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Tmm career planning-1


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Tools necessary for planning your career path.

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Tmm career planning-1

  1. 1. Career Planning Part 1 November, 20121 The Mentor Matcher
  2. 2. 2Agenda1. Why Careers Are Important2. How To Choose A Career3. The Key To Success4. What Questions To Ask The Mentors5. What To Look For In The Mentor’s Work Environment6. What The Mentors Most Likely Will Ask You7. Q&A Session The Mentor Matcher
  3. 3. 3What Is A CareerA field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life <George Washingtons career as a soldier>A profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling <a career in medicine> <a career diplomat> The Mentor Matcher
  4. 4. 4Understanding Careers Do janitors have a career? Do garbage collectors have a career? Do roofers have a career? Do engineers have a career? Do dentists have a career? Do astronomers have a career? Do lab technicians have a career? The Mentor Matcher
  5. 5. 5Are All Careers Important? No, they are not. Some careers are more important than others The Mentor Matcher
  6. 6. 6What Makes A CareerImportant and Meaningful? Salary and benefits Prestige Respect Recognition, honors Excitement Creativity Passion Alignment with one’s bliss The Mentor Matcher
  7. 7. 7Two Key Points The better the career, the better life one will enjoy and the more money one will make However, careers are NOT about money alone The Mentor Matcher
  8. 8. 8 Students that have the right attitude, knowledge and tools have better careers The Mentor Matcher
  9. 9. 9Why People Should BePursuing Careers Better salaries  Wealth  Easy Retirement  Less Worries Better job security Better life  Enjoying the journey of life Easier to build a family and keep it together Improved self-respect Enhanced self-esteem The Mentor Matcher
  10. 10. 10 The Mentor Matcher
  11. 11. 11 The Mentor Matcher
  12. 12. 12The Problem Thereare way too many choices (over 4,000 careers/occupations to choose from). There are new jobs invented every year Thereare a lot of misperceptions and misunderstandings pertaining to careers and the way one should go about pursuing them The Mentor Matcher
  13. 13. 13Did You Know … Ofthe 4,000+ occupations only 400 or so (about 10%) of them are considered good career options? Of the 400+ careers only 80 (about 20%) of them generate a “good” income? The Mentor Matcher
  14. 14. 14Key Realization Onecannot choose a career if he/she does not know his/her options One cannot make the right decisions if he/she does not know him/herself and what turns him/her on The Mentor Matcher
  15. 15. 15So, What Turns You On? The Mentor Matcher
  16. 16. 16Key Messages Careersare NOT accidents or miracles that occur by happenstance Careers must be planned Careers must fit one’s personality and bliss in life The Mentor Matcher
  17. 17. 17When One Has A Plan … The Mentor Matcher
  18. 18. 18The Key To Success The Mentor Matcher
  19. 19. 19Some Key Decisions Career or job? Willing to relocate or stay put? Willing to travel or avoid travel? Creative genius or process master? Generalist or Specialist? Manager or worker bee? Leader or follower? Big Fish in a small pond or little fish in a Big Pond? The Mentor Matcher
  20. 20. 20Have You Considered These? What legacy will you leave behind? What does greatness mean to you? Doyou have an outrageous and contagious purpose for your career? The Mentor Matcher
  21. 21. 21Interestingly Enough … Not too long ago people were happy to just find a job and get paid. However, today people understand that there is more to life than a job and a steady paycheck. People want to enjoy the journey of life The Mentor Matcher
  22. 22. 22 So, What Is Important To You? The Mentor Matcher
  23. 23. 23Food for Thought Don’t you want to be paid for your dream? Theultimate goal: have fun doing what you like and get paid for it!!! The Mentor Matcher
  24. 24. 24Dying or Dead Professions Typistsand data entry keyers Typesetters Software coders, computer operators Agriculture workers and farmers Cooks for fast food Postal Service clerks, carriers and sorters Highway toll booth attendants Photo processors The Mentor Matcher
