3 horrendous healthcare stocks this week 4-11-14


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This week's worst healthcare stocks

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  • 3 horrendous healthcare stocks this week 4-11-14

    1. 1. 3 Horrendous Health-Care Stocks This Week
    2. 2. It’s been a horrible week for many health-care stocks. A few, though, had particularly bad rides. Here are the week’s most horrendous health-care stocks of all.
    3. 3. The biotech’s shares plunged over 28% for the week. Puma Biotechnology (NYSE: PBYI) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    4. 4. • Puma announced results from a mid- stage study of neratinib in treating breast cancer. • The results disappointed investors because the benefits weren’t as positive as hoped. • 39% of patients developed moderate to severe diarrhea, prompting Puma to add higher doses of an anti- diarrheal drug to other studies of neratinib. Why Puma’s shares got pummeled
    5. 5. Shares of the biopharmaceutical company focusing on pet medications dropped nearly 23% this week. Kindred Biosciences (NasdaqOTH: KIN) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    6. 6. • Kindred announced a secondary offering of 3.45 million shares at $18 on Tuesday with little effect on the stock price. • The company presented at the Needham conference on Wednesday – again with shares not moving much. • Thursday saw a huge drop with the big overall biotech plunge. • The stock continued a steady sell-off that started over three weeks ago. Why Kindred shares crashed
    7. 7. The stock of the cloud-based healthcare technology company fell nearly 21% this week. Castlight Health (NYSE: CSLT) Source: Yahoo! Finance
    8. 8. • After a big IPO pop in March, Castlight has felt the sting of critics in recent weeks. • Castlight is the “most overpriced IPO of the century,” according to Yahoo! Finance. • The overall pullback in technology stocks seems to be sweeping Castlight in its path, but at an even faster rate of decline -- probably because of those perceptions that the stock is priced too highly. Why Castlight dimmed
    9. 9. • Any of this week’s horrendous stocks could rebound, but Puma Biotechnology gets the nod as most likely to bounce back. • The market reaction to Puma’s neratinib results seems somewhat overdone -- there’s still a good chance that the drug will perform well in phase 3 studies. • As investors digest the latest results more (and the general biotech sell-off ultimately wanes), Puma could mount a comeback. Best shot at bouncing back?
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