5 Tech Stocks to Watch in 2014


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These 5 must-watch tech stocks could be big winners in the year ahead. Here's why.

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  • 5 Tech Stocks to Watch in 2014

    1. 1. 5 Tech Stocks to Watch in 2014
    2. 2. 2013: A banner year for tech stocks • Technology has been a fantastic area for investors over the last several years. • For example, the Nasdaq Composite, a techoriented index, has outperformed the S&P 500 over the last one, three, and five years.
    3. 3. Tech investing in the year ahead • Let’s take a look at five tech stocks that investors should have on their radars in the year ahead.
    4. 4. Himax Technologies (Nasdaq: HIMX) • Himax grabbed investors’ attention last year when it was announced that Himax’s technology helps power Google Glass. A rising star in wearables
    5. 5. 1 way to play the wearable tech boom • The bullishness around its deal with Google, and the rise of wearable tech in general, sent Himax’s through the roof last year. • However, there are still reasons to be excited for Himax in 2014.
    6. 6. What could keep Himax flying high? • With sales of wearable tech poised to take off, and its strong presence in Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) displays, Himax could see sales grow meaningfully in the years to come. • Other potential catalysts for Himax include possible deals to supply new wearables and dividend increases.
    7. 7. Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Opening a new chapter • With the $7.2 billion sale of its handset business to Microsoft finalizing early this year, Nokia must recreate itself in 2014. • How will Nokia do this?
    8. 8. Nokia’s new look • Going forward Nokia will have 3 core operating divisions: • Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) – Nokia’s enterprise communications business • Formerly, Nokia-Siemens Networks • HERE – Nokia’s mapping and location services • Advanced Technologies – Nokia’s intellectual property licensing and research division
    9. 9. Nokia’s Money To Burn • After the deal, Nokia will have nearly 40% of its market capitalization in net cash. • How Nokia plans to use this cash remains unclear.
    10. 10. Searching for a new leader • As part of its agreement with Microsoft, many Nokia executives, including former CEO Stephen Elop, will become Microsoft employees. • Nokia is in the midst of its own CEO search. • According to reports, Nokia is focusing on internal candidates including current interim-CEO Rajeev Suri (pictured).
    11. 11. Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) 2 Words: New CEO • Like Nokia, Microsoft remains in search of its next leader, as long-time CEO Steve Ballmer is set to retire by August.
    12. 12. Microsoft’s evolving short list • According to reports, the short list of potential CEOs include Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg, former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, and Microsoft’s current head of cloud computing Satya Nadella (listed counterclockwise from top).
    13. 13. A tall order, no matter what • Microsoft’s share of mobile devices remains frustratingly low. • Its new CEO will have to devise a strategy to help Microsoft gain a meaningful presence in mobile going forward.
    14. 14. Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) Can AMD continue to grow in 2014? • Much like chip giant Intel, AMD remains frustratingly levered the the overall state of the PC market. • And after contracting 10% in 2013, the PC market is widely expected to shrink yet again in 2014.
    15. 15. Expectations remain high for AMD • Notching wins in both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 have some investors feeling optimistic about the prospects for AMD’s graphics chips.
    16. 16. Riding high into the new year • Aside from its opportunity in console gaming, AMD needs to find new financial drivers. • As mentioned, PCs should remain challenged and AMD has a negligible presence in mobile. • Where will the growth come from?
    17. 17. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) Looking forward to a better 2014 • After struggling for much of 2013, Apple appears to have a number of positives in store for the year ahead. • Its recent deal with China Mobile should be just one growth driver for Apple.
    18. 18. Expect more capital returned • Billionaire Carl Icahn has been actively urging Apple to increase their buyback program. • Apple’s management says it is currently reviewing its capital return policies. • With $130 billion in net cash, Apple should either raise its dividend, buy back more shares, or do both this year.
    19. 19. But will Apple introduce a new product? • CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly hinted that Apple has new products around the corner. • Although no one knows, many suspect Apple will enter the $60 billion smart watch market next.
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