  25. 25. 25Dying or Dead Professions Switchboard and phone operators Receptionists Sewing machine operators Factory workers, machine tool operators Assemblers Telemarketers Call center and customer service reps Repairmen (clocks, phones, TVs, etc.) The Mentor Matcher
  26. 26. 26Dying or Dead Professions Bank tellers Tellers and clerks of all types Cashiers Travel agents Teachers and professors Stage performers Holistic healers … and many more professions The Mentor Matcher
  27. 27. 27Key Realization Computers, computer software and systems/systemization, hard automation, robots, artificial intelligence and the internet have changed our world forever The Mentor Matcher
  28. 28. 28Key Realization It took only 200 years to get to today’s situation It took 50,000+ years to get The Mentor Matcher to this point
  29. 29. 29Did You Know … About120 years or so ago, almost 95% of the population were farmers? Today the number is only 3% and is shrinking About60 years ago, almost 45% of people worked in factories? Today, the number is about 10% and is shrinking Yes, our society is changing! The Mentor Matcher
  30. 30. 30Other Factors That Affect Jobs Outsourcing Globalization Trade Treaties Economic stability and recessions Government regulations and policies Environmental and Conservation movements Oil prices and other key commodity prices Availability of resources The Mentor Matcher
  31. 31. 31Some Emerging Professions Data miners Knowledge managers and brokers Green jobs Sustainability professions New Technology jobs (i.e.: nanotechnology and nanorobotics) New Communications jobs New Energy jobs The Mentor Matcher
  32. 32. 32Careers For Quiet People Accountants Data Base Administrators Coders/Programmers; Software Developers Graphic Designers Writers; Poets Surveyors Researchers, Lab Technicians The Mentor Matcher
  33. 33. 33The Most Stable Jobs AreFound In These Industries: Health Care Because the world needs and Communications will always need what they Energy have to offer Transportation Food The Mentor Matcher
  34. 34. 34Great Advice The Mentor Matcher
  35. 35. 35 Take time to meditate. It’s your future. Put some thought and energy into it The Mentor Matcher
  36. 36. 36So, What Are Your Top ThreeChoices?1. _____________________2. _____________________3. ______________________ The Mentor Matcher
  37. 37. 37Other Key Points AboutCareers Today,it is very acceptable and actually desirable, to make several career changes and go to different employers Changing careers should only be done if they offer advancement and betterment (financial gains, promotions, visibility, etc.) The Mentor Matcher
  38. 38. 38Do You Need Help With TheseQuestions? The Mentor Matcher
  39. 39. 39What Is Mentoring Mentoring is a developmental partnership between a mentor and a student (mentee) through which the mentor shares her/his knowledge/wisdom, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of the mentee The Mentor Matcher
  40. 40. 40Advice For Life Always seek mentors throughout your life Some day become a mentor, help othersNote: Serving others is a noble and a great thing. Itsays a lot about you. The best leaders today are theservant leaders willing to coach, teach, train, mentorand push others to excel and reach higher levels ofperformance and existence The Mentor Matcher
  41. 41. 41What Questions To Ask YourMentor(s) Why do you choose this profession? If you had to make your choice all over again, would you still choose the same profession? What is your next step? Is there a next step? What are the things that you don’t like about your profession? The Mentor Matcher
  42. 42. 42What To Look For In TheMentor’s Work Environment# of employees working there # of direct reports (span of control) Organizational structure Who does the mentor report to? What special tools does he/she use at work? Who provides the tools? Where did he/she get the required training? How long did they go to school? The Mentor Matcher
  43. 43. 43What The Mentors Most LikelyWill Ask You Why are you interested in this job/profession? What excites you about this job/profession? Have you thought of … ? How high are you planning to reach for? Are you planning to go to college? Have you decided yet what college you are going to attend? The Mentor Matcher
  44. 44. 44Your Choices With Us(see special handouts) Job Shadowing Speed Date Your Career Gain Experience Confirm Your Choice Make Connections The Mentor Matcher
  45. 45. 45 The Mentor Matcher