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Understanding Apple's Internet-of-Things Story in 10 Slides


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The iPhone has been called the first Internet of Things device, and Apple aims to make sure it continues to play a leading role in the evolution of device connectivity.

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Understanding Apple's Internet-of-Things Story in 10 Slides

  1. 1. Text Text Understanding Apple’s Internet-of-Things Story in 10 Slides Image source: Cisco.Image source: Apple.
  2. 2. Apple recently unveiled the HomePod, a voice-controlled smart speaker that will compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home. The device will use the company’s Siri voice assistant and likely play a key role in its smart-home strategy. Image source: Apple.
  3. 3. How users will interface with connected technologies and services is one of the most crucial questions in the progression of the consumer IoT ecosystem. Image source: Apple.
  4. 4. Mobile devices are one possible solution, and Apple’s position in phones and tablets will likely be an advantage in the competitive IoT landscape. Image source: Apple.
  5. 5. Apple’s strength in mobile could also see it benefit from a rise of IoT software applications. Last quarter saw revenues from Apple’s App Store increase 40% year-over-year, and Internet of Things applications could be a new source of momentum. Image source: Apple.
  6. 6. HomeKit is Apple’s smart home platform, with compatible devices controlled through the company’s Home app. HomeKit has been somewhat slow to take off, but the smart-home market is in the early stages and Apple’s platform is still evolving. Image source: Apple.
  7. 7. HomeKit links first-party devices including smartphones, tablets, and the upcoming HomePod with third- party hardware offerings in categories like security systems, lighting, thermostats, outlets, and sensors. Image source: Apple.
  8. 8. HomeKit currently requires either an Apple TV or iPad to use as an interface, and future releases in these hardware lines will likely be tailored for increased IoT functionality. Image source: Apple.
  9. 9. Image source: Apple. Cupertino also looks to have a big opportunity in wearable technologies. Apple is now estimated to be the leading wearables vendor – with roughly 15.9% market share according to a recent report from Strategy Analytics, and the category still has room for explosive growth.
  10. 10. Apple already has healthcare apps for its mobile and wearable technologies, and the company is expected to make a bigger push into connected healthcare technologies. Image source: Apple.
  11. 11. The company is also working on autonomous car technology. Reports differ on whether Apple plans to release an actual smart car or is instead working solely on a software platform for autonomous vehicles, but connected-car technology presents an exciting new market opportunity. Image source: Pixabay.
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