FAQ – The Money In Your MindHi. It’s Igor again. You know, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the, Money InYour M...
FAQ – The Money In Your MindIf you get those three things in place, well then your path to riches is virtuallyguaranteed. ...
FAQ – The Money In Your MindThere are many people, who have a huge amount of cash and lose it all. If you want ashock, jus...
FAQ – The Money In Your MindIf you’re not financially free but don’t even care about it then once again, I’m not goingto w...
FAQ – The Money In Your MindWell, the answer is no it isn’t. Of course, positive thinking is a wonderful thing and cando t...
FAQ – The Money In Your Mind             Which ones make you rich and which ones have been keeping you poor,             ...
FAQ – The Money In Your MindOnce again, it’s exactly the same answer to the question before. Yes, it will, if youchange th...
FAQ – The Money In Your MindSo, if you have any concerns about whether you’re smart enough to be rich, here’s avery simple...
FAQ – The Money In Your MindAll three areas are important. If you did an MBA, if you learned economics, would thatharm you...
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The Money In Your Mind Review


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For more info check out: http://www.themoneyinyourmind.org

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The Money In Your Mind Review

  1. 1. FAQ – The Money In Your MindHi. It’s Igor again. You know, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the, Money InYour Mind training. I want to take a few minutes to be able to answer them for you andthat’s what I’d like to do on this video.I realize that you’ve probably seen or heard of a lot of products that promise to help youget rich. And, if you’re like most people you’ve probably been disappointed by most ofthem, maybe even all of them. I have to tell you I’ve been there. I put this programtogether because I felt exactly the same way. My own path to financial freedom includedsome steps that I had never seen covered at all, in a single one of these programsbefore.As I started to do research on what other people had done to become rich, I realizedthat there were real gaps in the available information, in other words, the other wealthand money courses. That’s why I carefully designed both the content and speciallearning processes to fill those gaps. Now rest assured I’ll be telling you a lot moreabout what’s in the program in other videos.This one is just going to focus on answering your questions. So let’s dive in. The firstquestion is one I totally expect and that you have absolutely every right to ask.  Does it work?The simple answer is yes it does. Let me give you the crash course to riches. Yourconsistent actions over time will create whatever levels of wealth you have. There areenough rags to riches stories to prove that. The problem is: 1. People don’t know what those actions should be. 2. If they do know what the actions are, they somehow don’t find themselves being able to do them.Maybe they’re procrastinating, something else blocks their way, or even if they knowwhat to do and are willing to do it, somehow they keep missing the opportunity to do it atthe right time. I call this dilemma the wealth learning triangle, which means there arethings that your conscious mind must be able to do, which is spot opportunities and thenhave the insights to be able to plan and strategize what you’re supposed to be doing. 3. You need your inner conscious mind, your unconscious mind to be on your side too to make sure that you’re allowed to do these things, you have the freedom and the motivation to get the results. 4. Finally, you’ve got to know what the behaviors are. You’ve got to know what to do. 1 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  2. 2. FAQ – The Money In Your MindIf you get those three things in place, well then your path to riches is virtuallyguaranteed. If you’re missing any element in that formula, or if there is a kink, well,that’s when the troubles can start.The good news is in this program I cover all three bases and I cover them in manydifferent ways to make sure that all kinds of different people’s learning styles can reallyget this. The next question is interesting and it’s kind of related to this.  Even if this program does work, people are wondering, can I do this?Once again, the simple answer is yes. There are no special requirements for beingwealthy. All that’s required is that you consistently engage in certain actions over time.Rest assured those actions are actually very simple. You don’t have to do brain or heartsurgery. You don’t have to go and save the world, and most of the actions are literallyas simple as sitting down at regular mealtimes to have your breakfast, lunch and yourdinner.Being wealthy requires no special IQ or special talent. All it requires is that you see theworld in a slightly different way from everyone else, that you have a slightly differentunderstanding of what money is and how it works, and that you consistently engage incertain behaviors that are as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning or gettingdressed before you go to work.If you can do these behaviors consistently over time, well, wealth is virtually assured atthat point. Think of it this way. Two thousand or 5,000 years ago when no one knewabout personal hygiene, they’d wonder about how people can have healthy teeth all theway into their ‘30s. Of course, with modern insight, we understand about dentalhygiene. We know that brushing your teeth regularly really does keep them in goodshape.The wealth problem works in very similar ways. Once you switch your attitude, once youunderstand what it is you’re trying to achieve, well then you’ll quickly see that all thethings that people normally do to try to get wealthy actually prevent them from doing so.So I guess if you’re smart enough to brush your teeth, to shower in the morning and getdressed before you go to work, and if you’re consistent enough to be able to have threesquare meals, then you have what it takes to become rich, which leads us to anothervery reasonable question.  