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Understanding the Internet of Things Data Boom in 12 Slides


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The Internet of Things is expected to generate trillions of dollars in business over the next decade, but where does that value come from?

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Understanding the Internet of Things Data Boom in 12 Slides

  1. 1. Text Text Understanding the Internet of Things Data Boom in 12 Slides Image source: Cisco.
  2. 2. The world's data doubles in size every two years. Roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes are already generated every day, and IoT will be a driving factor in future growth. Image source: Willi Heidelbach; Wikimedia Commons.
  3. 3. Mobile devices and video have driven the last decade's data growth, but what happens when toasters start communicating with fitness trackers and coffee makers start talking with traffic lights? Image source: Alphabet; Wikimedia Commons.
  4. 4. Image source: aripesko2; Wikimedia Commons. At the core of the IoT data boom are two challenges: 1.) Enable connections between a growing number of devices which produce increasing amounts of data 2.) Generate insights from new machine-to-machine communications to create consumer, enterprise, and public value
  5. 5. To facilitate the new wave of inter-device communication, existing networks are being sped up, but it's the release of 5G that's expected to kick the IoT wave into high gear. AT&T is targeting a 2020 launch for its 5G network, while Verizon has indicated it may launch 5G as early as 2017. Image sources from right to left: Verizon; AT&T.
  6. 6. Image source: Pexels. Smart technologies that stream high resolution video and other sensor data to the cloud for analytics need next-gen networks to function at scale.
  7. 7. Image source: Verizon. AT&T anticipates 5G speeds will be between 10 and 100 times faster than current 4G LTE speeds, and early tests on Verizon's network reportedly reached 10 gigabytes per second.
  8. 8. Image source: Pexels. With the proliferation of sensors and improved network speeds enabling inter- device communication, an ability to distinguish between useful information and noise becomes increasingly valuable.
  9. 9. Image sources (from top to bottom): Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco. Amazon, Microsoft, and Cisco are angling to play that role and deliver platforms that allow machines to interface, while sorting and analyzing data to produce insights that translate to practical applications.
  10. 10. Image source:, Wikimedia Commons. Verizon reports that 72% of organizations view IoT as a priority, but, for IoT platform holders, the digital push puts a premium on analyzing smarter rather than analyzing more. Amazon, Microsoft, and Cisco are turning to virtual sensors and machine learning to make it easier and more cost effective to detect and select valuable data.
  11. 11. MIT Technology Review estimates that 99.5% of data collected is never analyzed, and more is going un- analyzed as data volume grows. Image source: Cisco.
  12. 12. M2M communications, machine learning and analytics pave the way for far-reaching efficiency improvements, and cities around the globe are already implementing IoT technologies to reduce costs and improve quality of life. Image source: Cisco.
  13. 13. Image source: Pexels. When the data boom is translated into usable insights, trillion dollar opportunities are unlocked, and the biggest companies in tech, with support from the public sector, are betting IoT will be transformative.
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