The Michigan Gambler Issue 2 April 2012


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This is our April issue of The Michigan Gambler. It features 3 new interviews and break downs of video poker and keno. Enjoy and don't forget to share and like us on facebook

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The Michigan Gambler Issue 2 April 2012

  1. 1. 1099 Tax forms and Hand pays So you are playing your favorite slot machine, when all of a sudden your light goes off! The slot starts its bells and whistles, and the LCD screen reads “Call Attendant Hand Pay.” This is the high that people live for, but not everyone has had this happen. Most people do one of two things when this happens. Either you stay calm and collective such as I do myself. Or your heart begins to race, you jump up and down followed by some shouts of excitement. The slot attendant comes to get your ID and social security number to start the hand pay process. It is this point in time you need to push the excitement aside and clear your head. They will not ask you if you would like taxes withheld most of the time. So you must ask them to withhold taxes from your winnings. And you must also tell them how much you would like to have withheld.  I suggest you have them take out 33% of the winnings. Another good thing to remember is they will not take out state taxes. They only take out Federal, so you will still have to pay state taxes at the end of the year on your big winnings. You do not have to have taxes taken out, and you can get the whole amount paid to you in cash if that is what you want. Just remember that in the state of Michigan you cannot offset your winnings by your losses. You may only do that for federal taxes. And you had better be able to prove that you lost that much. They can and will audit you, without proof you may be guilt of tax fraud. For those of you who are thinking of getting a win/loss statement from the casinos to claim on your taxes be warned.  Win/loss statements keep track of every single penny you win. Say you put a $5 bill into a penny slot and won $1.25 on a single spin, then lost it all. The win/loss statement will show that $1.25 win and you owe taxes on it. Magnify that by all those little hits and you could be in trouble. You have to claim it all, not just the hand pays you wanted to claim. We as gamblers are on the honor system to report all wins up to $1,200. After the $1,200 is when they start reporting it for you. A good way to offset your Federal taxes is to save up your losing lottery tickets both terminal and instant. You can use those to show loss if you get audited. But also be warned that people have been found guilty of tax fraud for doing this in the past. So do not try to claim outrageous amounts of loss such as $100,000 in losing lotto tickets. You will get caught and in some serious trouble. Even if you had $100,000 in losing lotto tickets they can rule that there is no way you could have bought them all. So use your head. In the end it comes down to personally preference with taxes. If you know you can cover the Federal and are not worried about paying the state. Then feel free to collect all of your winnings. But if you are a high roller such as Fred L. I suggest having taxes taken out so you do not get a big surprise at the end of the year.      
  2. 2. Interview with Facebook group Owner Tim S. Q.) When did you start gambling? A.) My career began about 6 or 7 years ago.  Id won two  bus trips off the radio with Starlight Tours and Travel, in Battle Creek.  I took my wife and we went to the Greektown Casino.  First time EVER in a Casino!  We  met my folks there and they bought us lunch.  My step- mom then planted me at a 2 credit quarter machine and said, "just max bet".  I wound up winning $348 that day, and Ive been hooked ever since. Q.) When did you start the Facebook group? A.) Shortly after FireKeepers opened, I think around April of 2010. Q.) Why did you originally start the group? A.) My friend Dawn and I originally started this group really as a joke, and our other friend Becci helped us give it a name.  Initially, our goal was just to let ourTim And Dawn outside FireKeepers friends and co-workers know about our gambling escapades, again, really just as a joke.  Next thing we Q.) You have met many new people on the casino know, complete strangers were requesting to be added toruns, is there anyone the group.  And today, the group has nearly 430else from group you would really like to meet? members and I think I might know about 2 dozen of  them personally.  The whole idea took a totally different A.) Well first off, I gotta tell folks that they need to turn than anything we had expected but were happymeet Bob.  We all know "who" he is, but you really  with where its at and how its grown.  gotta meet the guy.  He is a down to earth, nicest   guy youll ever meet.  I first met him on Veterans If youre reading this and youre not in our group, simplyday, 2011 at Gun Lake, and we just had a hoot go to and look for "whatthat day.   happens at the casino stays at the casino".  You can find   us there. Or just click the ad on the front page of thisNow, Id really like to meet Fred.  I think wed ALL issue to be taken to the to meet Fred!  