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How to Profit from the Rise of American Energy Exports


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Enterprise Products Partners, Phillips 66 and Cheniere Energy are the early leaders in position to profit from the rise of American energy exports.

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How to Profit from the Rise of American Energy Exports

  1. 1. How to Profit from the Rise of American Energy Exports Photo credit: Flickr/wonderlane
  2. 2. Photo credit: Flickr/ For decades America has been a net importer of energy. We built natural gas import facilities like Dominion's Cove Point facility to receive liquefied natural gas from overseas to bridge the gap between demand and domestic production.
  3. 3. Photo credit: Flickr/Roy Luck Today facilities like Cove Point and Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass are being converted to export natural gas.
  4. 4. Photo credit: Flickr/Steven Straiton However, it’s not just natural gas that America is now exporting.
  5. 5. Photo credit: Flickr/rabiem22 America is exporting NGLs like propane and refined petroleum products like gasoline and diesel.
  6. 6. Photo credit: Flickr/Justin Russell There’s even talk that America will lift its ban on exporting oil.
  7. 7. Photo credit: Flickr/ Needless to say, there’s money to be made on American energy exports…
  8. 8. Profit Opportunity No. 1: Liquefied Natural Gas There are a dozen LNG export and re-export terminals either approved or proposed in the U.S. according to the Department of Energy. Source:
  9. 9. Profit Opportunity No. 1: Liquefied Natural Gas  Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass facility is the most advanced as it is expected to begin commercial operations by late next year.  It’s planning a second facility in Corpus Christi.  Because of this the company is a real “pure- play” investment opportunity on LNG exports.
  10. 10. Profit Opportunity No. 1: Liquefied Natural Gas  Other noteworthy companies investing in LNG export projects.  Dominion Energy’s Cove Point LNG project.  Kinder Morgan’s Gulf LNG and Southern LNG.  Sempra Energy’s Cameron LNG project.  Energy Transfer Partners’ Lake Charles LNG project.
  11. 11. Profit Opportunity No. 2: Natural Gas Liquids Natural gas liquids like propane, butane and ethane are easier to export as these products don’t require expensive liquefaction facilities. This has turned America into the world’s top propane exporter. Source: Enterprise Products Partners
  12. 12. Profit Opportunity No. 2: Natural Gas Liquids  Enterprise Products Partners leads the way in NGL exports.  Growing its LPG export capacity from 7.5 million barrels per month to 16 million barrels per month by 2015.  Building an ethane export facility on the Houston Ship Channel, which should be operational by 2016.
  13. 13. Profit Opportunity No. 2: Natural Gas Liquids  Other noteworthy companies investing in NGL export projects.  Phillips 66 is building a LPG export facility along the Gulf Coast.  Targa Resources Partners is expanding its LPG export facility in the Gulf Coast.  Sunoco Logistics is exporting NGLs through its Marcus Hook facility in the East Coast.
  14. 14. Profit Opportunity No. 3: Refined Petroleum Products While American companies cannot export crude oil, companies can export refined petroleum products like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. America is now a next exporter of these products. Source: Enterprise Products Partners
  15. 15. Profit Opportunity No. 3: Refined Petroleum Products  Refiners like Phillips 66 and Valero are investing to grow refined product export capacity.  Phillips 66 recently bought a facility that’s strategically positioned for exports.  Phillips 66 is investing to grow its export capacity from 410,000 barrels a day to 550,000 barrels a day by 2016.  Valero is investing in several projects to increase its exports of refined products.
  16. 16. Profit Opportunity No. 3: Refined Petroleum Products  Midstream companies like Enterprise Products Partners ship and store refined petroleum products.  Enterprise is currently completing a refined petroleum products export dock expansion.  Buckeye Partners has global marine terminals in the Caribbean and on the East Coast.
  17. 17. Profit Opportunity No. 4: Oil A ban has been in place since the 1970’s on exporting domestically produced oil. However, shale oil is changing the conversation and recently Continental Resources applied to export some of its oil. Source: Enterprise Products Partners
  18. 18. Profit Opportunity No. 4: Oil  Right now the profit opportunities worth noting include:  Valero exports oil out of the Gulf Coast and ships it to its refinery in Quebec.  Enterprise Products Partners has significant access to water and expects to be a major player in crude exports as they evolve. It was also recently approved to export condensate, which is a minimally processed fuel.
  19. 19. Investor takeaway There are ample opportunities for investors to profit from energy exports. However, three companies really stand out as being the best ways to profit for investors.
  20. 20. The IRS is daring you to make this investment.