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5 companies that could help build Hyperloop


  1. 5 Companies That Could Make Musk’s Hyperloop Happen Source:
  2. SolarCity Musk’s Tesla announced the Hyperloop project, but it’s his SolarCity that can power it
  3. SolarCity Musk claims that “placing solar panels on top of the tube” will permit Hyperloop to “generate far in excess of the energy needed to operate”
  4. SolarCity Placing solar panels on top of things is basically SolarCity’s business plan
  5. SolarCity SolarCity can take any extra solar power generated from the panels, and sell it to defray operating costs
  6. SolarCity And when you get right down to it, Hyperloop is Musk’s idea So who better to help finance it? He should have some skin in the game
  7. SolarCity And after tripling SolarCity’s market cap in less than a year, with a net worth of $7 billion… Musk has the money to make this happen
  8. Tutor Perini Elon Musk has criticized California’s plan to build a high-speed rail system, calling it a “bullet train that is both one of the most expensive per mile and one of the slowest in the world”
  9. Tutor Perini Tutor Perini won a $985 million contract to design and build the first leg of this new high-speed rail project It’s familiar with the California regulatory landscape already, and with the issues with building mass transit in this state
  10. Tutor Perini Also, this being California, we can’t forget the elephant in the room... Earthquakes But here, too, Tutor Perini has relevant experience
  11. Tutor Perini Last year, it won the contract to repair the Washington Monument after it was damaged by a rare East Coast earthquake This experience will help Tutor Perini design a Hyperloop that not only might resist earthquake damage, but one that will be easier to repair after an earthquake inevitably strikes
  12. Boeing Musk says he can build a 400-mile Hyperloop connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles for $6 billion. As the nation’s biggest integrated government / commercial contractor, Boeing has the financial heft to carry out this project
  13. Boeing Boeing is more than just airplanes – it’s construction projects, too
  14. Boeing Boeing built a “virtual fence” along the Mexican border for Homeland Security. The project was a $1 billion bust, true ... but that wasn’t entirely Boeing’s fault If nothing else, the border fence gave Boeing experience building miles-long projects – experience few other contractors possess
  15. BAE Systems Musk says Hyperloop’s travel capsules will be “accelerated via a magnetic linear accelerator affixed at various stations” This sounds an awful lot like how the U.S. Navy’s new “rail guns” accelerate and fire “bullets”
  16. BAE Systems In July, the U.S. Navy gave BAE a $34.5 million contract to build it a rail gun capable of accelerating projectiles to Mach 6 Sound familiar?
  17. BAE Systems That’s more than six times the speed at which Musk says he needs his Hyperloop capsules to travel Hence ... BAE is 6x capable to satisfy Hyperloop’s need for speed
  18. Walt Disney Discussing Hyperloop, Musk has compared the experience to “getting a ride on Space Mountain at Disneyland.“
  19. Walt Disney And if that’s true then ... why not bring Disney itself in to make the experience complete?
  20. Walt Disney Seriously. Who knows more about rollercoaster rides than – the biggest amusement park operator on the planet?
  21. Walt Disney And what Is Hyperloop, really, but a supersized rollercoaster ... without all the rolls?
  22. Walt Disney Rails, “pods,” electric propulsion – this all sounds like a Disney ride to me, and it should all be old hat for Disney
  23. Walt Disney UCLA physics professsor Martin Simon, who’s on record calling Musk’s Hyperloop idea “feasible” – and who himself compared the plan to “acceleration methods ... used at amusement parks to get a roller coaster going” thinks “it would be cool if they had transparent tubes”
  24. Heck, yeah!
  25. Walt Disney Musk puts the number of travelers between San Francisco and LA at “6 million” per year. If each of them used Hyperloop exclusively, you’d need to collect $1,000 in tolls from them to pay for it – which could take some time.
  26. Walt Disney Make Hyperloop transparent, though, and it becomes a tourist attraction – a sightseeing tour – and paying tourists help to defray the cost of the project even faster.