Don’t you need to have money to make money?Once again, this sounds very reasonable. From the perspective of most people thatdon’t have money, that’s exactly what the rich people are doing. They have hugeamounts of cash to make more huge amounts of cash, but that’s really not how it worksit’s actually an illusion. 2 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  3. 3. FAQ – The Money In Your MindThere are many people, who have a huge amount of cash and lose it all. If you want ashock, just look up the statistics on how many lottery winners have lost every singlepenny within a couple of years of winning it. Having lots of money does not mean you’llkeep lots of money or make even more money.The reverse is also true. There are more than enough rags to riches stories, people whogrew up on the wrong side of the tracks that came to America or Britain or somewherein Europe, some nation where opportunity existed and when they arrived they hadnothing but the shirts on their backs, yet they made something of themselves.The fact is opportunities exist everywhere. I guarantee you right now, you are beingpursued by an opportunity to make $1 million and the only problem is that your mindhas a filter in place that literally makes you blind to it. You cannot see it. For somepeople that filter is so dense that even if you point it out to them and spelled out step-by-step how this opportunity can be maximized to make $1 million, they’ll look at youblankly and go, no way, it can’t be that easy. Then they’ll go right back to what theywere doing before.So do you need to have money to make money? No. You need to have the rightmindset. You need to have the right perceptions. You need to know the right actionsand combined, that is an irresistible plan for success.  How can I know if this program is right for me?This is a very good question. Some people might be thinking, well, I don’t really want tobe rich. I just want to be well off. I just want to stop worrying about money. The goodnews is you don’t have to want to be rich in order for the program to work for you. Infact, as you’ll discover, for many people getting rich becomes an accidental side benefitto the real work, which is to become financially free.So, if you want to know whether this program is right for you, you just have to askyourself two simple questions. 1. Right now in your life, are you financially free?Could you never work another day in your life again and still be taken care of, and stillhave the means to take care of your family too? 2. Do you want to be financially free?It’s simple. This is not a rocket science test. If you’re not financially free right now andyou would like to be financially free, then this program can definitely map out the routeto get there for you. Of course, if you already are financially free and you don’t aspire todo anything more then that, good luck to you you’re in a great place. 3 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  4. 4. FAQ – The Money In Your MindIf you’re not financially free but don’t even care about it then once again, I’m not goingto waste your time. But, if you look at your life and there are stresses, worries, concernsand so on about money and you want to change that, you want to be able to wake up inthe morning and not have to think about how you’ll pay for your rent, gas, electricity oryour children’s education and so on. Then this program is definitely for you.Then we have another interesting question and people usually apologize when they askthis question, but once again, this is a very legitimate question. The question is:  What does Igor know about making money?Now, if you’ve been wondering that, then I take my hat off to you because that isabsolutely the right question to be asking. The answer is very simple. I co-own and runa multi-million dollar training company, an international training organization that hasstudents on every continent in the world. What’s more, we built this company fromliterally nothing in just a few short years using the principles that we talk about in theMoney in Your Mind Program.Both my business partner and I became financially free within 12 months of starting thebusiness. Here’s another thing you should know. We didn’t make our money by trying tosell people get-rich-quick schemes or how-to-make-a-million-dollar schemes. I made itby offering genuine value to people in a way that they appreciated it and wanted more.In fact, I made using the key strategies and principles that we discuss in the Money inYour Mind Program.Now all this talk about multi-million dollar companies and so on, makes people want toknow–  Does this program involve a lot of math?  Will I have to have complex formulas?Understand, many people tell me that they’re not very good at math. Let me assure youthat no real math skills are involved. All that you need to be able to do is can you addand subtract a few numbers? By the way, you don’t even have to do it in your head oreven on a piece of paper. The only thing you’ve got to be able to do is punch somenumbers into a calculator and then press the equals sign. If you can operate acalculator and add and subtract a few simple numbers, then you have more thanenough math skills to become rich.Then there’s this classic question.  Is this just a bunch of positive thinking? 4 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  5. 