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What 5 Other Companies Say About Netflix, Inc.


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Netflix is truly the talk of the town, as 40 other companies mentioned the digital video veteran in their recent earnings calls. Here are some of the most enlightening Netflix comments.

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What 5 Other Companies Say About Netflix, Inc.

  1. 1. What 5 Other Companies Say About... Image source: Netflix.
  2. 2. T-Mobile US CEO John Legere Image source: T-Mobile. "Our network team understands that 480p, for example, to watch Netflix videos, is a very perfect quality experience and we're not trying to trick anybody."
  3. 3. "What customers ultimately found out is not only that 480p for Netflix is a great experience and it's zero-rated, but it's 133% of what's being given to the other groups by AT&T and Verizon. "The people that don't really care are the customers. If you're a Verizon customer and you realize for five years you've been watching Netflix at 360p and you've been paying significantly more in data buckets, I think what you call that is 'a highly interested future T- Mobile customer.'"
  4. 4. In other words... ● T-Mobile is bending over backwards to give customers a good Netflix experience without emptying their bandwidth budget. ● Netflix is a big selling point for T-Mobile.
  5. 5. EchoStar President Mark Jackson Image source: EchoStar. "To provide DISH customers with even more content options, as of April 8 users can now access the Netflix catalog of ultra HD 4K shows and movies from the integrated Netflix app on the set-top box."
  6. 6. "Netflix is also incorporated into the Hopper 3's universal search results such that all Netflix titles are populated in DISH's episode list so customers can more easily discover more of the content that's available."
  7. 7. The media hub you always wanted ● EchoStar's set-top box is not the first media hub to provide a Netflix app, nor the first to include that catalog in one-stop media searches. ● But it is one of the first broadcast operators to make this a part of its satellite or cable service. ● Similar setups have been popular in European and South American Netflix markets for years. EchoStar and DISH may be setting the local standard for North American service providers to follow.
  8. 8. Hudson Pacific CEO Victor Coleman "The numbers are the best as we've ever performed. A lot of it is the stickiness of having Netflix." Image source: Hudson Pacific.
  9. 9. "I think we're also going to see some more stability in the sound stages around Netflix and tenants like them who are thinking longer term, not just show-to-show or year-to- year, and that's going to prove out to see some proven revenue over a multiple-year period."
  10. 10. Lessons learned: ● Coleman's comments underscore the value of having high-quality lease customers like Netflix in its offices and studio spaces. ● He also shone a spotlight on Netflix's growing hunger for direct access to sound stages. ● The company's in-house movie and series production is ramping up, and we ain't seen nothin' yet.
  11. 11. Pandora CEO Tim Westergren Image source: Pandora. "We are careful stewards of our capital, but we will not be shy about moves that we view as driving strong leverage into what is well on its way to becoming one of the truly great Internet marketplaces."
  12. 12. "It was this kind of confidence and long term thinking that created such great opportunity for the likes of Amazon and Netflix. "Like us, they both quietly built huge underlying strategic advantages and parlayed that into pricing and marketing advantage to extend their businesses and capture adjacent markets. "We are following a similar playbook."
  13. 13. Copying Netflix's playbook ● Westergren picked some great role models for his global growth ambitions. ● Amazon built the world's first serious online retail experience. Netflix created the first global movie service. ● Both stocks have nearly tripled over the last three years while Pandora struggled to find its footing. ● Following the example of these media market masters should make Pandora another global powerhouse in due time. Stay tuned.
  14. 14. Dolby Labs CEO Kevin Yeaman Image source: Dolby. "As the number of Dolby Vision televisions grow, we see increasing momentum on the content side. "Netflix began streaming content in Dolby Vision this quarter and announced that they will add 150 hours of original content, available by the end of this year."
  15. 15. "Also this quarter, Amazon announced their commitment to stream in Dolby Vision. Vudu is already streaming in Dolby Vision, and to date there are over 30 titles available. "And we expect to see as many as 100 Dolby Vision titles for the home by the end of 2016."
  16. 16. An active media ecosystem ● ...pretty much has to include Netflix nowadays. ● Netflix started its Dolby Vision support with original series Marco Polo, a vivid platform for Vision's additional color space and high dynamic range lighting. ● Wide-ranging support is on its way, but Netflix will continue to offer the largest catalog of Dolby Vision-enabled titles throughout 2016.
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