But I think hed be a veryinteresting "watch".  Id also like to meet Anita.   Q.) How often do you go gambling?Shes won a few jackpots and Id be interested toknow some of her strategies. A.) Well, I try to limit my Casino trips to just once a month.  However, I am known to make short, quick trips Q.) What is your favorite slot game? when I have at least $15 in FREE play available to me or when I get the "itch".A.) Any slot that pays...Hahaha!  Seriously though,   my tastes seem to change with each Casino Run. I Q.) What is the biggest jackpot you have hit?always seem to find a new favorite. Right now, Ireally enjoy the Playboy, Siberian Storm, Wild A.) Well, I am nowhere near being a high roller.  That Wolf, Lil Ladies, Davinci Diamond, Cash Coaster being said, Id say my best run thus far was with myand Secrets of the Forest. I like to play the penny friend Dawn about 2 years ago.  We were at FourWinds -and nickel slots but also try my hand at quarter  New Buffalo and had just finished our first gamblingand dollar slots here and there.   session and our dinner.  We each had $20 FREE play on  our cards.  We decided to add $20 a piece to it, and we Q.) Do you have a favorite casino? headed to the High Limit Area.  There, we found a  $5 Double Diamond slot machine.  We figured $5 into A.) LUV, LUV, LUV FourWinds - New $80 would mean 16 pulls on this $5 machine.  Well run Buffalo! They have good food, an excellent Buffet, 16 pulls and see what we got.  Well, somewhere in thosegood comps and FREE play, and this is where Ive 16 pulls, I think more toward the end, we hit Doublewon most my money.  In my opinion, theyve got  Diamond x Double Diamond x Single Bar.  Cant their act together in more ways than one and they remember exactly what that paid but as we finished ourwill ALWAYS be #1 in my book, hands down. 16th pull, we found ourselves splitting $592.  Dont know  about Dawn, but I had pooped my pants!  It was SA- WEET!  That particular night, I went on to walk outQ.) Aside from slots, do you play any table games about $400 ahead.or such at the casino? Q.) Is there any advice or comments you want to shareA.) Very rarely, if at all, will I play a table game.  I  with our readers?realize they are more skill rather than luck and
  3. 3. chances of winning are better, but table games just The Casino is a great source of entertainment and fun.  dont excite me like a slot machine does.  Besides,  It can also be a great stress reliever because you literallyyou just never know what "one more pull" will do not have to think about a thing for the 2,3,4 or morebring you! hours that youre there.  Its awesome!  However, and  weve seen this, under the right conditions, the CasinoQ.) With all the talk about 22 new casinos can also cause problems, BIG problems.  I will be theplanned for the lower peninsula, how do you feel first to admit that Im addicted and I love the Casino.  about them? And what sort of impact do you think But at the same time, Im not stupid about it either.  I they will have on the casinos already here? only take what I can afford to lose and I dont "borrow" money from the Mortgage or the kids College Fund.  My A.) I always enjoy trying out a new place.  And this  wife and kids come first and that will ALWAYS be.  Andwould be no exception.  I think that is true for  anytime I come home a winner, those monies go into thepretty much all of us..."if they build it, we will household budget, not back into a slot machine.  So come", right?  In the end though, I think the more  basically, go out there and have fun.  But be wise aboutcompetition there is, the more that will play into  it and dont get yourself into any trouble.our favor and less into that of the Casino.  I mean,   look at your play time in Vegas.  Ive never been Q.) Anything else you would like to say?there but Ive been told you can play forever on$20 bucks.  Cant say that for a lot of the Casinos  A.) When youre at the Casino, remember that time isaround here.  So I say bring it, and lets roll! NOT on your side.  If youre lucky enough to get ahead early, then GET OUT!!!Q.) Lately I have seen a lot of people bashing  Gun Lake Casino, What is your take on Gun Cash out, and cash out OFTEN!!!Lake?   Happy Gamblin!!A.) I like Gun Lake.  Its a nice Casino, its close tohome, and it will do in a pinch.  However, it is by   far my favorite Casino.  I think $20 bucks takes me all of about 17 minutes, and Im not a big maxbetter either.  They are just tight right now. Doesnt mean I hate the place or Im gonna bashon em.  But you know, FireKeepers was the sameway when they first opened.  Now, all their billsare paid, they can afford to loosen up a bit and Ibelieve theyve done just that.  I suspect Gun Lake will soon follow suit as they too begin to pay offtheir debts and expand. Q.) So we all know you have monthly casino runsin the group, are there any plans to expand thatto anything such as a yearly Vegas or Reno run?A.) No expansion plans at this time TJ, but I seethere are other folks in the group who are doingruns to Vegas.  I work full time and have a youngfamily.  Obviously, I cannot be on every run.  I  encourage group members to host their ownCasino Run if they like and am happy to grant them Admin privileges for this purpose.        
