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Johnson & Johnson: The Behemoth Continues Defying Gravity


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A string of successful drug launches make Johnson & Johnson look like the pharmaceutical industry's Cape Canaveral. Watch the slideshow below to find out what’s driving growth at Johnson & Johnson.

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Johnson & Johnson: The Behemoth Continues Defying Gravity

  1. 1. Johnson & Johnson's Second Quarter: Flight of the Bumblebee Continues
  2. 2. Johnson & Johnson: Second Quarter 2014 • Consumer goods up 2.4% • Devices and diagnostics up 0.9% • Pharmaceuticals rose a stunning 21.1% -- 36.6% in the US • Overall 9.1% increase in sales, and a 13.5% EPS boost • Firing on all cylinders
  3. 3. Johnson & Johnson: Hepatitis C Virus Olysio • Sales reached $831 million despite just 7 months on the market. • Off-label use in combination with Gilead's Sovaldi largely responsible for the company's overall upside surprise. Watch for • Upcoming combination therapies could make Olysio obsolite • Combos under review from: – Gilead Sciences – AbbVie • Combos in late stage development from: – Bristol-Myers Squibb – Merck
  4. 4. Johnson & Johnson: Next-Gen Blood Thinner Xarelto • First once-daily oral anticoagulant approved in US. • Second quarter sales rose a whopping 91% year-on-year to $361 million. Watch for • Safety issues for Boehringer Ingelheim's Pradaxa and a dissapointing Eliquis launch from partners Bristol-Myers Squibb are playing out well for Xarelto. • Partnership with Bayer limits share of international sales.
  5. 5. Johnson & Johnson: Type-2 Diabetes Invokana • First-in-class all oral type-2 diabetes therapy to win FDA approval. • Treats patients no longer responsive to insulin. • Listed as major growth driver in earnings release, but sales recorded in "other" category, which fell 1.8% year-on-year to $698 million. Watch for • AstraZeneca's recently approved Forxiga and concerns over urinary tract infections
  6. 6. Johnson & Johnson: Oncology Imbruvica • Developed in partnership with Pharmacyclics, this program highlights the company's successful partnering strategy. • Blockbuster opportunity from chronic lymphoid leukemia indication. • Pharmacyclics reported net product revenue of $56.2 during latest quarter. • Beat Glaxo's Arzerra in a head-to-head study Watch for • Gilead's idelalisib -- currently under FDA review -- could threaten growth going forward
  7. 7. Johnson & Johnson: A Fool Looks Ahead • Olysio's contribution likely to decline sharply in 2015 • Invokana, Imbruvica, and even Xarelto still in the early stage of their growth cycles • Upcoming patent expirations for Remicade and injectible neuroscience therapies might be aleviated by regulartory hurdles for more complex injectible drugs. Pharmaceuticals: Devices and diagnostics: • Cost cutting initiatives could keep growth reletively slow going forward. Consumer goods: • Baby care, skin care, and over the counter product sales exhibiting strong growth.
  8. 8. A coming blockbuster that will make every biotech jealous. For more, click here!