Google's 7 Craziest Projects


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Google is not afraid of trying some crazy ideas. Some of these 7 nutty Google projects will shock you.

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Google's 7 Craziest Projects

  1. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects
  2. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects Smart contacts • • • • • Image source: Google. For diabetes patients growing weary of constant pinpricks “The world is ‘losing the battle’ against diabetes, [so] we thought this project was worth a shot.” Measures glucose levels in tears, sends data for analysis Chips and antenna between 2 layers of soft contact lens Early days, still seeking FDA approval
  3. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects 1-800-GOOG-411 • • • • • • Image source: Launch video. Google’s speech-driven, free directory assistance service Officially Launched in 2007, shut down in 2010 Made obsolete by smartphones (note the 2007-era example) Voice data collected to get Big G started in speech analysis Lessons learned here applied to Android smartphones The cradle of acclaimed Google Now speech control system
  4. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects Self-driving cars • • • Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Cars driven by humans are inefficient and dangerous, killing 33,000 Americans a year “Our goal [with autonomous cars] is to help prevent traffic accidents, free up people’s time and reduce carbon emissions by fundamentally changing car use,” Google said in 2010. Removing human error, mandatory autopilots could reduce car insurance rates by 80% or more
  5. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects Google Glass • • • • • Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Puts a high-resolution screen in front of your eye Controlled by voice, blinking, tapping on the frame Connects to Android or iPhone in your pocket to process data -yes, it talks to Apple gear Early adopters of “wearable computing” pay $1,500 per Glass set Controversial for its ability to take covert pictures and video
  6. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects Project Loon • • • • • Image source: Google. Google calls it “Balloon-powered Internet for everyone” 70% of the world does not have Internet access Networked weather balloons could bring access to 5 billion new Internet users Designed to circle the globe via stratospheric winds, rising and falling on demand to catch wind layers in the right direction 3G, not 4G – but better than nothing
  7. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects Renewable Energy • • • • Image source: Google Green Investments. Google has invested more than $1 billion in clean energy Google’s existing wind and solar projects generate 2 gigawatts, enough to power 500,000 U.S. homes for a year Offshore Mid-Atlantic wind farms will add 6 GW when completed; Google owns 37.5% equity in the project Google boasts a net carbon footprint of zero, not counting Motorola Mobility
  8. Google’s 7 Craziest Projects Calico • • • • Data source: Census Bureau. Health research aiming to improve and lengthen human life – that aging chart shouldn’t drop off so early or so drastically Genentech chairman Art Levinson is Calico’s CEO, leading a crack team of researchers Doing long-term research that’s too crazy or unprofitable for other companies, like Genentech Long-term focus on results, not profits, allows Calico to tackle huge challenges like aging
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