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  • Interesting presentation! Definitely something any dedicated business person can look forward to, and gives a great launching point for vacation/retirement plans.
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Foreign vacation homes slideshow

  1. 1. 5 Great Places To Retire or Vacation
  2. 2. Malaysia
  3. 3. Malaysia • Malaysia is one of the most affordable and beautiful places to own a home • One of the lowest costs of living on this list. For example: • Dinner for 2: $10 • Health insurance: $33/month • Beautiful urban areas surrounded by jungles and beaches • Expect to pay for a house (U.S. Dollars): $72,000- 140,000
  4. 4. Nicaragua
  5. 5. Nicaragua • Nicaragua features beautiful beaches, volcanos, and a very modern metropolitan area (Managua) • Beautiful historic hotspots such as Granada and Leon • Median price of a 2,200 square foot, 3-bedroom house: $199,000 (San Juan del Sur)
  6. 6. Ecuador
  7. 7. Ecuador • Not only is Ecuador’s cost of living very low, but you can live luxuriously on a low budget • Many foreigners have homes in multiple locations, such as in the city and near the beach • A luxury condo right on the coast can be had for about $150,000
  8. 8. Panama
  9. 9. Panama • Panama is a modern, developed nation with most of the amenities of U.S. cities • Costs of living are extremely low. For example: • Dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine: $30 • Full time maid: $175/month • Currency is the U.S. Dollar, so no currency exchange is necessary • Expect to pay for a house (in U.S. Dollars): $70,000- 170,000
  10. 10. Belize
  11. 11. Belize • Belize offers the best of the Caribbean at a fraction of the cost • Official language is English, so no language barriers to worry about • Expect to pay from $140,000-250,000 for a 3- bedroom house and beachfront lot!
  12. 12. Sources and photo credits to-retire-overseas to-in-2013/ Photo Credits (clockwise from top left) Malaysia: Habib Munmum, Flickr/yeowatzup, Christian Torrissen, public domain Nicaragua: Adalberto H Vega, Jean-Pierre Dalbera, Delwin Stephen Campbell Ecuador: Martin Zeise, Martin Zeise, wikipedia/Bonsairolex Panama: Stan Shebs, Adam Jones, wikipedia/nico2panama Belize: public domain, Dave10Broek, Christian Torrissen