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The 5 Biggest Box Office Hits of 2017 So Far


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The first half of 2017 has drawn to a close, and Time Warner, Disney, and Comcast have scored the year's biggest hits so far.

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The 5 Biggest Box Office Hits of 2017 So Far

  1. 1. Text Text The 5 Biggest Box-Office Hits of 2017 So Far Image source: Cisco.Image source: EA.
  2. 2. Beauty and the Beast Image source: Disney. Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast has been a massive success, generating more than $1.25 billion in global ticket sales.
  3. 3. The picture’s big box office performance has led to talk of a potential sequel and bodes well for Disney’s slate of other upcoming remakes. Image source: Disney.
  4. 4. Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is a huge hit for Time Warner and its DC Extended Universe. The picture grossed over $680 million as of June 30 and has now passed $710 million in ticket sales. It’s also a big winner in terms of reviews, garnering the approval of 92% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Image source: Time Warner.
  5. 5. Image source: Time Warner. Wonder Woman’s heroic critical and commercial reception will likely add to the overall appeal of the DCEU franchise and pave the way for significant merchandise sales for Time Warner.
  6. 6. The Fate of the Furious Comcast’s Fate of the Furious has revved up roughly 1.24 billion at the box office, coming up short of Furious 7’s $1.57 billion in ticket sales – but still a huge hit in its own right. Image source: Comcast.
  7. 7. Following Fate’s big box- office run, Comcast is reportedly developing a spinoff series in addition to the Fast and Furious sequels already slated for release in 2019 and 2021. Image source: Comcast.
  8. 8. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 continued Disney and Marvel’s streak of box office success, grossing roughly $854 million in global ticket sales so far and outperforming its prequel’s sales by $80 million. Image source: Disney.
  9. 9. The picture also received a favorable review score from 81% of Rotten Tomatoes critics, continuing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s streak of well-reviewed films. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is expected to bow in 2020. Image source: Disney.
  10. 10. Made on a production budget of just $4.5 million, Get Out brought in more than $250 million in ticket sales – making it one of the most profitable films ever. Get Out Image source: Comcast.
  11. 11. Image source: Comcast. Written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele, Get Out stands as the highest- grossing debut for a new director. Following the big win, Comcast signed a two- year deal with Peele for right of first refusal on his upcoming projects and has a new film in development for a 2019 release.
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