Think You Missed The Boat on Retirement? Why Your Ship Hasn’t Sailed Just Yet


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Too many Americans feel like they've missed the boat for retirement. They haven't saved enough and what they have saved isn't providing enough income to pay the bills.

That doesn't have to describe you. Investing in high-yielding stocks could be the lifeboat your retirement needs. And, what better boat to use than boring shipping related stocks like Nordic American Tankers (NYSE: NAT), Seaspan (NYSE: SSW) or Textainer Group (NYSE: TGH).

An investment in Nordic American Tankers is an oil fueled bet that has the potential to earn substantial dividend income as the company leases oil tankers to energy companies. While the company's dividend payment is nearly as volatile as the price of oil, Nordic American Tankers still has a very long history of paying something to its investors each quarter.

Meanwhile, Seaspan and Textainer represent an investment in two different sides of the containership industry. Seaspan owns and leases out containerships on long-term charters to shipping companies. Textainer, on the other hand, leases out the containers to shippers on long-term leases. These long-term contracts enable both companies to pay solid dividends that continue to grow over time.

I've created the below slideshow to help you learn more about these three stocks. The presentation will show you how you can fuel some more income into your portfolio by getting to know more about Nordic American Tankers. While it will also providing details on a portfolio anchor like Seaspan as well as a dividend building block like Textainer.

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  • Think You Missed The Boat on Retirement? Why Your Ship Hasn’t Sailed Just Yet

    1. 1. Think You Missed The Boat on Retirement? Why Your Ship Hasn’t Sailed Just Yet Photo credit: Flickr/Woody Hibbard
    2. 2. Are you worried about retirement? Many Americans simply are not saving enough for retirement.
    3. 3. Are you worried about retirement? That is being compounded by low interest rates…
    4. 4. Are you worried about retirement? …which is keeping a lid on what savers are earning on their retirement funds.
    5. 5. Are you worried about retirement? This has many Americans feeling like they’ve “missed the boat” and will never be able to retire.
    6. 6. Are you worried about retirement? You don’t have to feel this way.
    7. 7. Are you worried about retirement? Your ship hasn’t sailed just yet.
    8. 8. Are you worried about retirement? In fact, now might be the perfect time to consider buying a high yielding shipping stock.
    9. 9. Nordic American Tankers Ltd • Owns 20 Suezmax crude oil vessels. • Paid dividends for 67 straight quarters. NYSE: NAT Photo credit: Flickr/rabiem22
    10. 10. Nordic American Tanker Key facts: • Incorporated in Bermuda in 1995. • Grown its fleet from 3 to 20 over that timeframe. • Different from other tanker companies as it only owns one type of vessel, Suezmax, which can carry one million barrels of oil.
    11. 11. Nordic American Tanker Why Invest? • Leases its vessels to oil companies on the spot market. • Exposure to the global oil trade. • Growth focused company that will acquire additional vessels as conditions permit. • Pays out most of its cash flow to investors. • Current dividend yield 10.79%
    12. 12. Nordic American Tanker Key risks • Spot market is both lucrative and volatile. • Quarterly dividend payments while consistently paid have had fluctuated wildly by rate. • Potential geopolitical risks as it carried three Russian cargos last year. • North American oil boom resulting in less seaborne oil imports to America.
    13. 13. Nordic American Tanker Bottom Line • Potential to earn strong dividend income during economic boom times while still being paid when economies weaken. • Nordic American Tanker can fuel extra income into a diversified portfolio.
    14. 14. Seaspan Corporation • Owns 72 containership vessels. • Grown its dividend each year since the financial crisis. NYSE: SSW Photo credit: Flickr/Phillip Capper
    15. 15. Seaspan Corporation Key facts: • Formed in The Republic of the Marshall Islands in 2005. • Grown its fleet from 10 to 72 over that timeframe. • Leases its containerships under long-term contracts to shipping companies.
    16. 16. Seaspan Corporation Why Invest? • Long-term charters provide income security. • Average remaining charter length is five years. • Visible growth as 17 newbuilds to be delivered by 2016. • That stable growth enables Seaspan to pay a steadily growing dividend to investors. • Current dividend yield 6.31%.
    17. 17. Seaspan Corporation Key risks • Seaspan uses a lot of debt to build its ships. • Freight rates and charter rates can be volatile, which could impact future contract renewals. • Seaspan was forced to cut its dividend during the financial crisis in order to fund its newbuild program.
    18. 18. Seaspan Corporation Bottom Line • Seaspan provides a solid dividend that is expected to grow as newbuilds start earning income. • Potential to be a dividend anchor in a diversified portfolio.
    19. 19. Textainer Group Holdings Limited • Owns 2 million shipping containers. • Pays a stable dividend with growth potential. NYSE: TGH Photo credit: Flickr/ShnapThat!
    20. 20. Textainer Group Holdings Limited Key facts: • Textainer has been operating since 1979. • World’s largest lessor of intermodal containers. • Owns more than 2 million containers which are leased to over 400 shipping lines. • Also the largest reseller of used containers, selling more than 100,000 containers per year.
    21. 21. Textainer Group Holdings Limited Why Invest? • Market leader with long-standing relationships with customers. • Containers are essential to shipping industry and can be leased for high rates of return. • Containers last 12 to 15 years and then can be sold for 40%-50% of asset cost. • Current dividend yield 4.85%.
    22. 22. Textainer Group Holdings Limited Key risks • Fragmented market leaves plenty of competitors. • Outside of customer relationships there’s no durable competitive advantage as containers are basically a commodity. • Global market volatility can impact fleet utilization.
    23. 23. Textainer Group Holdings Limited Bottom Line • Long-term leases help lessen the impact of the volatile global market. • Makes Textainer a solid building block dividend stock for any portfolio.
    24. 24. Bottom Line: Shipping stocks could put you back on course for retirement. Photo credit: Flickr/Bob Jenkins
    25. 25. Our special free report on one simple retirement strategy you simply must learn.