet marketers as the investment is zero in this method. The result is positive only when your article is written with good quality, which means, your article should be well written with some valid and valuable points, with good grammar and so on. The website that aims to increase the profit and get quick visibility in search engines should definitely rely on the article writing
  6. 6. Press release writing Online press releases make a great response device for the search-using public. A correctly optimized online news release can get you to the top of page one for your chosen keywords in the news engines within 24
  7. 7. Forum posting Forum posting is a great way to build up thebacklinks of your site. Most forums allow you to include a link toyour site in the signature area. Each forum hasits restriction regarding the number of links andword count limit in the signature. If you want,you can assign different color to the link in yoursignature. It will make people pay attention toyour signature. It is recommended that you dont use the URL full format in thesignature. Instead, you should use anchor text for the link in the signature.The anchor text should be relevant to the destination site which you arepromoting. You can use the main keyword as the anchor text so that thelink is more SEO optimized.
  8. 8. Blog Commenting Blog commenting is one fantastic way tobuild your website’s inbound links, therebyincreasing traffic and rankings. Once you find some good blogs to commenton, you can add their RSS feed to your feedreader to get their latest blog posts instantly.When you post a blog comment you are askedfor your website url, which is where the click-thrus and link juice comes from. Not all blogs are “do follow” however whichmeans the search engines spiders are followingthose links, but not to worry about that becausejust posting a lot of comments is good no matterwhat.
  9. 9. Search engine optimization is allabout improving a websites importanceto a search engine so that the websiteranks higher within a search resultspage for a key term that is important tothat website. Search engine optimization is allabout improving a websites importanceto a search engine so that the websiteranks higher within a search resultspage for a key term that is important tothat website.
  10. 10. Social Media Social media or SM differs to SEO because it does not directlyimprove your websites search engine performance. SM is all aboutinteracting with web users and engaging them with your business orinterests. The main social media platforms are: • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • YouTube If you have an online business SM is a must as search enginessuch as Google have already started to provide live results which arebased on tweets from Twitter. SM also helps you reach out to potentialcustomers by providing engaging conversation, it is just like turning upto a local networking meeting but with a lot more people.
  11. 11. So Which One Is Best For You? Ideally you should be focusing your time on both SEO andsocial media but if you do not have the time to do the two I wouldalways suggest that you focus on SEO first because most userswill search for you in Google first and if you are not featured withinthe first 2 pages then the likely-hood of them using you is slim. You must always focus on your websites performance first sothat you are getting high levels of traffic each day, week, monthand year. SM can then be used to market your brand and createsome brand/product awareness. There is room for both SM and SEO in your online businesssmarketing campaign and if you use the two effectively you will finda fantastic return on investment of both money and time.
  12. 12. www.thenetresearcher.comfkhan@