  4. 4. The Adventures Of Fred This is our monthly section where we report the monthly casino Adventures of the high roller Fred L. Fred gave us permission to report his winnings from Dec 2011 thru April 2012. You may notice Fred from his weekly pictures from Gun Lake, or Soaring Eagle. Fred is always on Soaring Eagles website under winners! March 2012 03/2/2012 - $900 & $400 Four Winds Hartford 03/3/2012 - $300 $300 $600 - Gun Lake Casino 03/04/2012 -$1,200 Soaring Eagle Casino 03/16/2012 - $3,600 Four Winds Hartford - $10 Slot03/17/2012 - $4000Gun Lake Casino - $10Slot 3/25/12 - $1,200 Four Winds Hartford - $10 Slot03/18/2012 - $1,600Soaring Eagle Casino -$10 Slot     
  5. 5. 22 New Casinos in Lower Michigan? Recently there was an article and news story going around Michigan. There are two groups who are trying to get it passed to build a total of 22 new casinos in Lower Michigan. The possibility of it passing and them building them all is very unlikely. However I would love to see them build more casinos in the state. I have been saying for years that Michigan should become the Las Vegas of the east. According to the reports, there would be overlapping by the two groups. So some cities would have more than 1 casino. The two groups called Michigan First, and Michigan Is Yours. Michigan First has plans to build four new casinos in Detroit, 1 in Cadillac, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and the Flint Saginaw Area. Michigan Is Yours calls for new casinos in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Romulus, Benton Harbor, and Mount Clemens. A new casino has not been approved by voters since 1996 when voters approved the 3 casinos in Detroit.  It has been said that aside from Gov. Rick Snyder already speaking out against expanding gaming in Michigan, other casinos around the state are ready to fight this to the end. Detroit casinos being one of the biggest who oppose these new casinos. Detroit is already worried about having to compete with new casinos in Ohio. I personally would love to see these pass and casinos go up. However I believe they need to rethink some of the locations. There is no point placing 4 more casinos in Detroit. They should place them in areas between casinos now. For example a great place for a casino would be in the Big Rapids area, which happens to be the area I am from. Big Rapids is in the Middle of Little River, Soaring Eagle, and Gun Lake. I would also like them to place casinos right next to other casinos in the state. The closer the casinos are the more they will be forced to compete with each other. That in turn works out best for us gamblers. With that many new casinos in the state, All casinos would be forced to do special promotions and raise payout percentages.  It would work out for all of us Michigan Gamblers. So if the plans make it to the ballot, I suggest you vote to approve these!        
