Stocks fit for the game of thrones


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For the full article: -- What stocks would the characters from "Game of Thrones" invest in?

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Stocks fit for the game of thrones

  1. 1. Petyr Baelish -Stock: Goldman SachsAs the Master of Coin on the Small Council inKing’s Landing, Petyr Baelish is in control of thekingdom’s finances. And while the rulingLannister family has a wealth of gold, thekingdom’s expenses are many. So it’s nosurprise that Petyr prefers investing in a largeinvestment banking and securities firm such asGoldman Sachs. Not only does Goldman Sachsprofit from various financial services, but thecompany seems to always be profitableregardless of what happens in the stockmarket, housing market, or broader economy.
  2. 2. Joffrey Baratheon -Stock: ZyngaAs a child ruling a kingdom, it’s no surprise thatJoffrey Baratheon would invest in Zynga, acompany focused on building social and casualgames. Zynga watched many of its executivesleave the company and its stock priceplummet, a situation that Joffrey faces inKing’s Landing. Yet Zynga’s stock structureprovides its CEO, Mark Pincus, 70 votes pershare. That means that as of the end of2012, Zynga’s CEO owned 59% of the totalvoting power. Take that, mere commoner! It’snot bad to be the head of Zynga... unless yourstock’s awful performance costs you a spot onthe Forbes billionaire list.
  3. 3. Cersei Lannister -Stock: Yahoo!The Queen Regent and mother to JoffreyBaratheon, Cersei Lannister would admire abold female CEO such as Marissa Mayer ofYahoo! Joining Yahoo! less than a yearago, Marissa Mayer is determined to turnaround the struggling company. Mayer isfocused on building Yahoo!’s employees andchanging the internal culture. Bold leadershipis something that Cersei Lannister identifieswith, although the two have quite differentperspectives on how to get results.
  4. 4. Tyrion Lannister -Stock: LinkedInTyrion Lannister is often underestimated bythose around him given his size andappearance. Yet his intellect determines thathe shouldn’t be overlooked. Tyrionunderstands the value of building anintelligence network throughout King’sLanding, which shows why he would invest inLinkedIn. In the social media realm, LinkedIn isoftentimes overlooked due to Facebook’sextraordinary user base -- over 1 billionmonthly active users. LinkedIn has roughly 200million total registered users (not monthlyactive users.) Although Facebook’s user sizetowers over LinkedIn, LinkedIn’s revenue peruser was 20 times that of Facebook as of thissummer.
  5. 5. Robb Stark -Stock: AppleHaving lost his father, Robb is trying to lead hisfather’s men to the best of his ability. While helacks experience on the battlefield, hisfather, Eddard Stark, taught him numerouslessons in leadership and duty. That’s whyApple has caught Robb’s interest as an investor.When Tim Cook became CEO of Apple, manywondered whether he was capable of leadingthe giant tech company. While the companyhas had its challenges (e.g. Apple Maps), itsposition as one of the most influential techcompanies has not been toppled by the manycontenders.
  6. 6. Jon Snow -Stock: CaterpillarAs a steward of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snowmust protect the Wall. Although some mightsay that he knows nothing, he does realize thatwinter is coming. Caterpillar, which focuses onconstruction and building infrastructure, is topon his investing list. Since some of Caterpillar’sproducts are used for snow removal, Jon Snowpractices a Peter Lynch mentality to buy whatyou know.
  7. 7. Danaerys Targaryen -Stock: GarminLiving in exile hasn’t been easy for DanaerysTargaryen’s upbringing, as she’s never found atrue home. But as she establishes her identityas the “Mother of Dragons,” she’s determinedto return to Westeros someday. As someoneseeking direction and a home, Danaerys wouldbuy shares of Garmin for her investingportfolio. The GPS technology companycreates navigation products across every modeof transportation, including air and sea. And ifshe’s ever to return to Westeros, one ofGarmin’s marine products would sure beuseful.
  8. 8. Varys -Stock: Berkshire HathawayAs a eunuch, Varys demonstrates his powerthrough a (spider) web of contacts that feedhim information. He uses information to gain apersonal advantage, creating an insurancepolicy of sorts. Therefore Varys would be a fanof the insurance model and invest in BerkshireHathaway. Berkshire Hathaway is a largeconglomerate holding company, owning stakesin or even whole companies across manydifferent industries. Similarly, beyond hisnetwork of information-sharing contacts, Varysseems to have a hand in structuring deals oralliances across the kingdom.