3 stocks crushed by the market this week 06-13-14


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3 of this week's worst health-care stocks

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  • http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/02/06/why-medidata-solutions-inc-shares-dipped.aspx
  • 3 stocks crushed by the market this week 06-13-14

    1. 1. 3 Stocks Crushed by the Market This Week
    2. 2. Plenty of health-care stocks enjoyed big gains this week. But not all of them. Here are three that were hammered pretty hard.
    3. 3. Shares of the 3-D bioprinting company dropped nearly 12% this week. Organovo Holdings (NYSEMKT:ONVO) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    4. 4. • Organovo announced financial results for fiscal 2014 on Thursday • While the results weren’t great – miniscule revenue and increasing expenses, it’s unlikely that any observer expected any significant positive developments yet on the financial front • The focus for Organovo continues to be future-oriented, especially with the upcoming unveiling of its 3-D liver assay test Why Organovo’s stock was 3-D: down, down, down
    5. 5. The stock of the biotech fell 11% this week. Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NYSEMKT:INO) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    6. 6. • An online post on June 10 speculated that Inovio’s CEO Joseph Kim was laying the groundwork for announcing negative news about a phase 2 study of cervical dysplasia vaccine VGX-3100 • Inovio responded publicly the next day, calling the article “false and misleading” and “inane conjecture” • The company stated that the data from the phase 2 study remains blinded and plans to report results from the phase 2 study by the end of July Why the market said “no, no” to Inovio
    7. 7. The biopharmaceutical company’s shares dropped 10% for the week. Orexigen Therapeutics (NASDAQ:OREX) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    8. 8. • Orexigen announced on Wednesday that the FDA delayed a decision on weight loss drug NB32 by three months, with a new PDUFA date of Sept. 11 • Why the pushback? The FDA indicated that more time is needed to finalize Orexigen’s post-marketing obligations • The main issue relates to evaluation of cardiovascular outcomes • Orexigen has an ongoing study involving 8,900 patients focusing on these cardiovascular outcomes Why Orexigen’s share price was slimmed down
    9. 9. • Organovo’s potential still is intriguing and Inovio could confound critics by reporting positive results for its DNA vaccine • The nod for best chance of rebounding, though, goes to Orexigen • While the FDA’s delay for a decision on NB32 was disappointing, the prospects for approval likely won’t be impacted • For investors who expect that NB32 will achieve greater success than earlier rivals, this week’s pullback could represent a good buying opportunity Best shot at bouncing back?
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