Real Success to Your Marketing Campaign


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Marketing campaign must be carefully aimed at your true target audience for it to be successful.

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Real Success to Your Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. A I M - I T AIM-IT A I M - I T A A I I M M - - I I T T A A I I M M - - I I T
  2. 2. Real Success to Your Marketing Campaign Public opinion is a moving target, though it will not be a continuous success this year. Public opinion, the economy, political landscape, and local demographics are constantly shifting. For a successful marketing campaign, true target audience must be aimed. To help with this aim, consider the acronym, “AIM IT”
  3. 3. A - AWARENESS• No one will buy your product or visit yourestablishment unless they are aware of it.• Creating awareness is simple and often costly.• Major corporations can use television, billboards,or print advertising.• Small businesses use word of mouth which isinexpensive but slow and unreliable.• Some outstanding ways to create awareness inour community are door to door couponing, goodsignage in proper location, co-operative events inschools and civic organization which isinexpensive.
  4. 4. I - INTERESTNot only is it critical that you make your targetmarket aware of your presence, you muststimulate interest so they want your product orservice.• What is unique about your product or service?• If you sell watches, think why your watches arebetter, more stylish or less expensive than others?
  5. 5. M - MOTIVATION• Create strong desire on your mind and emotionsof target market while selling a luxury item orservice, which is less competitive when comparedto common place like shoes.• Luxury is about status and the feeling one hasby owning your product or using your service.
  6. 6. I - – INCREASE USAGE• Once your new customer found you. Hebecomes interested and motivated enough to buy;now it’s essential for you to plan and repeat thesales.• Selling multiple products, programs innewsletters or preferred customer incentives toexpand their new product purchases. New itemscan be seen regularly using a storefront or shiftproduct in display. If you pay lot of money foradvertising and marketing to grab a newcustomer, It will not even meet the customeracquisition cost in a single sale.
  7. 7. T - TELL OTHERS• Spread the word with your new customer byencouraging and leveraging you relationship. KIRRRR ……… I AM HAPPY ……… KIRR………• Referral incentives are popular but largelyineffective. They may even backfire, as somepeople feel tainted by financial motivation. It ismore effective to make your customers feel to bea part of special community, and encourage themto invite people they know, to join.• Make your customers feel more than they areand to be family through Special remembrances,joint ventures with organizations in which theyhave memberships and public recognition.
  8. 8. A successful marketing campaign is like hitting a very small moving target in a crowd of people that might just be amirage. Your small business has a limited marketing budget. Make sure you "AIM IT" carefully.
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