5 iPhone 5S Rumors: Fact or Fiction


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The next iPhone is almost certainly set to be unveiled next month on September 10th. With the rumor mill heating up, what rumors can investors bank on, and which ones are almost certainly false?

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5 iPhone 5S Rumors: Fact or Fiction

  1. 5 Burning Rumors Before the Next iPhone Hits
  2. The Background • Numerous sites are reporting that Apple will hold a September 10th event to unveil the next iPhone • This comes almost exactly one year past the date the company unveiled the iPhone 5 on 9/12/12 A September 10th Launch?
  3. What’s at Stake? • Apple is widely expected to unveil an iPhone 5S, similar to how it unveiled an iPhone 4S two years ago. • The body would be very similar to an iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S Basics
  4. What’s at Stake? • Changes are likely to include internal upgrades like a new processor, some reported smaller hardware upgrades, and the possibility of additions like a fingerprint sensor. What could a new iPhone include?
  5. 5 iPhone Rumors: Which Could Be Real? • Yet, Apple is constantly testing new products and its supply chain is large enough that leaks are common. In the following slides, we’ll do our best to handicap which iPhone event rumors are likely. Separating likely rumors from fiction
  6. Rumor 1: No New iPad Mini on 9/10 The new iPad mini may make a later appearance • With a brand new iPhone and the next version of iOS on tap for a September 10th event, reports point to Apple unveiling the next iPad mini at a future event.
  7. Rumor 1: No New iPad Mini on 9/10 Fact or fiction? • Last year Apple held two events for the iPhone and iPad mini and will almost certainly follow the same pattern this year. In addition, it’ll likely be updating the larger iPad as well at a later fall event.
  8. Rumor 1: No New iPad Mini on 9/10 Verdict: likely true • There have also been reports a new iPad mini could be delayed. Apple would surely like to have it ready for the holiday season. For now, the best bet is that a more high-res “retina” version of the mini will be available in October or November.
  9. Rumor 2: A Cheaper iPhone? A cheaper iPhone is likely to be unveiled • Leaks from across Apple’s supply chain in Asia point to a cheaper iPhone that could launch this fall. • The big question is whether a cheaper iPhone would be announced at the same time as a flagship iPhone 5S
  10. Rumor 2: A Cheaper iPhone? Fact or fiction? • Pictures from Apple manufacturers show boxing for an iPhone 5C. • The cheaper iPhone will likely come in a number of colors with the “5C” standing for color.
  11. Rumor 2: A Cheaper iPhone? Verdict: expect a cheaper iPhone • With Apple still seeing strong traction with the iPhone 4, there is ample evidence an updated entry model would see strong sales. There are too many production leaks on this product to discount it; expect an iPhone 5C on September 10th.
  12. Rumor 3: A Gold iPhone 5S? Is Apple adding a gold iPhone option? • Leaked parts show a gold colored iPhone 5S, which would add a third color beyond the current white and black offerings on the iPhone 5.
  13. Rumor 3: A Gold iPhone 5S? Fact of fiction? • In addition to leaked parts, the rumor has been corroborated by usually well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who also said an iPhone 5S with 128 gb of storage is also set for release this fall.
  14. Rumor 3: A Gold iPhone 5S? Verdict: 50/50 • Part leaks could easily be tests not meant for a final release. • That being said, a gold iPhone could be a differentiator for consumers who had hoped for hardware changes which show a consumer has the newest phone. It could be particularly popular in Asian markets where Apple’s sales have recently sagged.
  15. Rumor 4: A Fingerprint Sensor Could the iPhone 5S include a fingerprint sensor? • In July 2012, Apple bought fingerprint sensor company AuthenTec for a reported $356 million. • Its long been speculated technology from the company would be integrated into the 5S.
  16. Rumor 4: A Fingerprint Sensor Fact or fiction? • The benefits of a fingerprint sensor are obvious – easier payments, easier unlocking phones, etc. – Yet, the biggest reason the 5S might not have a fingerprint sensor is that the company was purchased slightly more than a year ago. That’s a short time frame to integrate a technology that could be a central feature of the 5S.
  17. Rumor 4: A Fingerprint Sensor Verdict: A promising idea… But the timing is dicey. • Recent reports of a sapphire home button to be used as a fingerprint sensor lend more credence to this rumor. • Also, with Siri a main event for the iPhone 4S and Maps a central feature of the iPhone 5 launch, the company could be positioning a fingerprint sensor as a central selling point for the 5S.
  18. Rumor 5: An indestructible iPhone? Will Apple use a next- generation metal on the next iPhone? • Apple has an exclusive pact with a company named LiquidMetal through February 2014. The company produces an alloy which would make the iPhone’s frame significantly stronger.
  19. Rumor 5: An indestructible iPhone? Fact or fiction? • A patent made public on July 17th revealed LiquidMetal was working on processes for bulk production of its alloy. With mass production necessary for use across the iPhone’s frame, the market took this as a signal the technology was advancing and bid up LiquidMetal’s shares 220% in one day.
  20. Rumor 5: An indestructible iPhone? Verdict: fiction • LiquidMetal’s inventor said just last year that the technology still has three to five years before it can be mass produced. • A patent filing for a process to mass produce is a long way from having the right production infrastructure in place.
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