  6. 6. Interview with Bigger Winner Mitchell H. Q.) When did you start gambling? A.) My first gambling experience occurred a few days after my 18th birthday. I went to the Soaring Eagle with my brother. Q.) What is your favorite casino? A.) FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek, MI Q.) Do you have a favorite slot game? A.) I don’t have a favorite slot game. I play on just about everything besides the slot poker machines. Q.) What is the biggest thing you have won? A.) I won $4,000 in July of 2011 at FireKeepers. I was playing a high denomination machine, Triple Diamond Strike. (as pictured to the left)Mitchell H. holding his $4,000 winnings from FireKeepers Q.) Is there a casino in the state you have not been to yet, but would like to?Q.) We have seen you win on High Denomination A.) Turtle Creek.machines and penny games, Which do youprefer? Q.) There is a lot of talk about 22 new casinos planned for Michigan, how do you feel aboutA.) Well, the high denomination machines are more that?fun because they give you such a rush or a “high.” Its nerve racking, exciting, and it really gets your A.) I don’t think it’s a good idea. Michiganheart pumping. The penny machines are much already has plenty of casinos.more relaxing because you are going at a muchslower pace with a lower denomination, but for meit’s not as fun compared to the higher Q.) Aside from slots do you ever play any tabledenomination machines since they typically do not games?pay out nearly as much. A.) I used to play table games but I prefer slotQ.) I have noticed you hit a lot of your wins on machines because you can go at your own pacemax bet, Do you always play max bet? without dealing with other people.A.) Almost every time, yes. Sometimes I will Q.) Have you been to one of the group casinodecrease my bet, but most of the time I will max runs yet?bet. I am very particular about the machines I willmax bet on though. For example, a machine that A.) Unfortunately, I have not. I will make aplays over 100 lines at a max bet of around $3.00 casino run one of these days though, I promise!or $4.00 with a bonus round that pays out reallywell, I will max bet on every time because the Q.) Do you have any advice for our readers?payout will be really good. However, if themachine has only 50 lines at a max bet of $2.00 A.) Don’t get greedy, the casino will always bewith a bonus round that does not feature anything there next time. If you are up even a few bucks,special, I will not max bet or I will ignore that get out and come back another day. I speakmachine entirely. I will change the denomination from personal experience!on most 5 cent, 9 line machines to 10 cents andplay at max bet, those pay out very well. This mayall seem a bit crazy, but it seems to work most ofthe time.Q.) Gun lake seems to be a target for a lot ofbashing, how do you personally feel about GunLake?A.) I cannot stand Gun Lake Casino. I have been
  7. 7. to about 6 different casinos (including Gun Lake)since I’ve started gambling, and Gun Lake is theworst out of all of them. The atmosphere in thatplace alone is enough to turn me away. It is waytoo small, too cramped, and the people are justodd (not to offend anyone, but it’s the truth). Notto mention the machines are terrible. Almost everytime I go to FireKeepers or any other casino, I endup playing for several hours. This never happens atGun Lake, at least for me it hasn’t on severaloccasions; the machines are so tight it’s ridiculous.So, I can understand why many people bash thatplace.      
  8. 8.   VideoPoker Part 1 "The Hisorty of Video Poker" We have all seen them, and at one point or another we all played them. Video poker machines are the only game in the casino where the house does not always have the edge. If you know what machine to play and how to play it, some machines have over a 100% payback.  Most of our readers are slot players. And we all know there are few skills that go into playing slots. With Video poker on the other hand, Skill makes or breaks the bank. In this 3 part section I will show how to read pay tables to figure the payout percent’s. And also give you the resources to learn to play Video poker the right way. One thing to remember is video poker machines show you the percent of payouts right on the machine. You just have to know what to look for and how to read it. Let me start by giving you a little bit of history on Video poker. Video poker made its way into casinos in the 1970’s. It was in 1979 when Sircoma, now known as the gaming giant IGT released draw poker. It was this release that firmly established video poker into mainstream casinos. There are several variants of video poker games out today. For this 3 part section I will be covering jacks or better. But I really encourage anyone interested into checking out the other games.          
