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Meet the Companies Cisco Has Spent Over $4.4 Billion on So Far in 2017


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These four acquisitions could play an important role in Cisco's transformation to a more software-centric company.

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Meet the Companies Cisco Has Spent Over $4.4 Billion on So Far in 2017

  1. 1. Text Text Meet the Companies Cisco Has Spent Over $4.4 Billion on So Far in 2017 Image source: Cisco.
  2. 2. AppDynamics Cisco completed its $3.7 billion acquisition of cloud and analytics company AppDynamics on March 22. Image source: AppDynamics.
  3. 3. AppDynamics makes software for monitoring the functions and efficiency of on-premise and cloud business applications. This software makes it easier to identify and address issues that are facing a company’s network. Image source: AppDynamics.
  4. 4. AppDynamics is Cisco’s biggest acquisition since the company brought on a new leadership team roughly two years ago, and the move has added a substantial new range of tools to the company’s subscription- based software offerings. Image source: AppDynamics.
  5. 5. Viptela On May 1, Cisco announced a deal to acquire Viptela for $610 million. Viptela specializes in software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies. Image source: Viptela.
  6. 6. SD-WAN is a type of application used to connected enterprise networks, and Viptela’s technology is expected to bolster Cisco’s position in a market that IDC estimates will have grown from $225 million in 2015 to $6 billion by 2020. Image source: Viptela.
  7. 7. Viptela will be integrated into the enterprise routing unit of Cisco’s network and security group and should be an asset as the company aims to generate more software-based recurring revenue. Image source: Viptela.
  8. 8. Saggezza’s Advanced Analytics unit May 4 saw Cisco announce plans to acquire technology services company Saggezza’s advanced analytics team. A price for acquiring the unit has yet to be announced. Image source: Saggezza.
  9. 9. The advanced analytics team from Saggezza will be integrated into Cisco’s enterprise networking engineering group and will work on architecture for automating network operations. Image source: Pixabay.
  10. 10. The addition of Saggezza’s advanced analytics unit is expected to add data visualization and analytics technologies that will bolster the features and development of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture for business. Image source: Pixabay.
  11. 11. MindMeld On May 11, Cisco announced plans to acquire MindMeld at a price of roughly $125 million. Image source: MindMeld.
  12. 12. MindMeld is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in voice-based interfaces. The company’s core product has been described as a more advanced version of Apple’s Siri voice assistant. Image source: Pixabay.
  13. 13. Cisco plans on using MindMeld’s machine learning technology to bring voice- based AI and other enhancements to its collaboration suite. Image source: Pixabay.
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