5. FAQ – The Money In Your MindWell, the answer is no it isn’t. Of course, positive thinking is a wonderful thing and cando tremendous good. The problem with positive thinking is if you’re positively thinking inthe wrong direction, it still doesn’t get you anywhere. Think of it this way. Let’s sayyou’re lost in a big sprawling metropolis of a city. All the positive thinking in the worldwon’t get you home. What will get you home are a map and maybe a friendly stranger toshow you the route from where you are to where you need to be.Then, once you have your map and your route, the next thing to do is to start walkinghome. Becoming rich or even financially free is much the same story. You need a map,you need to see where you’re at and where you want to be, you need some way ofconnecting those two dots and then you start taking actions that’s consistent withgetting you from A to B.If you don’t know where you are, if you don’t know where you want to go and if you don’tknow what streets one to the other and which streets are just blind alleys that will leadyou astray, then all the positive thinking in the world cannot possibly make you rich.Here’s what the Money in Your Mind does for you. 1. It changes your blueprint so that your unconscious mind allows you to be able to perceive opportunities and engage in the simple and easy behaviors that are proven to make people rich. 2. You need to change your perceptions. You’ve got to understand the money differently and see the opportunities that are all around you constantly, but that your brain has shut off from.You can think of it like taking the blinders off. Positive thinking can help to some extenthere, but even then all the positive thinking in the world won’t let you see if you’reblindfolded. What will let you see is to take the blindfold off and to open your eyes andstart looking, another thing that the Money in Your Mind program will do for you. 3. Finally, you have to make certain changes in behavior.Again, there are simple actions that you can take. Its action’s, over time that make yourich. Now here’s where positive thinking can be really useful. Positive thinking can helpyou to motivate and maintain actions, but if you don’t know what those action are, thenonce again all the positive thinking in the world won’t do you any good.In the Money in Your Mind, we cover those four things–  We’ll show you how to change your blueprint,  How to open up your perceptions,  How to know which actions are the right ones and which ones are the wrong ones, and 5 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  6. 6. FAQ – The Money In Your Mind  Which ones make you rich and which ones have been keeping you poor, so that you can change all those things and walk the same path as pretty much every other self-made millionaire has done before you.  A lot of people have said nothing else has worked for me, why should I believe that this will?I really sympathize with this question because, once again, I’ve been there. I’ve had ahigh income and still somehow ended up broke at the end of each month. I’ve beenthrough the books and the courses, and even though much of what I heard madesense, somehow nothing seemed to change. The reason was that I was missing a partof the formula. That part, by the way, is included in the Money in Your Mind system.Here’s how it works, wealth is a triangle so there are three key components you need. 1. The conscious inner learnings.This is your ability to understand what’s going on, to plan, to strategize for it and to justbe able to perceive the opportunities as they arise. 2. You need to have unconscious inner learnings.Your unconscious mind has to be able to accept all these ideas to allow you to be rich,to allow you to perceive the opportunities and to realize how many times you’ve thrownaway a diamond in the rough because once you recognize what a diamond in the roughlooks like, you’ll have a diamond mine. 3. Engage in the right actions.You have to know what to do and how to do it.All three of these things are covered in the Money in Your Mind program. We show youthe biggest mistakes people make that keep them poor. We show you the mistakes theymake in their behavior, the mistakes they make in terms of their understanding aboutmoney that lets them behave this way, and the mistakes that their unconscious mindhas made that has kept them in a poverty blueprint.What’s more, we’ll also show you how to break the chain that holds you back. We’llshow you how to change the way you think, change the way you feel and change theway you behave in a very simple, effective and believe it or not, fun way.This leads us to the next question. Some people have said fine, I really believe this willwork for some people.  Does it work for ordinary people like me? 6 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  7. 7. FAQ – The Money In Your MindOnce again, it’s exactly the same answer to the question before. Yes, it will, if youchange the way you think, you can change the way you feel – change your innerblueprint – and you can engage in certain behaviors over time. That’s it. Wealth isvirtually guaranteed to result.The problem is most people think that you need some kind of special talent, skill,smarts, income, family background, connections and all that sort of stuff in order to berich and you do not. There are plenty of example’s of very wealthy people who have nospecial talent at all, except that they recognize opportunities and they are relentless intheir path of action.Back to the question, will it work for ordinary people like me? Absolutely it will. Once youcan see what the real wealth matrix looks like, and once you know what the actions andbehaviors are well then all that’s required is to continue to do those things over time,and whether it’s slowly or quickly, you will become financially free and wealthy.That, of course, takes me to the related question.  