  9. 9.   VideoPoker Part 2 "How to Read Pay Tables" In video poker when we talk about pay tables on the machines we mean the table showing the amount you win for each hand. And when we say Jacks or Better 9-6, I am referring to the table that pays 9 for a full house and 6 for flush. Always look at the full house and flush payouts when trying to figure out what game you are looking at. Below are the pay tables for Jacks or Better games, this is not all the jacks or better games out there. But it will give you a good idea. The payback percent’s are in the bottom of each table. If you would like a printable copy to carry with you to the casino, then look at the end of this 3 part set for a link to a printable video poker hand guide. Now just because the table says it pays back 98% for example. Please keep in mind that is only with perfect play and no mistakes. We are all human and are bound to make mistakes. The next section will cover how to play a simple strategy in Video Poker. Jacks or Better 976-9-6 Jacks or Better 90-9-6 Jacks or Better 940-9-6 Hand Payoff Hand Payoff Hand Payoff Royal flush 976 Royal flush 800 Royal Flush 940 Straight flush 50 Straight flush 90 Straight Flush 50 4 of a kind 25 4 of a kind 25 4 of a Kind 25 Full house 9 Full house 9 Full House 9 Flush 6 Flush 6 Flush 6 Straight 4 Straight 4 Straight 4 3 of a kind 3 3 of a kind 3 3 of a Kind 3 Two pair 2 Two pair 2 Two Pair 2 Jacks or better 1 Jacks or better 1 Jacks or Better 1 Nothing 0 Nothing 0 Nothing 0 100% Pay back 99.9% Payback 99.9% Payback Jacks or Better 9-6 "26-8-6" Jacks or Better "9/5" Jacks or Better Hand Payoff Hand Payoff Hand Payoff Royal flush 800 Royal flush 800 Royal flush 800 Straight flush 50 Straight flush 50 Straight flush 50 Four of a kind 25 4 of a kind 26 4 of a kind 25 Full house 9 Full house 8 Full house 9 Flush 6 Flush 6 Flush 5 Straight 4 Straight 4 Straight 4 Three of a kind 3 3 of a kind 3 3 of a kind 3 Two pair 2 Two pair 2 Two pair 2 Pair 1 Jacks or better 1 Jacks or better 1 Nothing 0 Nothing 0 Nothing 0 99.9% Payback 98% Payback 98% Payback "8/6" Jacks or Better "8/5" Jacks or Better "7/5" Jacks or Better Hand Payoff Hand Payoff Hand Payoff Royal flush 800 Royal flush 800 Royal Flush 800 Straight flush 50 Straight flush 50 Straight Flush 50 4 of a kind 25 Four of a kind 25 4 of a Kind 25 Full house 8 Full house 8 Full House 7 Flush 6 Flush 5 Flush 5 Straight 4 Straight 4 Straight 4 3 of a kind 3 Three of a kind 3 3 of a Kind 3 Two pair 2 Two pair 2 Two Pair 2
  10. 10. Jacks or better 1 Pair 1 Jacks or Better 1 Nothing 0 Nothing 0 Nothing 0 98% Payback 97% Payback 96% Payback "6/5" Jacks or Better Hand Payoff Royal Flush 800 Straight Flush 50 4 of a Kind 25 Full House 6 Flush 5     Straight 4 3 of a Kind 3 Two Pair 2 Jacks or Better 1 Nothing 0 94% Payback        
  11. 11.   VideoPoker Part 3 "How to play Video Poker" This is a simple strategy for jacks or better. Using this simple strategy will result in a return of 99% if played exactly perfect. If you are just learning remember it takes time to master anything. So you will make mistakes and learn from them. Basically you look up what you are dealt compared to the chart below. Picking which is the highest on the list. A high card in Jacks or Better is a Jack or higher. Some poker terms you need to know are below. High Card: Is a Jack, queen, King, or Ace. These cards are to be kept more often because if you get a pair it returns the original bet. Outside Straight: Is an open ended straight that can be completed at either end. For example 7,8,9,10. Inside Straight: Is a straight missing an inside car such as the cards  6,7,9,10. Also  A,2,3,4 and J,Q,K,A  can also be counted as an inside straight. Because they are at an end. Hand Rankings from High to Low 1st - Four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush 2nd - 4 to a royal flush 3rd - Three of a kind, straight, flush, full house 4th - 4 to a straight flush 5th - Two pair 6th - High pair 7th - 3 to a royal flush 8th - 4 to a flush 9th - Low pair 10th - 4 to an outside straight 11th - 2 suited high cards 12th - 3 to a straight flush 13th - 2 unsuited high cards (if more than 2 then pick the lowest 2) 14th - Suited 10/J, 10/Q, or 10/K 15th - 1 high card 16th - Discard everything Suppose you get dealt this hand. Go up the list 1st- Keep the 2 high cards 2nd – low pair 3rd – 4 to a flush So you keep the 4 to a flush since it is the highest on the chart. Look around online for free video poker games. Practice and next time you are at the casino try it. I suggest you play max so if you dont want to risk a lot of money right off the start, find a 5 cent video poker machine.   Click here for a printable PDF for video poker (contains pay tables and hand rankings)     
  12. 12.  
