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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 10 Pack


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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 10 Pack - If you would like more information on these products visit / or call 615-884-4558

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 10 Pack

  1. 1. Dragon Medical is designed especially forphysician practices, clinics, and healthcareorganizations to create transcription freeclinical documentation, reduce time spentdocumenting care and optimize ElectronicMedical Record usage for healthcare providers.Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 – 10 Pack
  2. 2. Typing Typos Repetitive TasksMedical Transcription companiesCutting and PastingMedical Dictation
  3. 3. Although DMPE 2 and below will run onWindows XP, we recommend Windows 7/864-bit and minimally8 Gb of RAM. We onlyrecommend Intel-based i7 Ivy Bridge quadcore processors and if this is a new computer,we recommend 16 Gb of RAM for upcomingtechnology. New computer RAM is relativelyinexpensive. The actual speed of theprocessor is not important but the amount ofL2 cache plays a significant role.
  4. 4. DesktopWirelessWired HeadsetHandheldUSB Sound Card
  5. 5. EmailPhoneVirtual On SiteTraining GuidesSupportX 10
  6. 6. 615-884-4558