Don’t you have to be really smart to get rich?The answer again is no. In fact, most of the smart people that I know aren’t rich, andhere’s the reason why. If you have a misperception, in other words, if you think moneyworks in one way but it actually works in another, then all the smartness in the world isgoing to dig you into the poor house more quickly.Let me give you an example from medical history. Not so long ago, the medicalprofession was filled with more quackery than actual science. Now here’s the thing, atthe time, people had certain ideas about what health was. About the blood being too hotor the gall bladder having too much gall and by having these strange internal liquids allmixed up, it would create health or disease, depending on what imbalance was beingcaused by these assumed inner forces.Now, based on these principles, they came up with remedies that seemed ingenious butwere actually harmful for the body. Why did this happen? Because we were very smartand they were taking the wrong principle and applying it with absolute logic to its bestconclusion. The trouble is they based it on something that was incorrect. As a result,they often did as much harm as they did good to their patients. So these doctors didmore harm than good because whilst they were clever, they were clever about thewrong thing.Being clever and smart is not a prerequisite to getting rich. What makes you rich ishaving the right understandings and by the way, they’re so easy a five-year old canunderstand it. What makes you rich is having the right inner blueprint that allows you tobe rich and what it requires is behaviors, simple actions. 7 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  8. 8. FAQ – The Money In Your MindSo, if you have any concerns about whether you’re smart enough to be rich, here’s avery simple test for you.Can you read and can you write?Being able to read and write is a more difficult task. It challenges your perception more.It’s more difficult for your hand to be able to form those letters and so on. So if you couldlearn to read and write, then you can learn to be rich, because once you know how todo it, becoming wealthy is actually easier than learning to read or write.Now some people start getting concerned because they don’t understand the stockmarket and they say things like:  How can I ever get rich if I don’t understand the stock market?The answer is very simple. You never have to invest a penny in the stock market, andyou can still become amazingly wealthy and financially free. Consider it this way. Thestock market as we now know it is not even 200 years old. For thousands of yearsbefore that, there have been wealthy people in every nation, every country everycontinent and in every race.You do not need the stock market in order to get wealthy. Can you get wealthy throughinvesting in the stock market? Absolutely, time has proven that over and over. Is thatthe only way to get wealthy? Absolutely, not at all. In fact, off the top of my head, I canthink of at least two other areas that will make you just as much money and in fact, canmake you more money than investing in the stock exchange.So if you don’t understand the stock market, I congratulate you. By not investing in thestock market, you’ve avoided one of the pitfalls that make people poor. I’ll show youhow to find the places where you can make your money on the Money in Your Mindprogram.One final important question for today’s video is this.  How is this whole process different from all the other stuff out there?Once again, let’s come back to the idea of the wealth triangle. Most courses out therearen’t wrong. They cover one aspect of the wealth triangle or another.Some will focus on the inner work – the permission or blueprint to allow a person to feelthe deservedness of being wealthy or to diminish the resistance the unconscious mindhas. Other courses, particularly the more academic ones, will look at the mechanics ofgetting rich. Here are the actions you have to take. Here are the things you mustunderstand. Other courses still look at the mindset that drives all these things, theconscious insights, learnings and understandings. 8 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com
  9. 9. FAQ – The Money In Your MindAll three areas are important. If you did an MBA, if you learned economics, would thatharm your abilities to become rich? Heck no. But do you need it? No. You see the truthsthat make you wealthy are very simple principles, something that a five-year old childcan understand.As long as you have all three areas covered, that is to say your conscious mind has theinsights and understanding that it needs. Your unconscious mind has a change in theblueprint that supports it and together you know the behaviors you have to engage in,the actions that you must take in order to become wealthy, then it’s only a question oftime.This is what makes the Money in Your Mind program different from every other courseout there because we cover all three areas. We have exercises that will help yourunconscious mind accept the changes. We have insights and understandings, long andimportant discussions that will help your conscious mind see the bigger picture andsuddenly realize where everyone else has gone so wrong.Included in the whole program are some very simple systems and mechanics that youcan put into action the minute you see them, so that literally within moments of comingacross the information, you’re already behaving like a rich person. If you think like a richperson, if you behave the way a rich person does and you have the unconscioussupport that rich people do, then it’s only a question of time before you too are rich.This video has covered the major questions that we’ve received, but please keepsending in your questions as they come up. I’d like you to know that we reallyappreciate your questions, because they help us to serve you better. I promise you we’lldo our best to answer those questions in either a future video or email.So, that about covers everything for today, folks. I’d like to thank you for taking the timeto watch this video and I also want to thank all of you that sent in your questions so thatwe could all learn from them.I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to bringing you more things like this inthe future. Until then, have a great day. 9 © The Money In Your Mind – http://www.moneyinyourmind.com