  13. 13. Interview with Win a truck winner Bill H. First off I would like to say Congrats on winning the Truck at Gun Lake Casino. Q.) Could you tell us the story behind that? A.) The New 2011 chevy silverado i won at gun lake was the best ! it was only a lucky players card number.The Truck is Valued at $40.000 and i got to pick it out. Q.) When did you start gambling? A.) Ive been gambling for about 35 yrs. Q.) What is your favorite Casino? A.) My favorite casino is four winds and then little river. Q.) Do you play just slots & Video Poker? A.) My favorite games are $1.00 slots and video poker then crapps table. Bill and his wife the day he won his truck. Q.) I understand you took part in a Gun Lake commercial, what was that like? A.) The T.V. commercial for Gun Lake Casino was very exiting they put makeup on you and lots of friendly people all around Telling you what to do and asking you questions a 5 min. shoot took about an hour. Q.) Besides your truck, what is the biggest jackpot you have hit? A.) My biggest Jackpot was $2500 at Bluechip casino on $5.00 wheel of fortune. I also hit $1.000 on the betty boop machine at gun lake playing .50 cent min. bet. Q.) How often do you go to the casino? A.) I go about 3 times a week. Q.) Do you have a favorite slot game? A.) My favorite slot machine is any of them that pay back! lol Here is a photo of the $2500 jack pot from Bluechip Q.) Out of all the casinos you have been to, who has the best food? A.) Four Wind casino has the best Food selection. but gunlake sandhill is getting there. Q.) What denomination do you play on the slots? A.) $1.00 slots Q.) Do you have any advice for our readers? A.) My advise to people is play safe only take in what your willing to lose. Good luck. Bill and the salesman was when he picked up the truck he wanted.      
  14. 14. April 2012April 1st - April 2nd -April 3rd - April 4th -April 5th - April 6th - My Darkest Days , Cavo, The Veer Union 7pm Kewadin Sault Ste. MarieApril 7th - April 8th -April 9th - April 10th -April 11th - April 12th - Lonestar - 7pm Kewadin Sault Ste MarieApril 13th - April 14th -April 15th - April 16th -April 17th - April 18th -April 19th - April 20th -April 21st - Jay Leno 8pm Soaring Eagle CasinoEric Burdon & The Animals 8pm Little River Casino April 22nd -April 23rd - April 24th -April 25th - M & M Polka Fest 10am - 8pm Little River Casino April 26th - M & M Polka Fest 10am - 8pm Little River CasinoApril 27th - April 28th - Vince Gill 8pm Soaring Eagle Casino Countrys Family Reunion 8pm Little River CasinoApril 29th - Gin Blossoms 7pm Kewadin Sault Ste Marie April 30th -    Recent Jackpot hits 03/03/2012 - $278,236 MGM Detroit $1 Wheel Of fortune. 03/08/2012 $168,315 Kewadin Sault Ste. Marie 25 cent Wheel of - Fortune
  15. 15. Video Keno Video keno is played in a casino, on a machine that looks like a slot machine. You can play more games per hour with this type of keno because you don’t have to wait for all the other players. You place your bet electronically instead of to a host at the counter. Then, once you place your bet, instead of getting a card and marking it, a simulated card will be displayed on the screen. These games are usually on a touch-screen machine, so you simply touch the numbers that you want to select. On video keno you can select any where from 1 to 15 numbers depending on the machine. Once you have selected your numbers, the winning numbers will be drawn. Instead of using a large clear container to draw the numbers, the numbers are randomly selected by a computer. This also makes the game go faster because the computer selects the numbers instantly instead of one at a time. Can you really win? Yes you can win some big cash on keno if you hit your numbers. I once had a family friend tell me that both his wife and he would go play 25 cent video keno every time they go to the casino. They would play 7 numbers and each put in $200. He claimed that they would hit the 7 numbers within the $200 a majority of the time. Now the trick to this is, you must be willing to sit there for as long as it takes. You must play the same 7 numbers the whole time until it hits. There is a chance you will lose your $200. But as the family friend said they would win most of the time. If you hit 7 numbers on a video keno machine playing 1 coin on a 25 cent machine. That would pay you 800 coins or $400. So basically you could double your money. I have never personally tested this, but one of these days I will. The couple who told me about this played a lot at Soaring Eagle. There are many different kinds of video keno games such as caveman keno, Cleopatra keno, and many others. I suggest you try them all at some point if Video Keno sparks an interest in you. So give it a shot next time you are walking around the casino and not sure what to play.      
