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The Apple Watch Was Made For China


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China is quickly becoming Apple's most important market. Sales in Greater China increased 70% last quarter year-over-year and nearly 300% compared to the first fiscal quarter of 2012. Chinese consumers absolutely love Apple.

With the increasing popularity of Apple's brand in China, Apple set out to design a product that's extremely attractive to the growing market of luxury tech consumers in the country. You can see the thought process play out clearly in Apple's design of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Was Made For China

  1. The Apple Watch Was Made For China
  2. Americans and Chinese Think Different about Apple.
  3. American consumers see Apple as a tech company Image Source: flickr/Yuri Samoilov
  4. Chinese consumers see Apple as a luxury brand Image Source: flickr/istolethetv
  5. So when the Apple Watch showed up on the cover of Vogue China . . .
  6. Image Source: Vogue China
  7. Nobody in China thought it was out of the ordinary.
  8. But when former supermodel Christy Turlington showed up at the Apple “Spring Forward” event in March . . .
  9. Image Source: Apple Keynote
  10. People were like … “This is so embarrassing I want to die …” - The Verge “We can’t help but feel her presence lacked any … relevance” - The Next Web “What the huh???” - Twittersphere (in more colorful language)
  11. Chinese consumers love Apple. Image Source: Screenshot
  12. Here’s what happened when Apple opened a store in West Lake, China in January. Image Source: Apple
  13. Image Source: Apple Keynote
  14. This guy bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend. Image
  15. This guy bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend. She said “no”. . . Image
  16. Just look at the sales. Apple Sales in Greater China Q1 2012 Q1 2013 Q1 2015 $4.1 billion $6.8 billion $16.1 billion Q1 2014 $9.5 billion
  17. Apple designed a product with China in mind. Image Source: Apple
  18. It made a luxury watch. China Luxury Watch Market 2004 2009 2014 $0.6 billion $2.1 billion $4.2 billion
  19. It offers it in gold. Image Source: Apple
  20. Consumer Demand for Gold in China 2003 2008 2013 ~200 tonnes ~400 tonnes ~1000 tonnes
  21. And it designed a communication method Chinese consumers are already familiar with. Image Source: Apple
  22. mage Source: Apple Keynote The primary input for text on smartphones in China is handwritten characters
  23. Chinese consumers really want the Apple Watch.
  24. You can already buy knock-offs. Image Source:
  25. No other wearable has received the same counterfeit treatment. Image Sources: Sony, Samsung, and Motorola
  26. One man was even arrested for selling drugs to finance his Apple WatchImage Source: flickr/Victor
  27. Not the wearable he was hoping for. Image Source: flickr/Victor One man was even arrested for selling drugs to finance his Apple Watch
  28. And some customers simply cannot wait. “Every day, there are so many people coming in to ask if we have the Apple Watch.” - Apple Store employee in Shanghai
  29. So, if you don’t understand the appeal of the Apple Watch . . .
  30. So, if you don’t understand the appeal of the Apple Watch . . . It wasn’t made for you.
  31. It was made for the 27 million* people that bought an iPhone in China last quarter. *That’s 36% of total iPhone sales
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