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8 dividend stocks


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8 dividend stocks

  1. 1. 7 Safe Stocks With Great Dividends
  2. 2. AT&T (NYSE: T)
  3. 3. AT&T (NYSE: T) • Not only does AT&T pay an excellent dividend, but the company has raised the dividend for 29 consecutive years • In addition to its huge and stable wireless business, AT&T also has a rapidly growing broadband and video service Dividend Yield: 5.23%
  4. 4. AT&T (NYSE: T) • At just 12.8 times forward earnings, AT&T is one of the most cheaply valued high-dividend stocks • AT&T is one of the world’s largest wireless carriers with more than 116 million subscribers • AT&T’s acquisition of DIRECTV should keep its video services customer base growing strong • U-Verse has grown tremendously since being introduced in 2006 and continues to do so, with 19% year-over-year growth in 2013 • The company’s dividend is less than 53% of its profits, so the increases should continue for years to come
  5. 5. TECO Energy (NYSE: TE)
  6. 6. TECO Energy (NYSE: TE) • TECO owns Tampa Electric Company, as well as TECO Coal and People’s Gas System • The company serves nearly 700,000 customers • TECO’s dividend has grown steadily, with no cuts in recent history Dividend Yield: 5.15%
  7. 7. Eni SpA (NYSE: E)
  8. 8. Eni SpA (NYSE: E) • This Italian oil and gas company has operations in 79 countries • Eni has operations in – Exploration and production – Refining and marketing – Power generation – Natural gas – Engineering and construction • Eni has been a part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since 2007 • Eni trades for just 12.9 times 2014’s expected earnings Dividend Yield: 5.84%
  9. 9. Icahn Enterprises (NYSE: IEP)
  10. 10. Icahn Enterprises (NYSE: IEP) • Run by activist investor Carl Icahn • A diversified holding company with positions in – Apple – Forest Laboratories – eBay – Chesapeake Energy – Herbalife – Netflix – Transocean – Nuance Communications – Talisman Energy – Holigic – Navistar Dividend Yield: 5.88%
  11. 11. Icahn Enterprises (NYSE: IEP) • Since January 2000, Icahn Enterprises has delivered a total stock return of 1,548% • The Dow’s total return was 103% over the same period • Icahn seeks undervalued companies, accumulates a large position, then becomes actively involved with the running of the companies • In addition to the stock holdings listed, Icahn has several subsidiary companies across a range of industries • These include Tropicana entertainment, Federal Mogul, PSC Metals, WestPoint Home, and others
  12. 12. Medical Properties Trust (NYSE: MPW)
  13. 13. Medical Properties Trust (NYSE: MPW) • Medical Properties Trust acquires, develops, and leases health care facilities • The company’s “net lease” model creates very low risk – Tenants pay all ongoing maintenance and operating expenses of the properties • Leases are on a long-term basis (10-15 years), so turnover is minimal Dividend Yield: 6.18%
  14. 14. Senior Housing Properties Trust (NYSE: SNH)
  15. 15. Senior Housing Properties Trust (NYSE: SNH) • This REIT buys owns and leases senior living facilities • The need for senior living facilities is projected to increase tremendously – According to the Association on Aging, the number of senior citizens is expected to more than double from 2000 to 2030 • The trust currently owns 370 properties in 38 states Dividend Yield: 6.55%
  16. 16. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (NYSE: KMP)
  17. 17. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (NYSE: KMP) • KMP is one of the largest publicly traded pipeline partnerships in the U.S. – The partnership owns or operates about 75,000 miles of pipeline, 180 terminals, and 9 tankers • The business is fee-based, so revenue is very stable (not dependent on commodity prices) Dividend Yield: 7.30%
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  19. 19. More of the best dividend stocks in the market