  16. 16. Slot reviews The Mummy Returns 1. Features: 2 scatter triggered bonus games. Hit Frequency Bonus Events Features Double Sizzling 7s® Paytable Payback % : 89.126- 92.011% Max Base Game Top Award: 500,000 credits Max Bet: 125 credits Max Bonus Game Top Award: 20,000 credits I had the pleasure of playing these for the first time in Vegas back in April 2010. While we were there I played this game a lot. The night we got married this is the machine I hit the jackpot on. Playing 125 coin max bet on 2 cents. I hit 500,000 credits for $10,000. This game is very fun to play since the scatters hit often. You only need 2 scatters to trigger a bonus game. 3 scatters trigger the ball bonus, while 2 scatters only triggers the board bonus. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes bonus games. I have yet to see any games like this around Michigan. If you know any please be sure to let me know. This game rates at the top of my list for favorite games. Quack Shot Features: 3 Reel Slot with bonus 10,000 credit max base game jackpot 6,000 credit max bonus game jackpot 3 coin max bet This is another favorite of mine, but these they have in Michigan. I play this game every time we visit Soaring Eagle Casino. They have 3 of these in the main casino which are all $1 slots. So far I have hit the $1,200 bonus once. And managed to hit 5x triple bar 5x for $750 since I was only playing 1 coin. A pro to this game is the bonus symbols do not have to hit on the payline to get the bonus game. You do however need to be playing max bet to get the bonus. I love all the games in this series of Barcrest games. Be sure to check them out next time you are looking for something new. Other games that are in this series are King Cash, Triple Diamond with burger bonus, Mad Money Martians, and Top Dollar.    
  17. 17. Largest Casino in the Western Hemisphere Foxwoods Casino and Resort located in Mashantucket, Connecticut is the largest Casino in the Western Hemisphere. It is owned and operated by the Mashantucket Pequots Indians. This casino has allowed members of the tribe to live virtually worry free. Revenue from the casino has funded the tribe members for years with hefty payments. At one point each adult member in tribe was receiving over $100,000 a year annually. However this month the payments stopped while the casino is struggling with over $2 billion dollars in debt.  The tribe has opened a food pantry and started to offer guidance to members on how to pursue jobs. This leaving tribe members to wonder if this is the end of what once was a sure thing. The troubles at Foxwoods stems from years of failing to draw gamblers from all over New England and New York. The casino began to struggle with increased competition and the bad economy. Foxwoods completed a 30 story MGM Grand Hotel expansion in 2008 at the height of the recession. The resort itself has four hotels, more than 6,300 slot machines and 360 tables in six casinos. I included this to show everyone that even the biggest and best have troubles. Nothing is ever a sure bet, and this tribe learned that the hard way.      
  18. 18. Whats coming up in future issues of The Michigan Gambler We at the Michigan Gambler are not happy with the amount of content in our first two publications. Things are slowly getting better with each issue. We need your help, feel free to submit any story ideas, interview ideas, or even just feedback. We love to hear what our readers have to say. Another section we are working on that we need your help is our winners page. Since the casinos have yet to give us permission to publish winners, we are asking our readers to submit pictures of wins they hit. Give us the info pictures and we will place it in publication. Size does not matter, if you hit $250 on a penny machine bonus, take out your cell phone take a picture and send it in. Make sure you join our forums or simply send us an email to Also find us on facebook and like us. T.J. Decker Owner of The Michigan Gambler Things coming up in future issues We are working to get an interview with the slot guru Earnest C. Some story ideas we are working on are Casino revenue figures, table games uncovered, Spa reviews, Hotel reviews, Buffet reviews etc... And much more! If you have a story idea or even a betting system you use, please dont be afraid to send it in! We will give you credit on the story. Also we are working on selling some advertisements. Our goal is to have a printed version of our publication for both pickup and home delivery in the next few months. The more ad revenue we bring in the more promotions and giveaways we can do to our readers. The Michigan Gambler plans to attend the "What Happens at the casino stays at the casino" Monthly casino run in April to Soaring Eagle Casino. So we should have pictures, stories and hopefully some big wins! Last I would like to offer anyone who is having a non profit even such as the story we had for baby Oakley in our first issue, please send us a flyer and info. We will gladly place it in our publication.