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4 Obscure Marvel Characters That Will Be Huge For Netflix


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Shares of Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) ended the week up more than 1.7% on news of Marvel creating four new superhero shows exclusively for the online network. And yet Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS), down on weak growth in its networks business, may be the bigger benefactor.

Fans will have to wait till 2015 for the first episodes to air. The wait should be worth it: Marvel plans to end the experiment with an epic mini-series titled “The Defenders” in which all four characters come together in a style similar to The Avengers. The following slideshow introduces fans and investors to Marvel’s newest cast of TV characters, and explains why Netflix is the perfect partner to help bring them to life on screen.

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4 Obscure Marvel Characters That Will Be Huge For Netflix

  1. 4 Obscure Marvel Characters That Will Be Huge For Netflix
  2. Meet “The Defenders” Think of The Avengers but with more street cred. ● Not a spin-off of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though it will exist in the same cinematic universe. ● Four shows set in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. ● Each character gets a 13-episode series. First shows to air in 2015. ● Each series finale then leads into a mini-series titled The Defenders. Think of it as Marvel Studios’ backdoor attempt to distribute a movie via Netflix. So who are these characters? Allow me to introduce you ... Source: Marvel.
  3. Daredevil Created by: Stan Lee and Bill Everett, Daredevil #1 Abilities: Though blind, possessed of superhuman hearing, smell, touch, taste. Expert in hand-to-hand combat. Connected to: Elektra, Iron Fist, Black Widow, among others. Did you know? While fans largely decried 21st Century Fox’s 2003 adaptation, the film made $179.2 million worldwide on a $78 million budget. Not a rousing success, but hardly a failure. Source: Marvel.
  4. Iron Fist Created by: Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, Marvel Premiere #15 Abilities: Expert martial artist. Enhanced speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. “Iron fist” technique for delivering a single punch of enormous power. Connected to: Luke Cage, Daredevil, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, among others. Did you know? Headlined with Luke Cage in the comic book series Power Man and Iron Fist, where the two operated under the moniker “heroes for hire”. Source: Marvel.
  5. Jessica Jones Created by: Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, Alias #1 Abilities: Superhuman strength and resistance to injury, flight. Connected to: Luke Cage. Did you know? Though married to Cage, she originally had a crush on Peter Parker (i.e., Spider-Man). Her connection to Spidey led to try a career as a superhero. She’d later decide to become a private detective. Source: Marvel.
  6. Luke Cage Created by: Archie Goodwin, John Romita Sr., and George Tuska, Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1 Abilities: Superhuman strength and stamina, imperviousness to injury. Natural athlete and above-average fighter. Connected to: Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, among others. Did you know? Columbia Pictures originally held the license to create films for Cage’s character, including a planned (but never executed) 2005 feature. Marvel Studios has since regained the rights. Source: Marvel.
  7. Why Netflix and Not Hulu? Disney’s reach isn’t like that of Fox or Time Warner. ● ● While Disney is part-owner of Hulu, Netflix has more reach via connections in 41 countries. ● Source: Netflix. Outside of ABC and Disney XD for cartoons, the House of Mouse has few other options for Marvel programming. Having Netflix as a partner helps Disney match its ambitions to make Marvel a global brand in TV, movies, and theme parks.
  8. What’s Next For the Marvel Cinematic Universe? More global tie-ins. ● Thor: The Dark World has earned more than $240 million overseas, and that’s without the benefit of a TV tie-in. ● Netflix programming could tease forthcoming films and allow cross-media plotlines to develop. ● And why not? Foreign territories were responsible for 59% and 66%, respectively, of worldwide grosses for Marvel’s The Avengers and Iron Man 3. Source: Marvel. Don’t be surprised if The Defenders screens overseas first!
  9. 6 Stock Market Superheroes To the Rescue For truly stratospheric gains you need Rule Breakers, superhero stocks capable of rescuing even the most troubled portfolio. Fool co-founder David Gardner has six he’d like to introduce you to. ● One has transformed how the Internet delivers everything from corporate data to videos to video games. ● Another is a new Disney partner tasked with handling one of its most valuable franchises. ● Another has forever changed what we can expect from robots. ● Another is changing how we treat dangerous, debilitating genetic disorders. ● Another is a retail legend that’s leading the way towards a cashless society. ● And finally, one has made good on a crazy brand promise that’s become the industry norm. Care to learn more about these stocks? We tell you all you need to know in a just-released special report. Click here to claim your FREE copy now.